Mr.O chapter2

Mr.O chapter2

A Story by breathwithoutoxygen

A dystopian journey


His own grandfather taught him to shoot. As a kid , O was very hesitant to pick up a gun and let alone shoot it. But his grandfather showed up how to hold a rife, aim it and shoot it. Now at his mid thirties , O still remembers the day of his initiation, his very first kill. It was quite a foggy morning as his grandpa woke him up from his sleep and said him to get ready. It is time for O’s very first own hunting experience. He was very excited and hurried up to fetch his rifle and live rounds. This is the day he was waiting for so long, to see a real person die by his own hand. He took his rifle and his hunting cap and went outside to meet with his grandfather. “Come on little boy , we got some hunting to do”, said his grandfather. They went straight up to the watchtower located above the hill near their home. It’s a very good vantage point as grandpa says. “Now kid, do you see all those ordinary people out there son? Yes they are the low lifes and our organization controls them. So we can have fun and entertain ourselves by practicing target on them. I started to get perfect headshots at your age kid, do not disappoint me.” O was a bit nervous as he doubted if he could live up to his grandfather’s expectation. So he nervously picked up his rifle and aimed through the sight. He spotted some kids playing near a shop , looking all gleeful as the jumped and danced. “ whom do you spot kid ?” grandpa said. I see some kids by the road grandpa, near to the flower shop, replied O. “ Hmm, nice target. Indeed a very good choice. It looks so divine when these kids get shot and scream in agony as they die.” Now kid aim for their heart or head, or do you want to have more fun ? then you can choose a gut shot. It takes quite some time to die from a gut shot but cannot be sure when it comes to a kid. They entertain you only for a little while. So have you yet decided whom do you want to kill today?” Yes grandpa, I will shoot the girl wearing that lovely pink dress. He aimed and steadied his nerve as he took a deep breath. Now I need to hold my breath and shoot at the right moment. O put his finger on the trigger , aiming for the last time , checking the wind and calculating the distance. Now it is time to get his first kill. I can get a headshot, I have practiced so much , I cannot fail my grandfather. His crosshair perfectly placed on the forehead of the girl , he pressed the trigger.


© 2018 breathwithoutoxygen

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Added on February 15, 2018
Last Updated on February 15, 2018
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