My voice is all growls today.

My voice is all growls today.

A Poem by BristolMaud

off the cuff


Bitter, bold black brings about scheduled heart attacks; caffeine surges and speeds through my arteries; vindicate and subjugated to manic obfuscation; sinister secretions scold my simpering sincerity; severe ties to manage lies between the void and the obscene; shoulder all but endure the fall - will you wait a minute please?

frenzy-feathered friends focus freely on the broken lens; you triggered frequencies that resulted in consequences; now we’ve got to run, aiming for the red-setting sun; between you and I, neither of us know how to fly; don your cloak and gasp, grasping hurriedly at the silver clasps; watch the eddy slam, our feet were bogged down in the drowning sand; what do you get by this? we’ve lost our way to perfect blisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

speculated in the head that she was not just who she said; what we’ve got we don’t know yet, but when they do, we’ll all be dead; marching forward on and on straight through the spiral seeking love; betwixt this ledge and you and I, I watched you do it, why can’t I? we’ve got your fading photographs: who is that lurking in the back? let’s cut their faces from our lives and burn their memories for their lies; we’ve lost the path, no turning back, let’s stop right here and make up camp; you’ll set the fire and I’ll fetch the wood, this management has always stood; you know I am the candle, baby, but you’re convinced I’m rather shady; given our experiences thus, you will disuse and I’ll mistrust; take me back I’ll remember then why you were the one I abandoned; I’ll get hung up - don’t get me wrong - but by next year I’ll have moved on; it’s just like what my dad has said, “by swinging back you’ll move ahead,” but i’ll manage to add instead that this s**t won’t matter when you’re dead. 

© 2012 BristolMaud

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Added on August 4, 2012
Last Updated on August 4, 2012
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New York, NY

Bristol: Age 21. 30 credits toward Polisci BA. Recently married. Recently moved to Lower East Side, NY. Unemployed. Well-fed, well-sexed, and well-loved. Looking forward to friends, online and IRL. De.. more..

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A Poem by BristolMaud