My truth (Sweet Revenge 2)

My truth (Sweet Revenge 2)

A Story by Brianaswriting

This is the sequel to my story Sweet Revenge.

Emily Garlio                              98% well written
   Hi my name is Emily Garlio. It took me a long time to decide who my hero is. I am only 11 years old, and I don't do anything naughty.I keep quiet, respect my elders, and play nicely with my classmates. I think that a hero is a person who puts you on punishment, and corrects shameful behavior. My hero is my grandpa James. When I eat more than one cookie he hits me, and when I spell a word wrong he makes me sleep in the basement with the ghouls. Grandpa James can be very mean...but heroes are always mean. I miss my mommy and daddy very much. I want them to come back home so my hero doesn't have to babysit me anymore. At night I can feel him breathing on is scarier than you can imagine. These are the reasons why my grandpa is my hero! 
    It hurts just thinking about that essay, but when my therapist in the prison dug into my files and showed it to me I wept. When Dr.Cast entered the room I felt a pain in my bones. I hate myself for getting heroes, and villains confused. How I could I ever believe that grandpa James was my hero? He abused me in multiple ways that will never be deleted from my cursed memory. 
  "Wow um Emily why don't you tell me about James," Dr.Cast insisted. 
  "James is the poison that my brain digested, he is the knife and I am the rope to be sliced," I replied. 
  "Emily I want you to explain what happened as a child with your family and what your first encounter with James was like," Dr.Cast demanded politely. 
 "My childhood was amazing! really it was. It was when I turned ten that all hell broke loose. Two months after my 11th Birthday mommy and daddy had to go see my cousin Michelle in a hospital in Italy. Everyone in my family except for James was going to see Michelle. He was their last option. To tell you the truth James was fresh out of the asylum. He lost his sanity after grandma Mara divorced him. When he knocked on the door I answered, and I swear to you it was like the devil was visiting. His grin was spooky with a hint of excitement. While my parents were gone he tried sleeping in my room, hitting me for no reason, and I even caught him attempting to poison a batch of brownies." I paused for a moment. 
  "Grandpa James and I often battled over little situations. When my parents returned they told me I was being silly when I told them what he did. My daddy didn't doubt me for a minute though, I could see the belief in his angry eyes. When I was 17 my parents passed away, their deaths were sudden and exactly a week apart." I stopped myself from continuing. 
  "Emily I am so sorry James tortured you for so long, when exactly did they controlling begin?" Dr.Cast questioned. 
  "Grandpa James began controlling me after my parents died, and when my grandma Mara moved to Spain for work."
 "Your life was rough, but the good news is that wit my help you will recover beautifully. I know your a patient and I'm not allowed to do this but good job killing that jerk I'm proud of you!" Dr.Cast congratulated me. 

© 2012 Brianaswriting

Author's Note

This is the second Sweet Revenge :)

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how very unprofessional of the good doctor to say such a thing, but i'm not shocked, not after reading this story. a very solid write!

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

I had to provide some surprises! thank you!

8 Years Ago

Ooooooo.... Nicky REALLY loves this too!!!
You are amazing, I want to kill James too!!
And god love Emily!
You are at the top of my favourite list ~ but then you knew that right?

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Nicky Sarti

8 Years Ago

Yay ~ Nicky doing little (clothed ~ too cold out) dance round the room!!!
(In other words, I c.. read more

8 Years Ago

so how should I write this reply? how would you like it?
Nicky Sarti

8 Years Ago

Sorry it has taken me so long to reply ~ I can only view comments on my phone; and have a few "thing.. read more

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