Sasha ch2

Sasha ch2

A Chapter by brezybaby3

Chapter Two


The ringing of the bell pulled her from her reminiscing. She turned, locking eyes with the most beautiful pair of blue green eyes she'd ever seen. They were attached to a handsome face covered in jet black hair. Even on the ladder she could tell he was tall,well over 6ft. Where was Ky? And why was she noticing this guy anyway? She was a widow with a kid for goodness sake. Snap out of it, Sasha, she told herself. In her most business like voice she asked “can I help you?”

He turned to the ladder. And smiled.  He had a great smile. Beautiful, even white teeth. Full lips. Stop it, her mind screamed at her.

“I'd like to see the owner.”

She got off the ladder and stood to her full 5'3” height.  Normally she stood a little taller with her heels on, but she had taken them off to hang Jenna's paintings.  “I am the owner.”

He smiled “You? Your just a kid.”

She seethed inwardly. She had dealt with comments like that all her adult life.  Derek had thought it was amusing.  Of course, he liked seeing her angry. He said it made her eyes sparkle. Had she thought this guy was handsome?  She needed to rethink her opinion of him.

“I may look like a kid, but I am the owner.” she stated briskly.

Josiah just looked at the half pint standing before him. He didn't believe she was old enough to be the owner regardless of what she said. Her face was scrubbed clean, her blonde hair loose and flowing around her shoulders.  She was dressed in jeans and a black t-shirt.  And her crystal blue eyes had fire shooting from them.  And all of it was directed at him.  But if she wasn't going to point him to the real owner then he would talk to her. “Look, kid, I'm new in the area and I'm looking to sell some of my work. Are you taking commissions?”

She sighed. “My name is Sasha, not kid, and where exactly do you live?”

“Ok, Sasha,” he smile, “I am living here in Bluffs Bay. Does that make a difference?”

“Yes it does, actually. I only take artists from a few towns around here.  But since you live here let's talk business.”  She walked behind the counter where she would feel more in control.

From the back she heard “Im back, Sash. Lunch is on the table.”

“I'm with someone, Ky, I'll be with you in a bit.” Why couldn't she have been there 10 minutes ago?  She could have dealt with this crazy man with the gorgeous aqua blue eyes.  Ky was single. She would be gently flirting with him the moment she said hi.  She should call her to help.  She opened her mouth to do just that when he started talking again.

“Do you want to see my work?”

“That would be a good start.” she stated.  She couldn't help the sarcastic tone from creeping into her voice.

He raised an eyebrow but headed to his car.  “Ky, get out here.” Ky came running. “You have to take over with this client.  I can't take it. He's condescending and arrogant and rude.”

A big smile lit up Kylie's face. “And drop dead gorgeous.”

Sasha frowned “what does that have to do with it?”

“You think he is cute and you feel guilty.”

“That is so not true Kylie Lynn!”

“Then why are you red?”

Sasha turned away “I am not!”

“Quick, he's coming back.”

Sasha shot her an evil glare. She took a deep breathe and turned back around. He set down a box and brought out a beautiful painting of the ocean. The colors were muted shades of blue and gray. A misty morning at the beach.  The next one he pulled out was a mountain scene fronted with a lake. She felt she could sit and look at it for hours.  His work would sell quickly, she was sure.  He was the next Jenna Franz of Bluffs Bay. Jenna's work was known all over the US now and her painting went for hundreds of dollars.  They were lucky when they had any of her work in stock.  She felt blessed that they currently had 5 hanging on their wall.  And here was the next rising artist.

“I like them. We take 30% commission.  If you feel that is too much there are other stores that take less but they get less traffic.”

“No that is fine. I've heard of your shop and I know it's a favorite around here.”

“ok how many canvases can you give me to start? We usually ask for 10-15”

“I can give you 10”

“and how much were you wanting per canvas?”

“Around $150.”

“I'm thinking of starting them at $300. if that is ok with you.”

His ever present smile wavered a bit. “That sounds fine.”

“Now, all I need is a name to put on the contract and I will go draw up the papers.”

He felt stupid.  How had this little wisp of a girl make him forget to introduce himself?  He was flustered by her, that was for sure. Ok, she was a cute kid, but she was only a kid.  She couldn't be more than 18. he felt like a heel.  Here he was 32 and he was looking at an 18 year old girl.

He  held out his hand “Josiah Steele” she shook the extended hand “Sasha Dane”

He smiled that disarming smile again and she quickly withdrew her hand “It is a pleasure to meet you Sasha.”

“I'll be back with your contract in a few minutes.”

She headed to the office and sat  down in her chair with a sigh. “He thinks I'm a child, Ky.”

“Wasn't that one of the reasons you decided that we would always dress I business attire?”

She gave her best friend a cross look “Don't remind me. Here draw up the contract and have him sign it while I eat.”

Kylie laughed a her friend.  This guy was just what she needed to help her move forward. “Sure I can do that. Give me the specs.”

15 minutes later Kylie walked out of the office folder in hand. Her black slacks and gold blouse set off her black hair and green eyes perfectly.  Her 5'7” height was a perfect contrast to her petite friend, and right now she was grateful for her dark good looks.  “Mr. Steele?” she asked from behind him.

He turned from looking at one of Jenna's paintings. “Yes,” he questioned with a raised eyebrow.

She held out her hand “I'm Kylie Walters, Sasha's partner. She sent me out here to go over the contracts with you.  It is very basic. Everything you talked about, plus you promise to keep us stocked with 5 canvases at all times, until it becomes impossible because of your popularity.”

He laughed, a deep rich sound. “I doubt that will ever be a problem.”

“Well, Sasha, insisted it be put in and she is usually right.”

“The kid?”he teased “she knows art?”

Kylie didn't like his slightly disdainful tone. “That kid,” she said sarcastically, “discovered Jenna Franz. That kid has a kid of her own.  That kid is 28 and recently lost her husband.  That kid has been through hell this year.  That kid is majority owner of this shop. That kid is about to give you your big break.”

by the time she was finished she was fuming.

Josiah stood there stunned. That little wisp of a girl was 28? she had a kid? She was married. His heart sank. Wait, she was a widow? His heart went out to her. He knew her pain. She was really the owner.  The majority owner Kylie had said. Wait wait wait. This was the girl, woman his mind corrected, who had discovered Jenna Franz?  And he was signing a contract with her?

“I'm sorry,” he whispered

“You should be.” Kylie retorted. “But apology accepted. Sasha normally looks more business like which makes her look, well, older.  You can't just assume something abut someone by the way they look.”

“I'll remember that” he croaked out. “you said she was a widow?”

“Yes, she lost her husband and son and almost herself in a car accident about 6 months ago.  When people hear you have you art here they will tell you all kinds of stories about it. So I better tell you the truth.  Derek, her husband was driving, and it was raining, and a drunk driver came at them head on. He swerved to avoid him and that sent them in the side of the road where he hit a large rock. It hit just right and flipped the car and they sailed backward into the car they had been trying to avoid.  Everyone was told that Derek died instantly but he wasn't.  It took the medics about 30 minutes to get there. Sasha held Derek's hand as he bled from so many places. For 15 of those minutes they talked. They talked while Ian cried in the back seat. Neither of them could get to him.  But they thought he was safe in his seat. They talked about the life they had shared.” here Kylie smiled. “They met when they were 8. They talked about Dalynn and Ian.  And Derek told her how much he loved her. How much he always would.  And then he told her he would be waiting for her in heaven.  And that was when she lost it she says. She begged him not to leave her. He told her to hang on to their memories, but to make new ones with someone someday, because he loved her. She told him she never would, but he made her promise.  And then his hold on her hand loosened and she screamed and that is how they were found. Her and Ian screaming and Derek gone. Ian was hit in the head with something that was in the back of the car.  He was only 3 months old and didn't stand much chance with that kind of injury.  He lived for two days.  Sasha just kind of broke.  She has lost so much in her life, but this broke her.  And she is finally coming back.

“Josiah, I'm telling you all of this because you will be in here a lot bringing us paintings, and since you live in Bluffs Bay everyone will fill you in on Widow Dane. But I wanted you to know the truth. But also Sasha looks like a tough kid.” here Kylie gave a sad smile “and she used to be. But she is a broken shell. What you see outside hides a soul that hurts more than anyone can imagine.”

Josiah gave Kylie a measured look before he opened his mouth. “I lost my family,” he said quietly “three years ago. My wife and both my girls were in a plane crash.  I was supposed to go to but I got called away on business.  Business was my life then. That was all I did was work. When I lost them my world crashed, my business crashed, I lost my home. I lost everything.” his eyes had a distant look to them “I lived with my parents as I healed, and a friend suggested painting as a form of therapy.  And it helped.  Now I'm ready to start living on my own and making money again.”

Kylie smiled. A genuine smile. “well, let's get these contracts signed so we can get your work hung up.” He was here for a purpose. Kylie knew that now. God had a hand in this.  Of that she had no doubt.


© 2015 brezybaby3

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I started writing in 8th grade when the teacher put up a writing prompt for our journal and the story just flowed from my pen. I have had several poems published. I am currently going through my poe.. more..

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A Chapter by brezybaby3