Ch. 16: Versus Kobun, the Four-Armed Henchman

Ch. 16: Versus Kobun, the Four-Armed Henchman

A Chapter by Brenden Brown

The seven heroes battle against Kobun, the Four-Armed Henchman of the Dark One

Tara teleported back to the main room with her Sun Relic fragment in one hand, and her scythe in the other.
"Tara!" Scarlett cheered. "You're back!"
"Yeah." Tara smiled. "My dungeon was really easy actually."
"Looks like you hurt your side pretty badly though." Anna said. "Are you okay?"
"Yeah I'm fine." Tara responded. "It was actually just me testing out a new ability that caused it."
"What was your area like?" Drew asked.
"It was a-"
"Ooh, let me guess!" Seth shouted. "A volcano?"
"Yeah, actually." Tara laughed.
"Did you bring me food?" Frank groaned.
"Nope." Tara smiled.
Frank groaned louder.
"Guys, look." Brenden pointed up.
Everyone looked up and saw that the monitor was on.
"We meet again." Kobun laughed. "Well not yet, but we will soon! Anyway, in a little bit, I will open the doors behind you. They are all connected to a big room where you will fight me!"
While Kobun was giving his speech, a portal opened in the big room, an out of it came JT and Lucy!
"Where are we?" JT asked. "Wait, I hear something!"
"And it sounds like it's time to fight!" Kobun said. "I will open your doors shortly."
After yet another long laugh, the monitor flickered off.
Lucy barked and ran to a part of the room that was not easy to spot.
"Good thinking, girl!" JT said, hiding with Lucy.
Just then, Kobun teleported to the middle of the big room.
Back in the sectioned off room, the seven heroes were readying themselves for battle.
"Alright, there's seven of us and only one of him." Brenden said. "We have the upper hand when it comes to numbers."
"I say we try to out-maneuver him." Drew suggested. "We should use our new abilities to our advantage."
"That's true." Anna agreed. "Everyone got a new move that was either defensive, supportive, or mobility."
"Besides Frank." Seth laughed.
"Hey!" Frank shouted. "I don't need one because I'm already so good!"
"Alright, I'm ready." Scarlett said. "Everyone, make sure to use everything you've got!"
"Right." Tara nodded. "This is our first big battle, so let's make it one to look back on."
The doors all opened. Everyone drew their weapons and ran out their doors.
"Go! Go! Go!" Everyone shouted. The doors shut behind them.
The battle started with Scarlett going invisible and Second Winding up to Kobun. He was on a tall stone. Scarlett dug her daggers into Kobun's back. He responded by grabbing her off of him, holding her with all four arms, and throwing her into a wall with immense strength. She was out cold.
"That's not good." Anna said, running over to Scarlett. Anna created an Ice Dome around the two and began to heal her with Powder Snow.
Frank shot vines at Kobun's ankles, causing him to almost trip, but the vines were too weak, and Kobun was able to break loose from them.
"Hey Kobun!" Drew mocked. "Catch!"
Drew shot a volley of arrows at Kobun impaling him in some places.
"Enough of this!" Kobun yelled.
Kobun's four fists turned red and he grew larger, to about 15 feet tall. He created three walls around Seth, shaped like a "U", and dashed at him. Kobun then charged up, and began punching at Seth at a very fast speed. He did this for a few seconds, then stopped. There was a cloud of dust where Seth was.
"There, that should be one de- huh?" Kobun looked back at the dust cloud.
Kobun didn't know it, but Seth had created an Obsidian Shield before Kobun started to punch him, which absorbed most of the damage. However, Kobun punched the spike that was sticking out of Seth's arm, causing the spike to go through his arm the rest of the way, causing him to start bleeding profusely.
While Kobun was still confused, Brenden and Tara started to attack his back. Brenden charged up his weapon and slammed it into Kobun's leg, and Tara caught her scythe on fire and swung it over her head, stabbing it into Kobun's back. Drew continued to shoot Kobun in the body from afar. Kobun extended his foot then spun around, kicking both Brenden and Tara away from him. Tara landed on Brenden.
"S-sorry." Tara got up off of him. Brenden just grunted and got back up. Tara tried ignoring it.
Over in the corner, Anna made the Ice Dome disappear, revealing that Scarlett was ready for combat again.
"Be more careful!" Anna said to Scarlett while running to Seth. "Try shouting at him instead!"
Scarlett nodded and ran to Kobun.
"Scarlett! I have a plan!" Frank shouted to her. "Come over here!"
"It better be good!" Scarlett went to Frank.
Back over at Kobun, Brenden, Drew and Tara were attacking Kobun at a distance while Anna was healing Seth inside of an Ice Dome.
"It's about time that hideous thing came out of your arm." Anna said. She realized that Seth was passed out.
Anna looked around and saw that it was just her and Seth.
"Be careful out there." Anna gave Seth a kiss on the cheek and giggled. "And don't tell anyone I did that or I'll kill you."
Seth opened his eyes and winked.
"What the..." Anna gasped. "Hey!"
Anna slapped Seth in the face.
"Hehe." Seth laughed.
Seth and Anna were about to go in for another kiss, but Kobun stomped near the Ice Dome.
"Maybe later!" Seth said. "Right now is kick-the-crap-out-of-this-four-armed-guy time!"
Seth slammed his cudgel into the Ice Dome and slid out of it to see Frank and Scarlett executing their plan.
Frank wrapped multiple vines around Kobun's ankles. Before Kobun could snap them, Scarlett shouted at him, causing him to fall over.
"Now, everybody!" Frank yelled.
Brenden, Tara, Seth, Scarlett, and Frank all charged at Kobun and attacks him while Anna was preparing Powder Snow and Drew was shooting him from afar. Despite the damage he was taking, Kobun got back up.
"Don't you all get it!?" Kobun laughed. "You can't win!"
Kobun grew even more red, now his arms were red rather than just his fists. He charged up a fist and punched in front of him, sending Scarlett, Frank, and Brenden flying.
"Oh geez." Anna sighed running over to the three unconscious people.
"No you don't!" Kobun charged up a fist and threw a punch at Anna. She anticipated this though, and turned around with her staff extended, freezing Kobun's fist in midair and running over to her knocked out friends, before creating yet another Ice Dome around them. Kobun ran over to the dome, charged up his fists, and threw a flurry of punches forward, shattering the Ice Dome. He then grabbed Anna and threw her against a wall, knocking her out.
"There." Kobun grunted. "That annoying healer is taken care of."
The only people that were left conscious were Seth, Tara, and Drew. They were all staying back from Kobun, running when they were too close.
"Hey guys." Seth said.
"Ugh, not now." Tara and Drew both said.
"Fine." Seth grunted. "I was just gonna say that Kobun kinda looks like a buffed up Titan."
Drew thought for a second.
"Seth, that's genius!" Drew exclaimed.
"Huh?" Seth asked, standing still. "How is it-" Seth was interrupted by Kobun punching him. Since he didn't see it coming, he wasn't able to brace himself and he got knocked out.
"Tara, I have a plan, but it's very risky." Drew stated.
"What is it?" Drew asked.
"Basically we wait until he-"
"Hey! Big guy!" A voice in the distance shouted. "Quit beating up my... what the!?"
Kobun, Tara, and Drew turned around to see JT and Lucy! They were running over to help Tara and Drew, but they became trapped in magic walls.
"Ha!" Kobun laughed. "You really thought you and your mutt could hide from me?"
"JT!?" Drew shouted. "What are you doing here!?"
"I'm here to save you guys!" JT shouted back. "Doesn't really seem like I'm doing a very good job of it though!"
"Lucky for me, you were so stupid as to fall for the trap of coming here, because the Dark One asked me to kill YOU too!" Kobun laughed. "And it'd be pretty easy if you were stuck in that little box!"
Tara ran over and tried to destroy the walls, but Kobun punched her across the room, knocking her out.
"Now, where was I?" Kobun laughed.
Kobun opened the top of the box, charged up his fist, and was about to punch JT and Lucy, when...
"HEY!" Drew yelled. "Kill me instead!"
Drew threw his bow across the room.
"Look, I don't even have a weapon!" Drew shouted. "Come and get me you filthy animal!"
Kobun laughed and turned away from JT and Lucy.
"Oh, this is too easy!" Kobun ran over and grabbed Drew by the waist with two of his arms. "That desperate to reunite with your little dead friend, is that it!?"
Drew chuckled.
"What the..." Kobun shook Drew and held him up in the air. "What's the matter with you!?"
Drew's chuckle became a hard laugh.
"Go back to hell where you came!" Drew screamed.
Drew's body became water, causing him to fall through Kobun's hands and land on Kobun's shoulders. Drew then took out the diamond-crested dagger that he found in his dungeon and stabbed it repeatedly into Kobun's neck and head. Kobun fell forward and was paralyzed. Drew kept stabbing Kobun's neck over and over, covering himself with blue blood, way passed the point of Kobun's demise. Kobun's lifeless corpse shrunk back down to its normal size. Drew wouldn't stop stabbing into the dead Akuma's neck.
"Uhh, Drew?" JT said. "I think he's dead."
Lucy barked at Drew, telling him to stop.
"FINALLY!" Drew shouted, tossing the dagger aside and falling to the ground. "WE'RE FINALLY DONE WITH THIS STUPID AREA!"
The walls surrounding JT and Lucy went away, freeing them. Shortly after, the Sun Relic fragment that John was supposed to retrieve spawned on the large stone that Kobun started on. Lucy fetched it and gave it to JT.
"Hey Drew, where's John?" JT asked.
"He died." Drew gasped, still drowning in adrenaline. "Don't worry though, he died on purpose to save Brenden and Tara and we can get him back once we complete the Sun Relic because he's in the Underworld and the Sun Relic is an Interdimensional Gate Key that leads to the Underworld which is where John is and-"
"Okay, I get it." JT laughed. "Get some rest.
JT walked around to where all the unconscious people were and shook them to get them back up. Once everyone was back up, they all grouped up.
"We... won?" Scarlett asked.
"All thanks to my genius thinking." Drew smiled.
"More like genius scavenging." Anna said.
"Hey, I killed him, didn't I?" Drew shrugged.
"So what did I say that was so genius?" Seth asked.
"Well you said that Kobun kinda looked like a Titan, so I went with that and attacked his head since that's a Titan's weak-spot."
"We need to get back to our dimension." Brenden said, pulling out the two IGK's. "Does everyone have their Sun Relic fragments and weapons?"
"Wait, hold on." Drew ran over to the dagger that he used to kill Kobun, wiped it off with his shirt, and put it back in his pocket. "Okay, ready."
Everyone else rolled their eyes and Brenden pressed his thumb against the grey IGK, teleporting everyone to Tanaka's dimension.

Luckily, Tanaka's hut was still there, so they all ran in to talk to him.
"Tanaka!" Brenden said.
Tanaka looked up.
"Back, are you?" Tanaka smiled.
"Tanaka." Anna started. "John... he-"
"Yes, I'm aware." Tanaka pointed down at his feet. John's swords were laying on the floor of the hut. "If one of you dies, your weapon or weapons teleport to me."
There was silence.
"I'm sure you all figured out by now how to get him back though, right?" Tanaka smiled.
"Yeah!" Seth said, excitedly. "By getting the Sun Relic!"
Tanaka nodded.
"By the way, here you go, Seth, Brenden." Tanaka opened his drawer and pulled out an eyepatch and a glove. "I predicted these things may happen."
Seth grabbed the eyepatch from Tanaka's hands, and Brenden grabbed the glove. The eyepatch was a shiny and black with a brown symbol of a mountain on it. Seth quickly swapped the cloth that was wrapped around his head with the eyepatch. The glove was blue and silver with lightning symbol up and down it, and went up to Brenden's elbow. He removed the cloth from his hand and slipped on the glove. "Neat!" Seth and Brenden smiled. "Thanks!"
Tanaka nodded
"Oh yeah, here you go." Frank grabbed his Sun Relic fragment out of his pocket. Everyone else did the same. "We faced a giant Akuma, and he split the Sun Relic piece into eight... pieces."
"No matter." Tanaka took all of the fragments. "I can still fix the Sun Relic with these. It'd just be more of a... puzzle."
Tanaka placed the eight fragments on his desk.
"I'm sure the eight of you would probably like to get healed right about now." Tanaka smiled. "You can go do that now if you'd like."
Everyone except Tanaka nodded and went into the healing room and sat in their designated chairs.
"Woah, JT, I didn't know you had a healing chair." Scarlett said. "I remember that ninth chair being there, but there was never anything on it."
"The yellow sun symbol showed up on the chair when I first walked in this room." JT said.
"Yellow sun?" Tara thought aloud. "So your element is... light?"
JT nodded.
Once everyone was all healed up, they walked back into the hut.
"Did you all figure out where the next piece is?" Tanaka asked.
"We somewhat did." Tara answered. "We know it's somewhere in Antarctica."
"Hmm." Tanaka thought. "A little vague, but I could do some research to find a better location. It would take a bit of time though. I'm sure none of you would mind that, since you all haven't been with your families in quite a while."
Everyone nodded.
"Brenden, you can hand me the Interdimensional Gate Keys." Tanaka said. "I can teleport you all back with the hut."
Brenden nodded and handed Tanaka the IGK's, before Tanaka teleported everyone back to the original dimension so they could finally resume their normal lives for a little while.

© 2018 Brenden Brown

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