The world we call home

The world we call home

A Poem by Brandon Lee Burton

Wrote this when i was a senior in high school

Why must it be so dark, so cruel? Like being stuck in the pouring rain drenched in hate and despair, wearing nothing but the tank top of hope, the shorts of dreams being ruined, colors fading and bleeding out, hair being dignity,and statues is falling flat, frizzy and tangled.

I feel like I'm drowning in puddles of dis courtesy, pulled down by negative influences like movie stars, knowing that in the hell hole we call home, if your aren't physically gifted with looks, sports talent, high social status or lots of money, you are just a drop of rain to be dried up by the suns deadly rays, lost and unseen in the life of this world.

This rain, this cold and never ending rain, soaks our clothes, hopes, spirits, and dreams, getting heavier and harder to bear, we must become more repellant, waterproof as you will, not ignore, for ignorance is stupidity, but to trat things as we used to, like the times when we were so hopeless or helpless, when every drop cared about the others, when the coat of unity kept us dry, the hat of purity kept it out of our eyes so that we may see, the jeans of care and love gave warmth and happiness to those willing to share, and the pancho of peace that others offered to those who weren't part of this shelter yet.

But to get back to that time, we can not sit around and wait for it to be handed to us, like the sun drys everything after a rainy day, the ill fated evaporation, this death, we fall from the sky, hit the ground running, but most just stop there and pool up in a puddle, waiting for the end to draw near, no longer do these drops try to flow into the soil and give that flower one more year of beauty, we sit, being dense and ignorant, not wanting to try to change things, we need to let the soil soak us up and draw the needed water in, to grow, it has to be a unified effort, one drop will not save the flower.

We all need to see this and learn from it, get up and out there, help anyone and everyone, the flower need many drops, saved from the withering touch of war, immorality and hate, give your drop to the cause, everyone, lets grow the flower, feed n water it, show we DO have some good left in this world.

Lets be that group of drops, that puddle, as more join we will become a pond, then a lake, tons of things thrive when you work together, if we could spread this worldwide, we could have a huge ocean of love, happiness and peace, hope would be restored, so pool up with me, get us started on the path to an ocean, so we can make this pain stricken world, a place we can proudly call home.

© 2011 Brandon Lee Burton

Author's Note

Brandon Lee Burton
written back in 2007

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Added on October 24, 2011
Last Updated on October 24, 2011


Brandon Lee Burton
Brandon Lee Burton

salem, OR

hello, im brandon lee burton. im am 22. and i love to write. feel free to give constructive criticism MySpace Playlist at Lets101 Quizzes - Fun Q.. more..