The Battle's Over, but the war's just begun.

The Battle's Over, but the war's just begun.

A Poem by Oliver Silvius

I wrote this late at night while i was bored, and i had a lot on my mind.


The sound of your voice reaches to my ears and it scares me
The ice of your glare meets my eyes and it kills me
I try to move on but the images, they still haunt me
We walk upon wires, but in the end I'm still falling

These tears
Can be mistaken for rain
These fears
Push me over the edge,
I'm forever haunted
And now I'm slipping away
Into insanity

Take away all our dreams
Our lives,
They are torn
For every tear we cry
We lose
Ten times of blood more

We are chained, we're in shackles
We lost the game, we lost the battle
The war's just beginning,
And it's you who is winning

Beautiful in our final moment
As ebony wings emerge from our backs
Angel hair hides your horns
And your cold eyes, they are black
Our lifelong desires seem to burn in the fires
Our hopes get lower while your cruelty just gets higher

What the Hell are we doing?!
Why the f**k are we losing?!
There's no beep in reality
When we curse in profanity
So scream "We are damned!"
"We go to Hell!"
No need to read the script; we know it so well
Scream as we burn
Our feelings, they churn
We die twice as our death returns,
Our death returns

They say time heals everything
But we're running out of time
They say seeing is believing,
So I better shut my eyes

© 2010 Oliver Silvius

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Added on October 31, 2010
Last Updated on October 31, 2010