In The Grove of Trees and Mysteriosities

In The Grove of Trees and Mysteriosities

A Story by TheThaumaturge

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In The Grove Of Trees and Mysteriosities

While walking through the boundless forestland to carry out a meeting with a student to the vacuum of life, something odd and forbidding came to pass. The day was of a slight wind, the grass carried gracefully with its gentle breeze whilst the transpiration of  an unnatural superforce was present, stalking within the shadows of the woods; watching with eyes of omniscience and a stuttering clear of vision that seemed to surmount the air that day. The Thaumaturge could taste the subtle rage and fear - two scents that he knew well the Devil and his army of evil-doers carried with them wherever they would journey to in the march of the world.

    The Thaumaturge stopped in the middle of a grove of worn-about trees, of which seemed to cry to him with distress but with a certain sense of a vanished hope; as if they had been in this state far too long, knowing now that their existence was simply a fact of pity and nothing more. The Thaumaturge took a few moments and focused his energy in an attempt to solidify his theory of the taste of the wind and energy that day. He closed his eyes and immersed into the void; delving into a state of deep meditation for a preparatory amount of time - similar as to the void walker’s practices of concentration. With a careful raising of his great worn-down staff, he held it mid-air for a time, waiting for the right stutter in that while; then he slammed the bottom of the staff against the hard ground. As to his expectations, they appeared as he had perceived.

    Surrounding The Thaumaturge just yonder beyond the grove stood hordes and throngs of corrupt spirits and familiars, with their leader standing a few fathoms in front. Some of them spat out with surprise to be so obviously noticed while others let out a maddened chortle and did a type of flailing that could be related to the initial mounting of a newly domesticated mount.

    The Adversary put up a hand as to quiet the crowd of fiends and shaitans. They slowly came to a silence, twitching restlessly and excitedly for the events that were to come to pass. The leader of the crowd took another few steps forward and then stood almost perfectly and seemingly infinitely patiently still in front of the army, of which they looked shocked at this sudden deft control in their master. He then took a long moment, and then began to speak:

    “Wise, I’m surprised you were able to detect me so quickly, but that will not allow you enough of an advantage to claim this encounter. For I have an army and you hardly a soul, and such as that can be meddled with,” The adversity taunted.

    “At least I have got something of strength in myself, unlike your illusions of your prowess and ability that could be said to be nothing be deceitful lies!” The Thaumaturge countered.

    “Silence, I pray you!” and a clear silence was present, quieting even the heart of nature for that time. The adversity summoned some sparks of fire in his hand and began to flick and juggle them; the sparks periodically flashed from a state of existence and back out of it, dancing with the flow of the universe, but deleteriously resisting it at the same.

    “How about a bargain? If you surrender I will allow my servants back through the hellgate to bother the people no more, and I myself with remain in silence and pertain to my own matters, as my enemy in being will have been settled. What do you say?” The adversity looked at The Thaumaturge in what might have been said to be sincere and honest.

    “Lier! I will not fall for your false trickery. I will die here before you can take me in a state of exhaustion!” The Thaumaturge quickly laid some lodestones on the ground around him in a spherical manner, also puncturing the earth in areas of specific value.

    The adversity screamed in fury and stress at this rejection to his offer. Fires from the foreign planes of the universe surrounded the grove with an intense heat. “No one leaves,” his loud voice boomed, as if traversing all the dimensions and taking power into his presence. He yelled to his spirits and familiars to charge at this foe of great stature and courage. The rapscallions howled with delight and pounded the earth with a demonic desire and rage. They then charged recklessly, jumping, flying, and dashing through the air all lusting to be the first to reach their prey.

    The Thaumaturge chanted something and in the next moment an ancient force ascended from the ground and surrounded him with a shield of powerful magi. As the familiars and demons ran at him they dissolved mid-run and their spirits were vanquished as they touched the shield. Any attacks on him would be presented useless in this state. The adversary had flames of frenzy that took control of his eyes and spirit; he halted his minions for a moment, of which danced tirelessly around the shield looked for a way to gain access. The devil summoned a bolt of chaotic energy that rattled crazily in his hand, and he then shot it at the shield. The force was dissolved and the fiends continued their charge.

    The Thaumaturge had a sense of worry in him, but as the first demon attempted to grab him, he hit him well in the head with his staff, erasing him, and then the next came and he hit him right within the chest and he too was dissolved. This continued as the familiars kept coming, but as they became accustomed to his tactics, they were able to dodge here and there and hit their oppressor. The Thaumaturge would yell a quick cry of pain, and continue to counter his opponents. An especially large demon ablaze with anger threw his hooves at him; of which he wistfully evaded and kicked this being, knocking him down well and defeating him. As he was doing this, three others came at him from each other side, going for a strike at the opening of this opportunity.  The Thaumaturge quickly changed his focus and charged at one of the shaitans and he stunned him with this change and tactic, grabbing him and throwing him at the other two chargers, of which took the blow and they too were defeated.

    Seeing himself that he could not take much more, he chanted another spell, and all the creatures were flung from about him and onto the earth. He twirled his staff and then pointed it upward and several colossal pillars of stone came uprooted from the earth and blast thru the minions and into the sky above.

    The devil assumed a new form of stratagem in his mind, he then stilled and silenced his minions and within a moment more, they all had vanished (of which also included the oppressor himself).

    The Thaumaturge stood still, very well took by what had just occurred, and quite uncertain what to do next. He looked around to be sure that his foe was no more; he then took a step and then all the sudden, the hottest and fiercest fires abounded from the void and appeared to melt him; he screamed and bellowed in absolute agony until all was gone from his eyes and his soul seemed to evaporate.


    The Thaumaturge awoke extremely exhausted and worn-down. He laid on the ground for a few moments, and then when he had regained a part of his strength, he arose and looked about him with tiresome eyes.  As he took in the few details and strange aura that surrounded him, he could make that he had entered into an alternate dimension. All was gray and flat, the air was littered with random thoughts and confusion that seemed to dance chaotically about him.

Then a voice boomed from a distance yonder that was of great strength:   

“Welcome; to your mind! This is where I reign in ultimate power!” he could tell it was the devil’s voice of which was cackling hilariously, it seemed to attack him on all fronts. He peered into the vague distance of this plane to see if he could identify where the voice was coming from. After some time of determined searching, he could spot the chaotic army faintly in the distance. There was nothing much that could be done but attempt to regain control of himself and await the battle that was destined to commence.

While he attempted to concentrate and fortify himself, he was bothered by spasms of thought that would tear at his being and distract him from his fixation. He endeavored to concentrate several times after, but as he would begin each, the sparatic spasms seemed to concentrate and prove more and more distasteful and damaging to himself. He concluded he would not be able to think, so he simply and regretfully await his oppressors arrival.

    It was silent for a time while he waited, but his mind surely continued to worry of the battle that was to commence. As they came close, he could hear their screaming and sneering, the battle of eternity was about to begin, and he could do nothing more than cry in his heart and hope for the impossible.

    The air tasted of absolute destruction and terror as they continued to come forward. The silence began to scream and the walls of this dimension began to quake as the universe shook with the same nervousness that The Thaumaturge felt.

    It was then absolutely silent, and the army had disappeared, which once more took The Thaumaturge by great surprise.

    Then an all impactful blast exalted from behind him and a whirlwind of fire and magma erupted and several dozen fathoms behind him charged the adversary’s army of which was laughing uncontrollably with pleasure at the weakness of their opponent. Fire trailed behind them and they disrupted the aura around them as their assault speedily accelerated toward their destination. The Devil all empowered by this strategic movement yelled at what could be related to a thunderclap these words toward The Thaumaturge, “Finally you will perish, after all these years trying in vain; I finally will claim the victory!”

    Only a few fathoms in front of The Thaumaturge he could feel the fire that resonated from the fierce hatred and fury that his opponents enveloped and as he was about to come to certain doom, he was hit by a sudden deep and all powerful inspiration that was surly sent from the callings of the universe from one mightier above all.

    The Thaumaturge quickly knelt and at the last moment prayed to The Creator and Lord and asked for deliverance of this adversary. With the Devil only a few feet away from him, with his charge of anger, he was able to mutter out these last words “I work by more than magic.” Then with the power of the Demiurge of the universe, he catalyzed a light far greater than the sun out of his soul and took and welded all the energy that was of the entirety of the universe and performed his Magnum Opus:

A crack that surpassed that sound of a sonic-boom a thousandfold was created and a power of absolute mighty influential was summoned and manipulated to the works of The Thaumaturge.

All the air shattered and transformed into forms of polygonal and trigonometric shapes that brought forth celestial creatures of such. The light refracted in all manner of mysterious forms, causing a great confusion to the army of the adversary and an utter blindness which multiplied the effect greatly. In an even greater turn of events, several archangels appeared gloriously herculean in stature and sinew - wielding great fiery swords of righteousness as unto that of Chariben.

    The archangels charged and lashed at the adversary and his now puny army. Great terrible screams of an ultimate perishing were summoned from such - like that of a banshee filled the air. They fought with a power that was far greater than any dragon or other magnificence. The light grew to an unbearable intensity and the bellowing grew greater, and the silence developed - bringing The Thaumaturge to ultimate power but at the same to what may be considered the brink of insanity. As all was furthered and greater, louder and blindsiding, sanity drew its final breath at this end as The Thaumaturge’s power became too great for even him own self-

    But then suddenly, all the chaos and glory was put to rest… everything fell silent. The battle of eternity was over and won, and The Thaumaturge was back in the grove of trees and mysteriosities.

© 2018 TheThaumaturge

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