Tay and lance ch7

Tay and lance ch7

A Chapter by brezybaby3

Chapter Seven

Lynn looked out at the yard from her spot on her newly painted deck and smiled. There were kids everywhere and all of them were having a good time.  She smiled at Kyle and Savannah. “You know I really enjoy it when we get together.”

Kyle laughed. “You just enjoy a good BBQ. And you know you can’t do that without me.”

She laughed. “True. But I still enjoy it even when we don’t BBQ.”

“Yeah, I know.  Savannah tells me you are interested in your new handyman.”

She glared at Savannah.  “I didn’t say I was interested. I said he was good looking.  I don’t know him well enough for anymore than that.”

“Well, I didn’t get to meet him, but it is time to move on with your life and really fall in love again.”

She sighed.  She had been having this conversation too much lately.  “Maybe your right.  But I am not going to fall for someone just because he is cute.”

Kyle smiled lovingly at his wife.  “Why not?  It worked for me.”

“Yeah but we were just kids back then.  And you got lucky with Savi.  Of course I did try to warn her you were a player.  Aren’t you glad she didn’t listen?”

He looked at her in surprise.  “You did?”

“Of course.  Landon told me how you were never with one girl for very long.  I wasn’t going to let her be hurt.  But she said you were worth the risk.”

He smiled.  “I guess I was a player back then.  But Savi and the twins changed that.  I couldn’t imagine my life without them.  That’s when I asked her to marry me.”

Both women laughed.  “And she turned you down for months cuz she was scared you were only asking her because of the babies.”

“Yes but they sure looked cute at our wedding.”

The twins were 17 now and both beautiful girls.  “Have Brit or Bridg decided on a college yet?”

“Probably UW. Both are going into the medical field and it is the best one in the state.  I voted for them going to Harvard but they don’t want to be that far from home.”

“I get that.  They love their little brothers and sisters.  It would be hard on everyone if they could only be home twice a year.”

“I know. I think we would go crazy too.” Savannah looked at Kyle, “Should we tell her?”  He nodded.  “We are going to have another baby.”

Lynn squealed in excitement. “Oh congratulations. I’m so happy for you.  But really do you know what makes them? This will make 8.”

Savannah laughed, “Yes we do.  And no we weren’t trying.  Apparently when you go on an antibiotic it can mess up the effectiveness of the pill.  For a month.”

“ So you are about 8 weeks then.  It’s been about that since you were sick with strep.”

“Yep 8 weeks.  I’m nervous about having one at my age but the Dr. said  it  should be fine.”

“I remember another time you said that. And the dr didn’t say it was fine then.”

All three of them smiled remembering how scared they had been when Savannah found out she was pregnant at 13.  It had been a scary time for all of them.

“By the time I found out I was pregnant, you knew all about babies and were there for me.” Lynn said, remembering how scared she had been when she found out at 15 she was pregnant with her son.

“Yes.  It was a scary.  And so hard when you lost him. “

Lynn looked out at the strong oak in the side yard.  “Yes it was.” Was all she said.

“Hey,” Kyle said “Lets eat.”

They called to the kids that dinner was ready and helped the little ones get settled at the picnic table.  Dinner conversation revolved around the new Disney movie coming out with the little ones and the older kids talked about the new baby coming in 7 months.


Lynn sighed as she turned out the lights and headed for bed.  It had been a good day.  She loved visiting with Kyle and Savannah and the news of the new baby had made it a celebration. 

As she crawled into bed she thought about the first time Savannah had been pregnant and how stressful it had been.  Now was so different.

© 2015 brezybaby3

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napavine, WA

I started writing in 8th grade when the teacher put up a writing prompt for our journal and the story just flowed from my pen. I have had several poems published. I am currently going through my poe.. more..

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A Chapter by brezybaby3