What could've I done?

What could've I done?

A Story by Fallen From Grace

I've made many sacrifices for you. Apparently they weren't enough for you or maybe I wasn't enough. I've tried so hard for you not to worry about anything. But your insecurity was too much and ended up eating me away. I'm not who I want to be. I've changed since dating you. I dropped all my friends, haven't made new friends, changed my personality, my hair style, and tried my best to be mature because of our age difference. I don't know what I did wrong. Maybe I'm too young for you considering I'm 11 years younger than you. I was honest with you. I still wonder why did I fall for you. Maybe it's because we been through a lot. But all the times that matter you failed me. All I wanted was you to be there for me when I was down. You couldn't do that for me. You rather be with your games then be with me. You wanted others and I just wasn't enough for you. Drinking myself till I passed out because I wanted you to be with me but you couldn't because the games were more important. I just don't understand why. What did I do wrong? I really tried my best. Why can't you see from my eyes?
Maybe it's my fault. Maybe I should had left when I noticed my shine became dull. Maybe when everyone told me you're not the one for me or I'm too good for you. But I didn't want to listen to them because I believed you would change for because you love me... right? Isn't that what love is? All the memories I think of you and I are painful. It hurts... What did I do wrong?  

© 2017 Fallen From Grace

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Well, Fallen From Grace, if he's 11 years older and his GAMES were more important - shoulda been your first clue. But, I get how much we sometimes want things to work. But know this - you can't love someone enough to make them change if they are satisfied with the way they are. Only loving someone who wants to be better or grown will see that happen. *snort* I'm in a "preachy" mood, this evening. I hope this isn't autobiographical...if it is, I hope you're past it and just writing out the residue.
There were some minor grammar issues, but I'll leave that to others better suited to point them out. They were not enough to distract the reader entirely, but probably a good editing will make this piece outstanding.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on August 8, 2017
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