chapter 4

chapter 4

A Chapter by brezybaby3

Chapter Four


Saturday dawned bright and clear.  Sasha opened her eyes and dragged her hand across the empty place beside her in the bed.  She had dreamt of him again last night.  But this time had been different.  This time he had held her all night and told her everything would be alright.  Would it really she wondered? Could life ever get to be normal again? When her parents were killed, she didn't think she would make it, and then she met Derek. And he had made her 8 year old world alright again.  And he had been with her through everything since.

Everything but this, she reminded herself.  This time he had abandoned her.

She rolled over and looked at her to do list for the day.  Not much on it except work things.  She knew that she would once again be working with Josiah, and she gave a sigh.  He disturbed her. And she didn't know why. After their first meeting he had seemed nice enough.  Was actually very friendly.  And he was an amazing artist. She was thrilled to be showing his work today and that he would be in the store for a few hours to meet with customers. Maybe he would even get some commissions today. 

He had asked Kylie about churches yesterday when he had dropped of the rest of his canvases.  She had told him about their church and another good one in the area. And he was going to check out theirs tomorrow.  Why did Ky have to be so social?

She snuggled under the covers for another brief moment and said a prayer for her day. Praying that the sale of Josiah's work went well. She checked the time and figured she had about 30 minutes to herself before Dalynn woke up.

On that thought she got up and headed to the shower.  She took her time in the bathroom, taking extra moments to pamper herself.  She headed to her closet and took out a black skirt and red, long sleeve, silk blouse.  Her jewelry consisted of a simple gold chain, ruby stud earrings and gold bracelet.

By the time she was done getting ready 45 minutes later she heard the sound of Dalynn's feet running down the hall. “Mommy, up yet?”

“I'm in the kitchen, Lynn”

Running torpedo style she launched herself into her mothers arms. “G’mornin, Mommy.”

“Mornin, dumplin.” she said as she hugged and kissed her daughter good morning.  “I've got pancakes cooking. Go wash your face.”

“Ok.” she said with a smile.  How she loved the little girl Derek had given her. She had his big brown eyes, and her beautiful blonde hair.  She was already an adorable girl,but would be a knockout when she grew older.

She was so loving and kind. So full of life and energy.  And they had worked hard to keep structure and balance in her life from an early age based on the advice of her pediatrician.

“All done let's eat.” she said making it one sentence. Sasha smiled as she fixed her pancakes for her.

As Dalynn finished her breakfast Sasha picked out her outfit for the day.  Saturdays she had her dress up for a day at the shop. Today she picked out a red and black plaid dress to match her outfit.

“Let's get ready for work.”

“I get to see Auntie Ky today?”

“Yep today is Auntie Ky day”

She clapped her hands. “I love Auntie Ky. Is she coming over tomorrow?”

“I don't know, She just hoped that he and Sasha got along.  She sensed undercurrents there and knew that Sasha wasn't ready yet to deal with them. But she hoped that she would allow Josiah to be her friend. She knew with his past and the loss that he too had suffered that he could help her best friend heal.  And that was all she wanted for her life long friend. Was for her to heal.

She walked to the back area of the office and got it set up for Dalynn.  She loved Saturdays and having Dalynn in the shop with them.  She was so full of life.  And love. She had been sad during the last 6 months but she hadn't lost that love of life.  Her heart had hurt when Sasha told her how Dalynn had felt about losing her dad and Ian.  She had prayed hard over it and knew that since she got it out that now she would heal. Since she was so young she would heal so much fasterdumplin. Maybe.”

“Let's hurry.” Sasha smiled as Dalynn bounced down the hall to the bathroom.


Kylie closed her bible and prayed for the day ahead. Josiah would be spending the better part of the day with them at the shop. 


© 2015 brezybaby3

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I started writing in 8th grade when the teacher put up a writing prompt for our journal and the story just flowed from my pen. I have had several poems published. I am currently going through my poe.. more..

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A Chapter by brezybaby3