neon sign

neon sign

A Poem by Osh

How the hell do I even begin.
She popped onto my radar while on rough seas,
but as soon as she appeared, the waves calmed.
Her heart immediately became apparent
without her knowledge.
Her beauty damn near floored me,
but not just for appearances.

Thoughts of darkness and light in equal measure
crowded her galaxy mind.
Hands made of glass forged in molten heat
from specks of dust and sand.
Anything she touches becomes covered in cuts and bruises.
She is fragile, but she hurts.
There is anger boiling beneath her surface,
despite the kind smile on her porcelain face.

Love is forbidden.

And a body that betrays her at the worst time
trying to bring her down
just like her mind
the depression
the anxiety
her lungs beg for oxygen, but she deprives herself of it
just to feel the rush.

Alcohol is her best friend,
and drugs are her bed partner when the darkness 
invades her personal space.
Don't touch, don't come near,
she hangs a neon sign on her chest,
written with the hot tears of her sapphire eyes:

I ignore it
either that,
or I'm just really f*****g blind.
Probably both.

Blood drips constantly down her fingertips
creating pools as she goes.
Used to it by now,
that girl just keeps walking without so much as a glance.
Strangers stare,
her not knowing that they aren't looking at her outer beauty
(though it really is awe striking)
they ponder the possibility of helping.
Most are deterred by the sign.

I am not.

She wishes that I were.

© 2016 Osh

Author's Note

i hate everything i write, but this one is the worst

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Added on October 4, 2016
Last Updated on October 4, 2016
Tags: love, hurt, durgs, alcohol, depression



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