The Five Allies

The Five Allies

A Story by TheThaumaturge

What happens when those closest to you face the greatest challenge? Will they stay, or will they retreat in fear?


The Five People

    I stood in an open field, by my side stood five people who I believed and trusted in. The first was Fowl, my best friend; he stood looking at the horizon with an eagerness in his eyes, and an odd look of determination. The second was Tension, my “friend” who said he would do anything for me if I helped him complete certain tasks; he looked at the ground and was shaking and moving about. The third was my person of honesty, Megalca; we discussed our needs and concerns and were good to each other. She stood still looking ahead, but I could see her hand moving anxiously and her eyes fearfully scanning the foreland.

    The fourth person was my friend Slavki, he was strong physically and had a good work ethic, he was my strongest ally; he was crossing his arms and looking in several different directions… waiting. The final person was Malkezed, he was quiet, but he was strong in his heart and soul; he stood looking at the horizon with focus and content in his eyes, his body still.

    The ground began to shake, and something appeared where we’d been looking. It was the colossal stone giant named, “Tekolimnium”. He has been walking the Earth since the beginning of time, but recently, due to the chaotic stances of the world, he began his final walk around the globe; testing all he approached.

    As Tekolimnium approached, we could see his eyes of ember and his great sword of steel, he pierced into our souls and tested our strength to his. Several of my friends looked away due to the weakness in their hearts. Although one remained steadfast.

    Fowl looked at me and said with confidence in his eyes, “I have to go and gather strength, I will be back”, and so he left running with a balanced stride and focused eyes. He never did come back.

    Tension was jumping about in obvious fear and lack of any reason, he said, “I… I, need to go, I have to do something.. Important” and off he went, jumping around and tripping until he was out of sight. He never did give me any thanks for what I did for him.

    Megalca looked at Tekolimnium and said to me with sorrow and fear in her eyes, “I, cannot stay here. I.. I hope you will be alright,.. I do care” and with that she left running with swiftness, repeatedly turning around and looking at me, but keeping on the move. She never really knew me.

    Slavki looked in wonder at what laid ahead, “I thought this would be enough. It happens not to be; I have to go and prepare. Good bye” and with that he went swiftly running, with the goal of reaching as far of a distance as possible. He never was ready for anything.

    My final ally, Malkezed, kept his eyes on Tekolimnium and stood his ground. I could feel his aura, strong and mighty, ready for what was to come; no matter the outcome. I stood my ground and stood strong as he. The wind blew through our hair and tried to push us away, but we stood still.

    Tekolimnium was just ahead. He stopped. He looked at us and stared into our souls. His force was immensely powerful, but with our true determination and preparedness, we stood standing.

    Finally he raised his blade with great strength and magnificence, and put us through the final test of life. That was the end of our story in the world.

© 2018 TheThaumaturge

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Added on June 21, 2018
Last Updated on June 21, 2018
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