rainy days is especially made for me

rainy days is especially made for me

A Poem by Belle

in the evening, during the rainy days

glowworms  go around the top of the trees.

they hither and thither, and they glitter just like

the city lights i was fond of seing

from where we used to make His lei.

before the evening, even if it was raining, 

i collect white, yellow and orange flowers --

because there was no blue, i didn’t like blue,

anyway; in the mountain you can rarely find blue.


the orange flower smells awfully sweet,

for me. but “ that is for Him, so that isn’t for you to take.”

is what my Papa kept on telling me


6am was the hour. at 3 -they were all already busy,

except for me, I couldn’t open my eyes that early

so at night, I had to take the needle

and the yarn -- oh, the white ones were for Mama Mary.


"rainy days is specially made for me", i said.

papa smiles back whenever i claim that,

and always nod with “ okay, and this coco hut

is especially for you, too”.


i can still remember the smell of his pamada -awfully

               sweeter than the rosasito -.

i can still remember the glow i was fond of seing, but

here, is not the same as i saw this up there.

              and this wasn’t never like that, i should've known.

in here, they like blue. almost everywhere has blue.


i can still see glowworms, sometimes,

trying to go around the top of the talisay 

near the quarter of our landlady;

sometimes one, sometimes two, but there was a chance

they were three - i counted - ah four.

i hithered and tithered for those victorious four, but the glitter,

in minutes, faded away

just like how my papa passed away --


i can still remember how gently he places

braided flowers around His neck,

i can still remember his prayer.

i can still remember the scent of the enscence

from those 6ams, they remind me

of what and not to take for me.


i need to be reminded

because in here, it is very clear why

rainy days is especially made for me.

© 2020 Belle

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Hi Ms Belle,

I think you have reach a new height with this piece. I'm not sure how long you have kept this hidden and just waiting for the proper time to post it here. Before I build my house I designed it to have covered patio and porch and the reason for that is, I love rain and feeling it without getting wet. It reminds me of the monsoon in our native country. I feel home even though I live a million miles away. Brought back many good and fond memories of my early childhood.

I do not know why the author wanted to see a blue flower ? Orchids does have a blue flower but I don't know whether the author is looking for a different type. The orange flower is commonly used for floral arrangement during All Souls Day and that type of flower does have a strong sweet smell. The father have strong ties with his faith and religion. He saves and want to give the best to this special Person who is the object of his devotion.

The author violates the rule of grammar by using a capitalize letter to address a deity which shows she believes in a Higher Being or respect and honors his father's belief. We often give the best gifts and not hold back when it comes to our love ones. However, the father had a different reservation and told her daughter that this one is an exemption. I like the way you use glowworm and relate that to our momentary life in this world. It glows, and flickers and then its gone... I still don't quite understand why this little girl is claiming that rainy days belongs to her ? Some people are affected by inclement weather. Some rely heavily on this natural phenomenon to plant crops.

Rain is a central figure in the circle of life. I like the story telling style of this piece. The piece is reflective as well as sentimental. The words are not force, its not too skimpy and neither too wordy. It flows like water and well knitted, sort of seamless. I'm always guessing what every lines is showing me. Full of vivid imagery and the little wonders we see in nature that mesmerize us then teaches us valuable life lessons. Well done Ms Belle. Five star on this one.

Posted 11 Months Ago

papa may have passed away...but your memories are so vivid....
he seems to linger and visit especially on the rainy days...brings your heart some sunshine.
I really felt part of this because of the dialogue...you get us there...

Posted 11 Months Ago

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Added on July 2, 2020
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A Poem by Belle

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A Poem by Belle