The Common Woman's Worth

The Common Woman's Worth

A Story by Melisse

One of my many feminist antics. I should really go to Smith, ahahaha.

The truth is that women have been the more dominant creature since the beginning of time.  The sheer fact that they appear to be the more recessive creature, i.e. physically,
mentally, is actually a part of their dominance.  They are not expected, nor suspected, to have any powerful, gruesome, intrepid effect on the world, yet they often do.  They
often make remarkable, ground-breaking changes in the world by works of a mere choice of words, a touch, casual action, or the setting of an example.  There lies the
advantage that they have over the environment and said course of events.  Those objectives that are underestimated and not percieved as threats are those objects that
are not blocked, detonated, or overthrown.  Woman are these objectives.  They possess a power over the common man not only because of this general perception, but also
because of the true, underestimated, routine concepts of their own lives.  Strong quality of mind lies within an overly-agreeable queen, a pressured heir to the throne, a first
lady, a lonely housewive, a multi-tasking mother, an overworked prostitute, a two-time breast cancer survivor, and a disadvantaged teenage mother.  Quality that is not
expected or even consided possible by most of many from both genders.  The quality is various according to each individual woman and case, and that in itself is what makes
it such; one of beauty.  I like to consider it empathy.  A resounding ability to relate to others, speak to others, and feel as others do.  You and I both can easily think of some
of the greatest injustices the world has ever had, and also, of the types of people who came first to stand up to those injustices.  American slavery was first spoken out
against by women, and later stopped in other ways becuase of them.  I can think of many, many more, but no sense pointing out the world's history to a longtime citizen,
correct.  My ill means towards you are to destroy in small parts.  I'd like to take away your biases and show a hidden gender for whom they really are and all the strength
they truly possess.  Just a kind gesture in order to save you some trouble in the future, the trouble of underestimating and being mistaken.  Because in the garden of Eden,
Eve didn't just convince her all-agreeable hubby to eat an apple, she changed the course of human events towards the future of all generations and presumably, to the end
of this system's time.  She did it, quickly, thoroughly, easily, not to mention most likely in one sentence that started with "Honey?......"  Give that girl a hand.  As for the
many Adams of the world, readjust your mind, and take notice of the abilities of your biproduct, your second in command, your leading lady.  Because she may have
evolved from the second, smaller creation, made from a single bone of First Man's body, but she definately did evolve from the creature made with feeling, deep thought,
emotion, desire and umph.  Your ancestor was a dust sculpture thrown together solely for the purpose of taking up space.  I'd say she's got a greater hold than you think.

© 2010 Melisse

Author's Note

Have yet to revise this, or even read the whole thing once. I'm sure it's rife with errors.

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Added on August 28, 2010
Last Updated on October 26, 2010
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