Ch. 3: Discovering Elements

Ch. 3: Discovering Elements

A Chapter by Brenden Brown

Seth, John, and Tara get access to their powers and weapons.

It was the middle of the night and John woke up to a strange noise. It sounded like fast streaks of lightning. He looked over at Brenden, who was still asleep, and saw that he was glowing bright blue! He tried to figure out what was making him do that. A little later, he found the source. It was his weapon, Arc Thunder. John tried to take the staff but when he touched it, it zapped his finger. He then had no choice but to wake up his brother. 
"Brenden wake up!" John said. 
"Huh... What?" Brenden said half asleep. "What do you want?" 
"Your staff!" John said. "Let go of it!" 
Brenden looked over at his arm and then realized what was going on. He saw the lightning and let go of the staff. 
"How did my staff get here?" Brenden said. "I'm pretty sure I left it at the hut. Odd." 
"I wonder if Scarlett and Anna got their weapons too." John said. 
"Well, we can worry about that in the morning." Brenden said. "Right now we should go to bed." 

The next morning Brenden and John went to Tara's house to hang out since it was a Saturday. They texted Seth, Scarlett, and Anna to come to Tara's house also. Thirty minutes later, the rest arrived. 
"Why are we at my house?" Tara asked. 
"Well." John said. "Yesterday, before I went to bed, I heard the flash that indicates if Tanaka's hut is here or not. Since we talked to him right before the flash happened, it is safe to assume that the flash was him leaving. After that, I didn't hear it again. So if his hut isn't there, we couldn't talk to him. So me and Brenden just decided to come here instead." 
"Oh. Okay." 
"Were we supposed to bring our weapons?" Scarlett asked. 
"That's fine." Tara said. "C'mon. Let's go to the backyard." 
They all followed Tara to her backyard. In her backyard was a trampoline and a a couple lawn chairs. 
"Ooh! Ooh!" Seth said, exited. "I have an idea!" 
As he said that he went to the side of Tara's house and climbed the chimney up to the roof. 
"What are you doing up there?" Tara said. 
"I'm gonna jump onto the trampoline from up here!" 
"That doesn't sound very safe." John said. 
"It's fine!" Seth said as he was readying for his jump. 
He walked to the other side and then ran to the side that the trampoline was facing and then jumped. 
"Uh oh! Think I went to far!" He said in the air. 
He fell to the ground and somehow landed right on his feet! Also when he did, the ground shook a little. 
"Woah!" Everyone except Seth said as they tumbled to the ground. 
"Sorry!" Seth said. "I had a big breakfast." 
"I don't think it was because of what you ate." John said while looking up at Tara's roof. "How did you even jump that far?" 
"I don't know." Seth said. "Woah! Guys come over here!" 
They all circled around to where Seth was pointing and saw that there were two imprints in the ground about 3 inches deep where Seth landed. 
"Tara! What was that that noise?" Tara's mom said as she was walking over to everybody. 
"Nothing!" Tara said. "Seth just fell off the trampoline. That's all." 
"Ok." Tara's mom said while pointing at Seth. "You should be careful next time young man!" 
"Yes Mrs. Hexner!" Seth said. "Sorry!" 
Tara's mom nodded her head once, then went back inside. 
"Whew!" Brenden said. "That was a close one!" 
"Maybe your power has something to do with the ground." Anna said. "Try doing that again." 
"No way." Tara said. "Im not getting in trouble again just so you can see if it does the same thing. We need to do it somewhere else." 
"I have an idea." Scarlett said. "You could jump off of the hideout!" 
"Good idea." Seth said. "Let's go!" 
"Hold on." Tara said. "I'm going to tell my mom that we are going somewhere. I will also bring out some water in case anyone gets thirsty." 
"Okay." Everyone else said. 
Tara went inside but came back out shortly after with six water bottles. Everyone grabbed one and then they walked to the hideout. It didn't take that long because Tara's house is the closest to the hideout. 
"Wow." Brenden said. The hideout is a lot bigger than I remembered." 
They all looked up and saw that their hideout was about three stories tall. 
"Uh..." Seth said, frightened. "I'm not sure I should do this. What if I get hurt?" 
"Don't be silly." Anna said. "You landed the jump at Tara's without a scratch. If you land this one without getting hurt, we may be able to figure out your element!" 
"Y'know what?" Seth said. "You're right! If this is what I have to do to figure out my power than so be it! But I think this jump is a little... small. Follow me." 
"Wait!" Scarlett said. "Where are you-" 
Seth couldn't hear her. The others questioned where he was running. A while later they saw where he went. 
"I see him!" Tara said. "He's up there!" 
They all looked to where Tara was pointing and saw that he was on top of a hotel that was near their hideout. They all quickly ran under him except Brenden who went inside and went up the elevator. 
"Seth!" John said. "What are you doing up there?!" 
"I'm gonna jump off!" Seth said filled with excitement. 
"Dude, this is crazy!" Scarlett said. "You need to get down now!" 
"Get down?" Seth said . "Oh I'll surely get down!" 
Brenden got to the roof only to see him jump off. The others moved out of the way to where he was going to land. 
"Woohoo!!!" Seth yelled. 
Seth fell to the ground. There was dust everywhere so nobody could see him. Brenden looked down, saw the dust, then quickly rushed to the elevator. A few seconds later the dust subsided and saw that Seth was perfectly fine! 
"You... you even landed on your feet!" Tara said, shocked. "But... how?" 
"I-I-I don't know!" Seth said. "So my element is... earth?" 
"I guess." Anna said. "But we can't be to sure. We have to go to Tanaka's place." 
Just after Anna said that, they saw a red flash followed by some loud noises. 
"That's him!" Seth said. "Let's go!" 
They waited for Brenden to come back to them. Once he did they started walking to where Tanaka's hut is located. Surely enough, his hut was there. They walked up to him and explained what happened while he was gone. 
"You should really be more careful." Tanaka said. "Just because you landed the jump unscathed doesn't mean you should've jumped off of the hotel." 
"I'm sorry." Seth said. "At least I figured out my element. I think." 
"Well that is true." Tanaka said. "A normal person wouldn't have been able to live that fall. Let alone not get a single injury." 
"Soooo..." Seth said. "What's my weapon? A sword? An axe?" 
"Wrong and wrong." Tanaka said. "Follow me and I'll show you." 
Tanaka walked into his hut with Seth following behind him. He grabbed a case that was in the corner of his hut and opened it. Inside was what looked like a blunt wooden weapon with very sharp spikes covering the top of it. It also has a black paint job and gold on the handle. Tanaka walked over to Seth and showed it to him 
"What is it?" Seth asked. "It looks like a stick." 
"It is a cudgel." Tanaka corrected. "Its name is "Earthquake" and is made from otherworldly wood that is more far stronger and heavier that any other wood found on Earth." 
"Heavy?" Seth sneered. "You seem to be carrying it just fine, and you're like 70!" 
"Here." Tanaka said. "See for yourself" 
He handed it to Seth and he picked it up just fine. 
"It's not that heavy." Seth said. 
"You're able to pick it up because it's your elemental weapon." Tanaka said. "Anyone else would have a hard time doing so. 
"Anyways... Thank you!" Seth said. "I'll make sure to take care of it!" 
Seth ran out of Tanaka's hut and showed the others the weapon he just got. 
"What kind of weapon is that?" Anna said. 
"It's a cudgel." Seth said. "Oh. Here try and hold it." 
"What do you mean try?" Anna said. 
Seth handed the weapon to Anna. She picked it up out of his hands and tried to lift it but to no avail. 
"This thing is heavy!" Anna said, dropping it. "How are you able to pick it up?" 
"It's because my element matches the element of the weapon." Seth said. "I think." 
"Seth, could you go get Tanaka?" John said. "I have some questions for him." 
"Okay." Seth said. 
Seth went inside the hut and came back out shortly after with Tanaka following him. 
"Yes John?" Tanaka said. "What is it that you would like to speak to me about." 
"Well, there's two things." John said. "First of all, Brenden, Anna, and Scarlett all left there weapons here yesterday. But they got them before they came here. How is that?" 
"Well, the weapons track where you are at all times and they teleport to you if you go to far from them." Tanaka said. "But if you put them in their cases then they won't teleport to you. That's why you need to put them in their cases before you go to school so your weapons won't teleport to you in the middle of class." 
"Then can we have our cases?" Anna said. "Because I don't think we'd have enough time to come here before school." 
"Okay." Tanaka said. "You can take them when you leave." 
"Second of all, why would the Sun Relic piece be half buried near your hut?" John said. 
"I was trying to hide it because I was going to save it for a training course I had in mind." Tanaka said. "I guess I should have hid it better." 
A little after Tanaka said that, John had a weird look on his face. 
"Can you hand me that bottle Anna?" John said. "I just got really thirsty all of a sudden." 
"O-okay." Anna said. "Here." 
John took the water bottle from Anna and started to drink it. As he was drinking it, the water turned a dark purple! 
"John!" Brenden shouted. "Your water!" 
John noticed this and immediately through it to the ground. 
"What was happening to my water!?" John said. 
"Hmm..." Tanaka said, examining the water. "Poison. Your element is poison." 
"Huh?" John asked. 
"You heard me." Tanaka said. "Follow me." 
Tanaka went inside of the hut and opened one of two cases sitting in a corner. In it were two different sized black and purple swords, both with the initials "CF" engraved into the handle. 
"These poisonous swords are called the Cobra's Fangs. The left one is a katana and is sharper. The right one is a wakizashi and has a stronger poison." 
"These look so unique!" John said. "Are they one of a kind?" 
"All my weapons are one of a kind." Tanaka laughed. 
John looked at the wall of the hit and saw a huge case laying against it. 
"So this last case must be Tara's." John guessed. "It's pretty big." 
John and Tanaka came back outside. Everyone saw the swords that John just got. 
"Hey you also have two weapons!" Scarlett said. "What are they called?" 
"They are called the Cobra's Fangs." John said. 
"Well this one is called Hurricane and this one is called Tornado." Scarlett said. "I think." 
"Mine is called Arc Thunder." Brenden said. 
"Mine is called Earthquake." Seth said. 
"Mine is called Avalanche." Anna said. 
"Well now all you guys now the names of your weapons." Tara said. "I wish I could figure out my element and get a weapon." 
"Well the only element left is fire." Tanaka said. "The rest of you should help her." 
"Of course we will." John insisted. "I mean, you are our friend." 
"Right." Tara smiled. 
They tried for a while but they couldn't seem to figure it out. Everyone gave up except for John who was thinking of an idea. 
"Hmm..." John said. "Fire burns wood. Hmm... Oh! Tara I have an idea!" 
"What is it?" Tara asked. 
"Hold this." John said handing her a stick. 
"What am I supposed to do with this?" Tara said, confused. 
"Focus on the stick." John said. "Try to burn it." 
Tara focused on the stick. She tightened her grip and held her breath until her face turned red. Then her whole body turned red and smoke was coming from her hand. Then she finally caught the stick on fire but dropped it and fainted. 
"Woah!" John shouted, catching her. "Ow! She's so hot! 
Smoke started coming from John's hands. He picked her up and carried her over to the others. Tears started coming from John's eyes because of the pain, but the tears got evaporated on Tara's skin. He then sat her down gently in the middle of the others. 
"What happened!?" Anna asked. "Is she okay?" 
"Yeah." John said with his hands behind his back. "She just passed out. Hey Brenden try zapping her to see if that wakes her up." 
"Okay." Brenden said. 
Brenden shocked her in the arm but it didn't work. 
"Ow!" Brenden said. "Why is she so hot!?" 
John started to tear up. 
"John, it's okay." Anna said. "I'm sure she'll wake up soon." 
"That-" John said. That's not why I'm..." 
"John, are you okay?" Brenden said. "What's wrong?" 
John put out his hands and the others saw that his hands had burn marks and blisters and burned off skin. 
"Ahhh!" Anna screamed, starting to cry. "Your... your hands!!!" 
"I'm... I'm f-fine." John said. "Really, I am." 
"No your not!" Anna said. "I'm gonna go see if Tanaka has anything to fix you up!" 
Anna ran into the hut and came back out shortly after with bandages and gauge. She did her best to fix up his arm. 
"Thank you." John said. "Your pretty good at that." 
"Well, I don't like my friends getting hurt." Anna said. "I also read books on how to heal multiple types of injuries in my spare time." 
"You should be our healer!" Seth said. "Cause every team needs a healer." 
"That's actually a good idea Seth!" John said. 
"Thanks." Seth said. "Wait a minute. Hey! Are you saying all my other ideas are bad!" 
Everyone laughed except Seth and Tara. 
"I'm not saying that." John said. "I'm implying it." 
"Oh yeah?" Seth asked. "Well I'm gonna imply my fist into your-" 
"Guys!" Scarlett said. "Tara is waking up!" 
"Huh?" Seth and John said. 
"Ohh..." Tara said. "My head." 
"Tara!" Anna said running over to her. "Are you alright?" 
"Yeah, I'm alright." Tara said. "Could you help me up please." 
Anna tried to grab her hand but she couldn't because it was still hot. 
"Ow!" Anna said, blowing on her hand. "Sorry. I can't help you." 
"What's wrong?" Tara said. 
"Your skin is really hot!" Anna said. 
"It is?" Tara said. 
Tara looked at her skin and saw that it was a bit more red than its usual light brown color. She then looked at the stick and saw that it was on fire. 
"Someone should probably put that stick out." Tara said, getting up. "So, my element is fire?" 
"It seems so." John said. "You should go to Tanaka." 
"What's with the bandages?" Tara asked John. "Did you get hurt?" 
"I just got burned a little." John said. "That's all." 
"Ok." Tara said. 
Tara walked into Tanaka's hut and told him that the stick was on fire. Tanaka then picked up a large case that said "Inferno" on it. He opened it and in it was a scythe with a red-orange blade. 
"This scythe is called Inferno." Tanaka said. "It is very light compared to its size so it can be swung very fast." 
"Woah!" Tara said, picking it up from his hands. "That's so cool!" 
"Can you go get the others please?" Tanaka asked. 
"Okay." Tara said. 
Tara went out of the hut, told the others the name of her weapon, and went back inside with everyone else. 
"What is it?" Brenden said. "Something wrong?" 
"No, nothing's wrong." Tanaka said. "There's something I want to show you." 
"What is it?" John said. 
"Well..." Tanaka said. " I think I'll wait 'till tomorrow to tell you guys. You all should be going home now." 
"But it's not even late!" Seth said. "C'mon!" 
"Dude, it's like eight-thirty." Brenden said. 
"So!" Seth ignored. "Can't we just stay a little longer Tanaka?" 
"You, Tara and John need to let your elements settle inside you." Tanaka said. "It would be best if you leave instead waiting 'till later." 
Everyone eventually agreed, Sao their goodbyes, and started walking. 
"I'm hungry." Tara said. "Do you guys wanna go to a restaurant? We'd have to leave our weapons here, of course." 
"Sure." Anna said. "I have money." 
So they all put their weapons in their cases and walked to the nearest fast food restaurant. It was a burger place called "Burger Bucket". They all went inside and ordered something. 
"Scarlett what is that?" Anna said. "Why does it have egg in it? 
"I don't know." Scarlett said. "On the menu it was called the 'Egg-cellent Bucket Burger Special'. It has eggs and bacon in it and it's surprisingly good." 
"Okay." Anna said. "I just got the "Bucket Original." 
"It's cool how the fries are in these little buckets." Brenden said. "They have the handles and everything." 
"Don't say that." John said. "You sound like an idiot." 
"Hey!" Brenden said zapping him. 
"Ow!" John yelped. "Geez! That was the hardest one today!" 
Once they got done eating it was about nine. They talked for a while and then went to their own separate houses and went to bed. Before they were able to go to sleep they heard the flash that indicated that Tanaka's hut is gone. Once it subsided, which took about 5 seconds, they all happily went to bed knowing that their journeys had just begun.

© 2018 Brenden Brown

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Oh, bless your soul you answered one of my questions: Tanaka had the sun relic for training; thank you for the explanation, but I could use a bit more of a follow up on how Tanaka obtained it.
Characters and traits as I understand them: John- the thinker; sassy/sarcastic, Seth- no impulse control; comic relief, Brenden- main character; good guy/lot of empathy, Scarlett- hothead, Tara- the mom, Anna- the healer. If these interpretations are inaccurate or insufficient, what can be added or edited to change the reader’s perception of the characters?
I like the little Bucket Burger scene and I appreciate the amount of detail added, but I’d want even more detail. What does the restaurant look like? Is it busy at this time? I enjoy how the details you did add added to character, like Brenden being sincere and stating his fondness for the literal buckets at Bucket Burger.
A big question I have now is why do the kids hear when Tanaka’s hut appears and disappears? Is it just that loud or is it something only they can hear? What’s the purpose of them being able to hear it?

Posted 2 Years Ago

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