chapter 2

chapter 2

A Chapter by brezybaby3

Chapter Two

Drake sat down at the computer and looked over the newest members on the singles site he belonged to.  How had he let Faith talk him into this?  All he wanted to do was ask Tiffany out.  But Faith said Tiffany wouldn't be interested in him.  Not that way.  They were to close.

But, what if, she said, she got to know him as someone else? What if he joined a singles site and Tiffany did too and he started talking to her?

“That's all good, but what about a picture, Faith?”

“We'll cross that bridge when we get to it”

“Faith, this is a bad idea.”

“Why? I am getting two of my best friends together.”

“Faith, we are lying to Tiffany!”

“No, all we are lying about is your name.  You will be telling her the truth about everything you say.  Don't post a picture.  Be honest in all your answers. And be honest when you talk to her.”

Derek snorted at her “Of course I am going to be honest with her. I am an honest person, Faith Elise Grayson Hammond. That is why this is so difficult for me.  I want to be open with Tiffany about my changing feelings for her.”

“Well, Tiffany isn't being completely honest either.  She didn't put anything on her profile about being pregnant. So you are both hiding something. Not lying.

“But now I know what she is hiding!”

“Stop yelling at me!”

Derek took a deep breath.  Sometimes dealing with Faith was difficult.  She really lived up to her name.  She had an incredible amount of faith that things would work out like God wanted them to.  And if she helped a little bit to that end it was ok.  She didn't see anything wrong with it.  That was one of the reasons things hadn't worked for them. “I'm sorry, I didn't mean to yell.  I'm just frustrated.'

Faith gave a little laugh.  It was something she had heard often in their relationship and now in their friendship, “it's ok. Just do it, ok?  Trust me on this one.”

He sighed deeply.  Maybe she was right. He didn't know Tiffany as well as she did anyway. “Alright, Faith, I'll do things your way.  Give me the name of the site.”

Faith gave him the details and he went home and joined the site that night.

Earlier today Faith had called and given him Tiffany's screen name and he entered it now in the search bar.  Up popped her profile and he  just stared at her picture.  She was absolutely beautiful, he thought.  Her long blond hair, normally straight was left in soft curls around her face.  Her blue eyes sparkles from the screen, and her soft, full lips were curved up in a beautiful smile. The olive green top she wore made her tan skin appear even darker.

He read through her profile and smiled.  She really had been brutally honest in her profile, even saying she was a new christian.  He started composing an email to her.

“Dear tiff721, I really enjoyed reading your profile and like your candidness. I remember being a new christian and how hard some of those early days were.  I have only been a christian about two years myself.  I would enjoy getting to know you better if you are interested.  Please respond to my email if you want to talk.”

Taylor Rivers

Before he could rethink his decision he hit the send button.


Tiffany got home from work and changed into a pair of sweats and a t-shirt.  It had been a long day and she had dealt with several upset customers.  Whoever said having a desk job was easy had never had one. 

She took a moment to fix herself a cup of tea and a snack of crackers and cheese and then wandered into her room.  She sat down at her computer and logged into the dating site.

She was surprised to see she had three new messages.  Her profile had only been up overnight and she hadn't expected any response so quickly.

The first two were basic I like your profile messages.  The third, however, was a short letter telling her he liked her profile and if she liked his would she write to him.  She went to his profile.

He didn't have a picture posted, but he explained that in his profile stating that he wanted someone to get to know him for him and not his looks.  She smile at that concluding it must mean he was good looking.

She read his profile carefully and smile at several of his answers.  He had been a christian for 2 years, and it defined who he was. He had two children from a previous relationship that he adored, but he had never been married.  She felt that would make it easier for him to accept her.

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I started writing in 8th grade when the teacher put up a writing prompt for our journal and the story just flowed from my pen. I have had several poems published. I am currently going through my poe.. more..

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A Chapter by brezybaby3