Like Everyone Else

Like Everyone Else

A Poem by Your Tasty Field Advisor

To the trees that lie in the sky

There are no limits to growth of their limbs

Just like in my mind

There are no ends that which my dreams can take me

And only those out there who dare not think with their dreams

And only those who choose not to look at those trees

Will forever be thrown in a world that they will never understand?

With all their branches dangling down before their eyes

With their hearts as solid as the very ice that sits in my drink

Each person who reads this little bit of fancy wording

Can think of them in any way

Except the way I do towards them or myself

All of you act like you understand

But what you only understand is that you’re in a box

And I'm the one outside with a carton of matches

You people are one of those people who criticize what you claim to know

You are one of them who keep their eyes on that blue water under your feet

Just sing that one tune

Just fallow that rhythm of beat that your shepherded, brainwashed into

For I am free of all that so called knowledge you poses

I contain myself within a sphere

One that’s open wide to what’s real

I contain the very flint that the trees fear to consume

I am that drain that which no one knows where leads

With each blossoming tree branch

With each sprouting leaf

Only I am able to understand the unknowing language of the ocean

To you my words mean nothing

For you have no literal sense of meaning within each word

Only ideas lay before you

Sheltered from the rejuvenating springs of the rain

Tears of the trees all forgotten

Al unable to be acknowledged for the untouched beauty

For you are you…

… Within a box for others like you…

… An individual, unique, and normal

Like everyone else.

© 2009 Your Tasty Field Advisor

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Added on February 1, 2009


Your Tasty Field Advisor
Your Tasty Field Advisor

dad, if you read this, you should know the facts before you start assuming that all the dark poems are about you. just saying that you arent always my muse to write thoes dark poems about. so, dont .. more..