Only Few Perceive

Only Few Perceive

A Poem by Belle

There are times when the sky is not a sky

But a blue hem in between man and God,

When blue turns black, the pond is not a pond

But a glass that casts back the silver light.

There are times when the wind is not a wind

But a moaning voice from a hollow cold

Revealing the secrets of the untold.

All these come in sound when I stop my mind

When I, make my eyes talk, make my ears speak.

I want them to see what I see,

‘Them, to listen to what I hear;

Only few perceive.

  for Seph







© 2014 Belle

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One wrod: Awesome...:)......................

Posted 7 Years Ago

This is an incredibly compelling read...things are not always as they seem, but if we could stop and inhale the beauty around us within the wonder of it all, like your poetry, how grand would life be? Excellent Belle!

100 awe stricken ahhhs

Posted 7 Years Ago


...There are times when the sky is not a sky...

This hits me as if, this were something I have been trying so hard to say, all along, but could never find a way to get out, as you have done, with resonance and eloquence... Am I correct, that perceptions must align, for hearts to truly meet... Anyway, it is poems like this, metaphors that explore such human truths, drawn in such beautiful ways, that make me love, poetry...

Posted 7 Years Ago

a poet understands what others sometimes don't even bother to try.

perception is 70 percent of the poem, i think.

i really like the irony of eyes speaking and ears talking..

did you mean "a glass that casts back"?

anyway...i like the thought of the sky being a blue hem between man and god.

there is lots ot perceive...and more than one way to look at what seems to be only one thing on the surface.

we go between the lines as what doesn't appear to the naked eye but is there.

good piece


Posted 7 Years Ago

"There are times when the wind is not a wind
But a moaning voice from a hollow cold."
I like the poem. The above lines were my favorite. I like how you distinguished how we can look at different things and feel/see something different. Thank you for sharing the excellent poetry.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Another intriguing and riddle like piece . You described what truly separate ordinary or casual writer from extra ordinary .
It does not make someone a writer or poet because someone has a pen and a pad and a good idea to write about .You choose and plan your subject . You survey your setting . Gather Intel and facts about your muse . And how are you going to present it .
The title and first line are equally important . And how are you going to end your piece takes real finesse . What you want to impart to your reader after they finish reading your piece ? What lesson do you want them to take with them ?
A serious extra ordinary writer is also like a chef who meticulously plan and prepare this exquisite outlandish meal to indulge his or her customer . When they tasted and sampled the meal they are hooked for life and its most likely they will comeback for more . . Just like the chef who uses his/her culinary skills and all his/her bodily senses- touch, smell, sight, sound, to find the right ingredient and right texture and combination . Then he/she has to use the right temperature and touch to mixed and blend all these words and phrase together . You look at your subject from all different angles and does not want any stone left unturned and not satisfied with "good enough" but you always look for the " best word, the best line, the best phrase and metaphor " to describe and illustrate your point and motive. Just like a chef. You know how to season your piece and apply the right spice ...Then lastly is presentation . This is the artistic side . A chef knew this well from experience . First impression is as important as the taste. Somehow a chef to a writer must painstakingly find this right and perfect balance and know exactly what to sacrifice if the situation demands it. Drawing the eyes first before the tongue . If it looks good then it must be delicious . This is where separates a chef from a regular cook . A lot of careless poet overcook their piece with too much metaphor drowning their reader with mambo jumbo words . They will lose interest . Some are under-cook or half bake piece . Not much passion, effort and planning was put into it . A lot of prestigious restaurant who caters the best and expensive meal serves less food . The flavor was packed and skillfully hidden under a bite size piece . Rule of Thumb in literary and poetry writing - Less is More ( if its applicable ) . Don't lose your audience interest and attention .
Intriguing enough somehow you have mastered the used of all these senses which has made your piece tempting and exploding with flavor at the first glance and your customers hooked with just a single bite. Like poet to chef . We, including myself are but just a regular cook ... You're the Iron Chef of this Poetry Site !

Posted 7 Years Ago

It sounds like the character is describing that could sometimes listen to voices from lost spirits from the other side of the world.

Posted 7 Years Ago

So curious how you penned these words, echoing thoughts that been reverberating for many years. I wonder. Is writing an attempt to tear down the foundations of those ignored histories - the perceptionst hat focus on the footsteps but not the walker. In writing, this altered perception is encouraged - the joy of perceiving things differently is celebrated. The metaphor reigns supreme. Well penned, Belle.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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A Poem by Belle

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