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Prologue: Sold My Soul

Prologue: Sold My Soul

A Chapter by Path Finder

Celestia is a 7 year old child always trying to gain her father's love, but on this faithful day the truth is revealed and nothing can stop fate from creating the future Celestia is not even sure of.


I remember a time when vampires frightened me…

                The first vampire I met was a man my father owed money to who frequently visits the house to collect.  Eventually father was running low on money and finally offered something of more value than money or blood.  But of course I didn’t understand at the time because I was only 7 years old.  At least I didn’t understand until that horrible day.

                The house was more eerie than usual when the strange man came over that night.  It felt as if the icy winter was taking over while it was still summer.  It was like this man wanted someone to know he was there.  I knew it was the strange man because I always feel the same dark hostility during the night of the full moon when mother always rushed me to the other room.

                But tonight was different.

                Tonight, mother dressed me in the most gorgeous dress I had in my closet all the while looking depressing.  She was wearing a smile like a mask but her eyes showed that she was crying earlier.

                “Mommy?”  She didn’t react, but instead kissed me on the forehead and took my hand to escort me to the family room where father meets with that man.

                “Mommy?  What’s wrong?”

                Mother looked down at me wearing that smile and whispered in a hush tone.  “Nothing, my darling, nothing at all.”

                Once we got into the family room, my mother turned and left the room without looking back at us.  She was struggling once again not to cry.  I wondered why she was so sad before I stared at my father and the man I only ever saw through a window standing by the front door.  My father, tall and stern, looked grimmer than the man whose presence scared me even though the man appeared more kind and gentle.

                Father didn’t look away from the man, didn’t even glance my way as he introduced me to him.  “Celestia, this is Dylan.”

                This strange man…Dylan, he looked at me as if he was taking a peak into my soul with his blue eyes.  His slicked back brown hair didn’t seem to move as he gracefully walked over to me.  Dylan was as tall as my father, but more muscular and less tanned.

                His touch was cold as he takes my hand and kisses it, “the pleasure is mine alone, Celestia.”  Dylan’s voice is smooth and just as handsome as he was.

                I couldn’t speak, I just looked at my father who never once allowed me to be near this man let alone look at him.

                “You have yet to tell her Mr. Damon.”  This was no question, it was as if he knew what was said and done.  I was very confused as to why I was meeting this mysterious man and why my father wasn’t telling me something.

                Father cleared his throat, “Celestia.  This man is a vampire, a creature of the night.”  My eyes widen in shock to hear that the stories that I was told were true, but that wasn’t what made me cry.  “Dylan is your fiancé; you are to go and live with him and learn the ways before it’s your turn to turn into a vampire.”

                Sometimes I wondered if father hated me….

                I have always overheard him talking to mother about wanting a son to be the heir of his fortune.  He never gave me a moment’s time of approval of anything I’ve done whether it’s dancing or proper etiquette.  I have always ran to my father with good grades, top of my ballet class and anything I wish to have some kind of knowledge that he loves me.

                I even asked mother if he loved me.  Every time she would say the same thing, ‘father is a busy man, but none of the less you are his daughter and he loves you’.  But even I could tell that she questioned his love for me for each time I asked her, her hesitation grew more.

                Dylan stared at me with miserable eyes, as if he felt sorry for me even though I would be going with him.  Finally he sighed and picked me up in his strong arms.

                “W-wait!  What about mother?!”  I wanted to at least say goodbye….

                “You will have a better life in Avalon.”  Dylan whispered as he walked to the door as I started screaming to my father.

                Anything to get his attention, anything to gain his love, anything at all.  I even cried that I would do more; I would be a better daughter.  When that didn’t make him look at me as Dylan took his final steps through the door, I yelled as loud as I could to him.

                “Please let me stay!  I love you!”

                Father didn’t move an inch, didn’t even glance at me as tears ran down my cheeks.  Dylan even strokes my hair and hugged me as the door closed to the house I thought I would be happy in.  My world seemed to be crashing down around me as I sobbed into Dylan’s chest before he placed me into the black limo and got in himself before we drove away.

                I didn’t realize it then, but…I never belonged in my parents’ world.

© 2013 Path Finder

Author's Note

Path Finder
All comments and reviews are appreciated!!!

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Added on August 27, 2013
Last Updated on August 27, 2013
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