Chaotic Drips

Chaotic Drips

A Story by Blake Francis

Viewing an abstract painting stirs varying emotions, Thomas Berry knows that all too well.

Thick rimmed glasses defined the lean face of Thomas Berry, a young up and coming business accountant of the recently formed financial accounting firm, Baar Company. For the 24-year-old Berry, the pay was modestly unimpressive, but one wouldn’t know by looking into his expansive office. Gold fashioned tapestries highlighted the back of the room, accentuating their presence and demanding the beholder’s attention, while wine bottles sat innocently to the right. About 5 feet above the wine bottles hung a Pollock drip painting; chaos defined the art piece, with splattered paint seeming to have no purpose, combined with colliding colors fighting for a place on the canvas. Nothing was more visually appealing to Thomas, nothing. Sometimes the repetitive work of his profession would carry him into complete disarray, and when this happened he would stare at the Pollock painting, analyzing its qualities and their meanings. Through this deep analyzation of the drips, Thomas would to come the realization that beauty can come from even the most chaotic of things. Each time he did this, his strained facial features would melt away into the Pollock painting, allowing him to become one with the beautiful chaos.

© 2016 Blake Francis

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Blake Francis
Nothing specific, just overall thoughts and impressions

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Added on November 7, 2016
Last Updated on November 7, 2016
Tags: Painting, Jackson Pollock, Accountant, Firm, Gold, Wine, Glasses


Blake Francis
Blake Francis

Houston, TX

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