Ang3l Trilogy

Ang3l Trilogy

A Poem by BLitZeD

Birth/Story/Death of and ang3l all in one piece.



To keep it real "G"

 Any n***a can get it,

I be that n***a that you see dog rocking the fitted.

Sitting with a bottle just chilling an sipping, 

I don't give a f**k about you, 

but ya b***h, ya best believe, that I will f*****g hit it.

The coke, the weed, the pills, everybody knows that I will f*****g flip it.

Ask your hommies dog, they'll tell you just how I kick it,

And when it comes to the gat, 

you know imma be the first n***a to load that clip in.

C**k that s**t back, fire one round ,aim just sick with it.

Leave you on the ground twitching,

With your jaw just spitted and ya dome just dripping.

So step the f**k back f****t,

Its p*****s like you that keep my trigger finger itching.


An you know that bullets got so much pull to it your bound to get hit.

One in the front an one to blow your back out a bit, b***h.

 * BLitZ3D * 

Hit the ground so you don't get slumped.

because when you hear that sound, it means the 12 gauge is pumped. 

Double barrel get you buried, early funeral.

 F**k it,

Get the students too, 


 Watch them run an hide.

Pray to the sky just to find out your GoD is a lie.

Switch that G to an A and you got a f*****g Angel inside.

Ferocity of a Bangle with stripes.

 50 cal. the velocity's tight.

 Once you in sight, ain't no point for resistance, 

Despite the distance there is no missing the extinction of your existence. 

For instance,

Night terrors caused by night vision make insurgents split second decisions clouded by thought of them envisioning my ballistics incisions coloring there face crimson.

While explosive rounds burn there repulsive frowns up-the-f**k-side-down.

Scramble to keep there insides in,

but burn from the inside out.

Outcomes always vertical,

Bodies buried down 


He can catch it,

Steel from the ratchet,

Trim his top, F**k a tomahawk, Gimme a hatchet,

Maybe a rusty ax, Some gas, And a box of matches,

Add in a Jason mask an ill show you some sad s**t.

This is the death of another tag,

Tag ripped 

like a soul from a body, sooo...

I'm no longer a SoLDjA,

 No longer a GHOSt,

Not even BLitZ3D,

This is OM3Ga AGG3L0s,

Grab the bull by the horns because I got horns like a bull.

Just missing the right side, it was ripped from my skull.

I bear the scares of a warrior, earned in full.

If the horn ain't enough, check the bent up halo.

I play 4 both sides , Stand tall and Creep low.

Quick to burn threw ya, an slow smoking a O.

 Always been Alpha, I liked to play that part.

Now i'm out-casted, a choice made in my heart,

Because if u think for a second that bravos made a move, 

 You didn't stand  a chance from the start.

Every things been planned out.

I dug my own grave an covered it with a f*****g tarp,

Only move your making is one into a trap,


a precaution, to cover my tracks.

A hunter cant hunt whats hunting him back.

The classic story of how opposites attract.

An when your attacked,

Like a zombie to a Hashin,

 A cat to a rat, 

A bat to a rat. 

A gangster with a bat to a rat,

22. through the black to land in the back of the rats back for ratting behind your back like a rat,

Call that echo location, 

An that rat bagged up in the trash, dispatched naked to an undisclosed destination 


I'm Isis
Sike kid
I'm just righteous 
All through the night my minds like this
I'm physic 
That's right b***h
Sights s**t
See me within, the lights lit , 
BLitZeD in bliss
Omegas in the mist 
Azrael in chains 
But lets be real, there all one in the same 
Yes, im sane, let me explain 
One is like the Joker, 
A pocket full of knifes, 
The others like Bain 
When he beat the s**t out of the Dark Knight
Omega is the knife, the moment when Batman looses his life 
Omega is the mask,  that regulates the gas just right
Azrael pushes the blade deep from the shade
The gas from within, he causes the haze
BLitZeD is the player, the one this game don't phase
The one that walks in like its nothing and sets the bomb under the stage 
Three pieces to a puzzle, together they make the forth
Not until they come as one do you see who really holds the pitch fork
Death Of an Angel, 
Take those words and contort 

© 2016 BLitZeD

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So spiteful and angry but so deep and passionate at the same time, the emotion runs down so deeply that it's stunning. I absolutely love it, as ever a fantastic beat I can hear it all in my head so clearly, I really think you could write rap professionally mate. Keep up the fantastic work and I look forward to the next one

Posted 6 Years Ago

Great I love this... I love the flow the images

Posted 6 Years Ago

Blitzed BANG!!!! Ha you already know

Posted 6 Years Ago

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A good bit of this was borderline offensive at the start and for awhile. But I really like how the raw anger forged a line that's being drawn in the sand. Your anger could be read as part of your style. And I really like how you kicked that f*****g line sideways, metaphorically.
I always admire writers who are not afraid to write something that may throw caution to the wind and have the guts to write your truth laid bare. This is great writing, BLitZ3D, no matter WHOSE opinion or why.
This had raw truth as its agenda. Well done...dan

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

In my opinion their is no point in writing something if you are going to censor it and change what i.. read more

6 Years Ago

Thanks for the explanation of the write's can I have a hit off the blunt?? I'll write .. read more
Hey , can you please change the font , because it's hard to read.Then send me a read request, I promise I will read it :).

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

I messaged it to you :)

6 Years Ago

Thanks for reading !!

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New Jersey Devil, FL

i give them the plans i drew up with thoughts methodically calculated and so intricately placed , every outcome was accounted for and algebraically related. f*****g statistically graced, like .. more..

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