Mr.O chapter1

Mr.O chapter1

A Story by breathwithoutoxygen

A dystopian journey

This world is a rotten corpse.It reeks of pus and poisonous fluids.Whenever I see a face in this crowded necropolis , it reminds me of death masks.They dwell inside these catacombs of death in search of an eternal light call life.Uncompassionate and unkind Mr.O kept walking through the crowd , mumbling and grunting cuss words.He is very angry today because of what he saw near the market.How can the world become so kind ? When did it became so kind ? He can’t think of anything negative today as he saw a young woman helping a sightless lady to cross the street.This is so wrong,he thought.The good old days are gone when he would happily sit by a bench and see blind people get crushed by trucks or any car.Often they would still be alive and it gave him a huge joy and brought a huge smile on his face.It should immediately stop ,he thought.These people are so weak and pathetic that they can’t kill each other and instead they help each other.It reminds him days when he was young.A bright Sunday morning was the best time for his little games.He would go out and visit a nearby children’s park and open fire from his Kalashnikov which his great grandfather gave him.But alas!These days he is forced to go to the church and pray to the Lord of the void.This can’t go on forever.A smirk appears on his face and he starts to plan something big to bring back those old glory days again.

© 2018 breathwithoutoxygen

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I am writing this series and want a honest review from the experts.

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Added on February 15, 2018
Last Updated on February 15, 2018
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