The End

The End

A Poem by Your Tasty Field Advisor


The black hand of darkness reaches out across the sky
Snuffing out the lights of hope and peace
The world is silent
A red eye watches everything
Sweeping way every bit of hope
Still the world stays silent
Loved ones flow in a river of blood
As the black crows of death feed upon the bodies
Lovers try in vane to get to each other
For one last kiss
One last whisper of love
One last pinch of hope
For they know
The end is now...
... He opens his eyes
The eyes that have seen all of this and more
And knows this is an omen
He knows that the end
THE end
Is now.

© 2008 Your Tasty Field Advisor

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I love how you made this poem flow. It kind of reminds me of the book "The Sight."

Very interesting concept. I get the impression that when the earth ends all will be silent, but there we be a profound despair in all the living things on it, but no one can express it.

I'm not sure how you meant for all this to come about, but it seems like there was one destroyer who just brought devastation onto the world.

Awesome concept! Very intriguing.

Posted 12 Years Ago

This is a chilling piece of writing, and very good for it. I actually wish it was a little longer (though it doesn't need to be) simply because it entranced me for the thirty-or-so seconds that I read it.

You've done a good job with imagery, using the right words and amount of words to give us an image in our minds, but not bogging it down with too many pointless details.

There are a couple spelling errors, though:

'A red eye watches everything
Sweeping way every bit of hope...' Did you mean 'away'?


'Lovers try in vane...' I'm pretty sure it's spelled 'vain'.

Other than those two errors, though, I can't really see anything to criticize in this piece. You did a very nice job.

Posted 12 Years Ago

"The world is silent"'s...


oh it's beautiful.....

words....where are my words....

Posted 12 Years Ago

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3 Reviews
Added on March 15, 2008


Your Tasty Field Advisor
Your Tasty Field Advisor

dad, if you read this, you should know the facts before you start assuming that all the dark poems are about you. just saying that you arent always my muse to write thoes dark poems about. so, dont .. more..