Mr.O chapter3

Mr.O chapter3

A Story by breathwithoutoxygen

A dystopian journey


People shrieked and screamed as they saw the little girl in that pink dress fall to the ground. Everything was over in an instant. The cheerful kid who was playing near the flower shop few minutes earlier now resting lifeless on a pavement with blood flowing from her temple where the bullet made a hole. Few women fainted as they witnessed the scene. Children who were playing with this girl started to cry and scream at the top of their lungs. A huge truck came honking from the main road and everyone stiffened by the approach of it. They knew what kind of truck it was. The truck was huge and pitch black in color and looked like a symbol of death. It was carried by 16 tires which made a huge impact wherever it went. Four men came out of the truck all wearing black coats and masks which covered most of their face. They looked like devils and indeed they were. The man in charge ordered his crew about something concerned with the dead girl. Three of them went towards the dead body and made some decisions about it. One of them held the legs and another her hands. They picked her up like a ragdoll and went towards the back of the truck. By pressing a switch located at the back, a big door was opened. They tossed her through that door and she landed inside the dump which was filled with other bodies. One of the passerby muttered in low voice , “ shouldn’t they inform the child’s parents ?”. Shut your bloody mouth said another man from behind. Don’t you see we are all vermin for them ? If you don’t want to end up the like that poor kid, you better keep your mouth shout. This got the passerby scared and he refrained. The scavengers of human bodies went back to their death ride. The truck made a loud noise as it started and everyone sighed a relief. It started to roll and went towards the main road and took a left turn causing to lose sight of it. Now it will go straight to the incinerators where the bodies will be burned.

                                        “ You have improved quite a lot kid. I am really proud of you today. Nice shot, keep it up !” said O’s grandfather. O never felt so happy through his entire childhood like today. He doubted his marksman skills before but after performing the successful headshot to the girl , he is very much content with himself. “ Thank you grandpa” he said in a cheerful voice. He knew he’s going to get a good treat for his very first kill today. They went to a nearby diner for a nice treat. O was very happy and ordered his favorite duck roast and peperoni. They both devoured it hungrily and left no trace of food. It was indeed a very tiring day for them. After finishing , they paid the bill and left the diner.

      O thought about this day as he lied on his bed with his rifle beside his bed. Maybe this is just the beginning, maybe he will become one of the most cruel person like his father. His father was killed by a group of vermins in an ambush planned by them. He is feeling quite happy and excited by killing the girl child because he has started to avenge his father’s death from today. He dreamt of doing more of this things as he went into a slumber.

© 2018 breathwithoutoxygen

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Added on February 15, 2018
Last Updated on February 15, 2018
Tags: dystopia, death, novel, book, series



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