Folklore Ain't Just Stories

Folklore Ain't Just Stories

A Chapter by Destiny Crawford

      Nina was twelve. She had many friends. She was very pretty. Nina had mannors and was very nice. But, Nina here had a secret. A secret so sacred that only her ancestors knew about it. Well, her grandma did too. But that doesnt matter right now. We are talking about the secret. Have you ever heard of magic? Folklore? Fairytale myths? Well her secret was tied into that, because she was a witch! Not the mean girl at school type of witch, but the witch with magical powers.

      The witch blood line started a long, long time ago. When Nina's ancestor, Bethica, had a curse set upon her when she was only twelve. Bethica used to do errands for a powerful lord, Lord Crewe. This powerful man gave Bethica one specific errand one day. He said to her, "If you fail to do this task, you will be cursed with The Dark One living in your blood for interenty." He told her to grab him some eggs from the shed out back. This task seem easy enough so she grabbed a basket and headed out back to get some eggs. But, when she walked out the back door, she saw Peter. It was love at first sight. She forgot all about the eggs and the curse. Bethica ran off with Peter, so Lord Crewe called upon The Bright One and asked him to set the curse on Bethica. The Bright One hesitated, but accepted. Bethica was cursed with witch powers forever.

      The people in Bethica's time believed that witch powers came from The Dark One. The Dark One is a powerful being that is well know now-a-days as "The Devil". The Bright One is another powerful being that is know to this day as God. Bethica's fellow towns folk believed that if you had witch powers, then The Dark One has possesed you. They believed they had to get rid of you immidately.

      But, now-a-days, people dont even think magical powers are real! Can you believe that? A world with no magic at all! That is impossible! How would the sky turn pink and purple when the sun sets? People just dont appreciate the sky goblins' work! Nina helped them turn the sky pretty. She made herself proud once she saw the beautiful work she did.

      But, now back to the story. After the towns folk found out that Bethica was a witch, they got the old-fashioned pitchforks and torches and chased after her and Peter. Her and Peter ran as far as they could and got away safely. Now, Peter did not care that Bethica was a witch forever. He loved her and he would do anything for her. They lived happily in the shadows until death. For, they feared if anyone found them, they'd be dead.

      Now you see, folklore ain't just stories.

© 2012 Destiny Crawford

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Well it's quite hard to tell where you're going with this since this chapter is basically exposition (handled well, though) aside from fixing your spelling/grammatical errors there's not much criticisms I can give from this alone. Your setup is not clear, this could be the start of a generic "schoolgirl with a *special* secret" type of story, or it could be an engaging fantasy tale. In any case, for the sake of reviewing I advise you to strive for the latter.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Nice chapter! I liked where your plot is taking us. But it would really be great if you could correct some tinsie winsie spelling errors that have occurred here and there. If you would like to further edit your story, you might want to unify the tense used in the piece(eg-the first line is in the simple past tense while the fifth line is in the simple present tense). Anyways, this story is going great! Keep writing!

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Posted 8 Years Ago

AMAZING! i love the plot and everything! "Now you see, folklore ain't just stories." LOVE IT!

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 8 Years Ago

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