A Poem by Brandon Lee Burton

this is a re-write of my old poem by the same name, it got deleted in the writerscafe.org server delete. was my best and most well written, so i hope to recapture what it once held, once again


what is an expectation? what does that word even mean? in my opinion, expecations are things that a person assumes either to happen, be said, or just be at their own benefit, expecting used to mean a new life was soon to be in the world, now its used as such, "i was expecting this to be done", its no longer the tidings of good news but the warning of bad, that someone is upset you didnt do or say what they wanted, expectaions are all just wants, demands or  assumations, what happened to hope, instead of expect, the world expects us to do this or do that, like voting, we dont really have too much of a choice, they put in who they wish then we choose which goon to elect, when who knows maybe my neighbor or my old teacher might be the best person to ever do the job, but no, the government gives us 2 people who we hardly know, that promise things and then what, they dont hold out. only one president has ever fully fulfilled anything, and he died too fast to fill out his duty, JFK was admirable, but there is another example, we hold expectaions to what the new president will do, no matter what no one is happy, everyone fights and argues, the world is full of drama, without it america wouldnt know what to do, they feast on arguing, being right, winning, and dramatic situations, people lie and steal to create soemthing bad if there was none before, what happened to being satisfied with being happy and having peace and no drama? what happened to morals? love has become a useless word, it is used without meaning anymore, and people think they know what it means but it has become a word for someone who wants to sexually have someone, no one says i like you anymore, its straight into i love you's and all that, what happened to our world? what happened to us? we have become nothing but a bunch of lustful cavemen/women, i am not proud of our kind, look at the animals, they are happy, they dont cause drama, they dont fight about who gets to do this or that, they compete for love, then they stick to them, penguins are the perfect example of how we should all be, they have one mate their whole life span, and they are happy, they dont fight and argue they dont hurt or break promises, they love, eat, play, and enjoy every moment, they have it all figured out, life as it should be, life is not a competition for money or love or whos happier or richer or cooler, but to enjoy the short time we have, no matteer what we were born into, what we were given what he have, its about enjoying that which you DO have not what you can get, making the best from everything, seeing the bright side of it all, the positive not the negative, trusting caring understanding, emotions we used to treasure, now the world seems to care about very few and very insignifigant things, sex, looks, money, property, and power,why doesnt anyone realize the biggest power a person can have, is the power to enjoy, to love, to be loved, the best feeling in the world isnt soemthing you can smoke to get or orgasm to feel, its knowing you have someonethere who cares, who will be there for as long as they live, who would do anything for you, who would rather cuddle close on the couch and just be happy to relax and enjoy the little moments in life that make a big difference, the moments smost of us take for granted, but not i, i wish to have those moments more then anything, i care not about money, or property or power, but to be happy, to love, to hold, to care, to trust, to embrace everyday knowing that something good will happen, to make it outshine the bad, why cant we all see this, im not perfect, by all means i may be the furthest from such, but at least i can see what life is really about, so stop expecting to get this or that handed to you, or to get everything you want, or the worldy possesions to fulfill your every need, cause nothing can fill the void of true embracment of the real reason we are alive, not to kill, sexually exploit or hurt others, but to amke another feel what i have said, happiness, real happiness, because no matetr what you believe in, the worlds possesions wil not follow you after death, wether it be 6 feet under, or paradise in soem form of heaven, or hell itself, no matter what you believe, your xbox, cell phone, PS3, TV, cars, house, and all of the rest of these things, will not always be there, they will not be useable by you when your dead, they will just get turned to trash or used for this or that, then what your moneyless and itemless, for what, who did you impact while alive, who did you help, who did you make amends with, and most importantly, what kinda of example and teaching did you leave with those who knew you, a legend per say, not expectaions, none, leave those in the wastebasket in the back of our minds, bring on theusefull things, help someone and expect nothing back, knowing you put a smile on their face, knowing that smile is infectious, one smile can make 3 million more in just hours, and a smile can make a huge difference, dont expect, make it happen, make your life what you wish, make someone smile, make someone happy, and show them the true meaning of enjoying life, show them true love not love, show them happiness, show them how to live without expectaions, show them to make the best from everything, show yourself life, before its gone...

© 2009 Brandon Lee Burton

Author's Note

Brandon Lee Burton
never mind capitals, or run ons, or anything, understand nothing btu the message, and let it sink in sink yourself into a hottub of emotion and thoughts, and think deep about how you live and how you want to live...

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Thanks bro for reminding me about what i used to feel before i fell in love :D

Posted 13 Years Ago

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i loved this, it's so true. the world has failed us.......we all have gone back to stupid cavemenwomen.. the world should change how they see love.....no more just jumping into "loving" someone. you really are a brilliant writer. great write.

thanks for sharing.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on June 12, 2009


Brandon Lee Burton
Brandon Lee Burton

salem, OR

hello, im brandon lee burton. im am 22. and i love to write. feel free to give constructive criticism MySpace Playlist at MixPod.com Lets101 Quizzes - Fun Q.. more..