Why Are You Taking to Me?!?

Why Are You Taking to Me?!?

A Chapter by Im a reel vamp lover

In this chapter Anna talkes to Eddie, the most popler guy in school, but thinks he is playing a joke on her.


   It started out like a normal day. I woke up get a dressed and did my hair and make-up, and drove to school. When I get there I started to read the new House of Nights book.

   I was on chapter two and getting to a good part when I heard a knock on the passenger side. I didn't want to stop reading so thinking it was Tif a rolled down the window and said "Get in I'm on a good part and don't want to stop."

   "On a good part of what"

   I froze that voice was not Tif's it was of a guy. I stop reading and turn to look at the guy I just let in my car. I looked into the blues eyes I had very seen that also happend to belong to the most popler guy in school,Eddie. He smile big and winked at me. His smile was so beatiful that I stop breathing. I shook my head to clear it from what his smile did to me and said "Sorry, I thought you was my friend "

   "I am your friend" he said with a sad smile that also was in his eyes.

   When he smile like that for some risen it hard my too. So. to get the hard look from his eyes in said " I know you are, I met my other friend Tif."

   The secound I finsh saying that there was a knook at my window. I turn to see Tif smiling at me and waving at me and Eddie. " Great I will never be able to finsh reading, and I just get to the good part." I said under my breath.

   " You like to read alot."

   " Yeah, it helps me forget all the stress in my live."

   " Stress?"

   I was about to say something but, Tif knook on my window.She blow a kiss and winked it me.

   I turn to Eddie and said " Lets go before she starts to dance on my car."

   " She dance on your car before?"

   " Yeah just cause I was reading and wasn't listing to her."

   He just smile and get out of the car. I put my book in my pures. and get out of the with all of my staff.

   " Hey, Tif." Eddie said.

   " Hey" she said.

   " So why are you so late Tif?" I said.

   " I had to wait on my brother?"

   " Oh, were is he?"

   " Behide us."

   I turn to see a sleep, half awake, Dustin walking behide us.I turn to Eddie and said "This half awake person behide us is Dustin, Tif's little brother."

   They both say mumble "hey" to one another.And by that time we made it to the door of my high school.  


© 2011 Im a reel vamp lover

Author's Note

Im a reel vamp lover
So I think i will stop here and put what happens when they inter the school in the next chapter.What do you think? Should I add more to this chapter? Tell me any spelling miss takes I made? Do you have anything that you think should be add in the next chapter? Hope you like it!!!

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Its good..but there are a few spelling and grammer errors.

"I looked into the blues eyes I had very seen that also happend to belong to the most popler guy in school,Eddie."-- this is kind of confusing and wordy. In my opinion I would change it too: I looked into the blue eyes that happened to belong to Eddie, the most popular guy in the school.
And if you want try putting more detail about what Eddie looks like and even Tif would be good. I would suggest writing it first on Word Document. It really helps! But it's a nice 1st chapter. Good job!

Posted 11 Years Ago

amazing chapter

Posted 11 Years Ago

*singsong voice* LOVE IT!

Posted 11 Years Ago

When he smile like that for some risen it hard my too. i dont get this part wat do u mean. its fine the way u ended the chapter and should put what happen when they enter the school in the next. cant wait for the next chapter send me a read request again on the next chapter pls and also i have a comment on the first page with the characters theres no pic that i can see for who eddie is. overall love it and did u ever read they house of night series out of courosity

Posted 12 Years Ago

A very good chapter. The ending was enough. I like the kids in the chapter. Young and filled with a little craziness. Good discussion.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Im a reel vamp lover
Im a reel vamp lover

henry , VA

Hi! My name is Macie. I love to read. The first book I ever read was TWILIGHT ® and now I just can’t stop. I also, love to write books. I can’t get on the computer tha.. more..


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