�Milk Carton Portrait�

�Milk Carton Portrait�

A Poem by Blind Pathos

The exploration of reality is the discovery of faith. The pillars of reality are the most vulgar collections of faith.



“Milk Carton Portrait”
ByBlind Pathos
This morning I woke up missing
Just a question mark in mid air
I spoke and no one listened
Cried and no one cared
Passed through my day
The missing life in my eyes
What, purpose stripped away
Was truth but not a prize
The book of life, open to see
Clearly now a missing page
The moral has been set free
And the plot has flown the cage
All that is sacred is not
All that would bear mention
Is as never and forgot
As is lacking its invention
Everything less and nothing more
The beginning gone as the end
Neither word nor pen or paper
Nothing where the writer had been
No clock or numbers for its face
No history or future time
No ever cleansing virgin space
No song, rhythm or rhyme
Not being right nor wrong
Not a who or what
All that could, being gone
I was and now was not
My shadow being almost gone
To reach out there’s only air
Left as the darkness in the dawn
The reflection has no me in there
No one crying or dying
No one wrapped in false hope
No one cheating or lying
No bad jokes about the pope
Mercy and penalties undone
Where there was a world
There was no thing or one
The cosmic dice never hurled
It occurred to me and not to me
I had not or had a choice
If I am and not to be
I could revolt and rejoice
Self creation, a two edged sword
The captain lashed to the wheel
Creation is such a dark house
If I had fingers I could feel
I could see beauty if I had eyes
Hear music if I had ears
I’d see hellos and good byes
Hear the smiles and tears
From nowhere every where’s close
Delusion or invention of being
By its occurrence of notion be
Nothing’s always filled by something
Yet the mind is tainted by the soul
All things known to its affects
The stage is set from what it is told
And what it sees is what it expects
To recreate the world subjective
By faith I declare my self alive
And faith attests to God above
 Does reality by faith survive
Roam the earth and tell me why
Go search the hearts and minds
The best is only just getting by
To light a candle for the blind
What do you say if some one listens
What do you do if someone cares
I’d make a world that wasn’t missing
I’d make a world where I was there

© 2008 Blind Pathos

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This was an enchanting and dark piece, I loved the twist to it and the fact the writer has to think when reading it, there are so many meanings and it was a great poem.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Added on February 5, 2008


Blind Pathos
Blind Pathos

Blind Pathos is an insomniac. Time has had it's way with me. I grew up in large cities. I am a student of the public library. If I did know something would it matter? I write lyrics without music... .. more..

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A Poem by Blind Pathos