A Poem by BLitZeD

eyes roll back, as i roll back, 

cuz i roll fat, when i smoke that /

sprinkle on the hash, dab up the wax

 dust just for touch, yea the angel is back /

white girl on top, watch that b***h melt /

snow to the flame, no chance in hell/

snow white, 7 dwarfs, deep sleep spell /

nickles ounces grams, thats what i sell /

pick an choose your color, step forward, my realm /

black sheep, white sheep, bad wolf, oh well /

 huff an puff,call ur bluff, blood an guts, just my luck /

 life is rough, light is dark, dark is light, drugs a must

soul polluted, corruption of mind/

like a vortex i spit a distortion of time/

truths hard to swallow, s***s kinda dry/

i speak threw the sickening, im those you call wise/

a battle im told, gods in the sky/

Zeus verse Hades, boots that can fly/

don't shoot the messenger, don't even try/

roots to your written, skills in my eyes/

look threw this window, see threw the lies/

like a black widow, he waits in disguise/

i thank the dark magic, an the places it hides/

Birth Of An Ang3l, my up rise/

Satanic at best, supersonic lyrics, this black holes about to swallow the rest,

power obsessed, demonic regrets, im bout to re open that vortex/

Ancient scriptures, Egyptian texts/

pictures on the wall, hieroglyphic sets/

cities burn down, pyrotechnics/

an still they remain, in stone there etched/

skip on the beat, let the minutes run slow/

ill rip on this s**t cut off the flow/

slick wid this s**t, slip on the floor,

Angel of Death, Azrael for short,

Blitzed is dead, im not him no more/

apocalyptic i said, La' Verdad Por' Favor

© 2017 BLitZeD

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Pretty good. Excellent job

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Added on June 11, 2015
Last Updated on February 2, 2017



New Jersey Devil, FL

i give them the plans i drew up with thoughts methodically calculated and so intricately placed , every outcome was accounted for and algebraically related. f*****g statistically graced, like .. more..

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