The Sun's Rebirth: Brenden

The Sun's Rebirth: Brenden

A Chapter by Brenden Brown

An in-depth description of the character Brenden.

Brenden Duden
Physical Traits
Brenden is 5'11 with medium-length black hair and blue eyes. He has tannish-white skin with the occasional freckle here and there. He has a decent amount of muscle tone.

Element and Skill
The lightning element gives Brenden a natural advantage in speed. Unlike most of his friends, he does not rely on hard-hitting attacks, but rather quick attacks that can immobilize his foes.

Role and Characteristics
Brenden is the leader of his group of friends, as he was appointed as such by Tanaka. Even if Tanaka hadn't done so, Brenden has natural leadership, as he is a quick thinker and is very empathetic. However, Brenden is somewhat gullible, and can have a very up-and-down temper.

Weapon and Armor
Brenden's weapon is a bo staff, named Arc Thunder. It is brown with blue streaks running up and down the length of it. On either end is a silver lightning rod-shaped spike which can be used for both stabbing at the top or blunt attacks at the sides. The weapon also emits blue light from it at all times. Brenden wears light armor that is blue leather with gold-colored plating at the shoulders, hands, and head.

Alternate Weapon
As of chapter 22, Brenden has yet to discover his Alternate Weapon

Brenden's most notable power is his speed, being able to teleport short distances instantly. He can also charge his electric energy into his bo staff to release power blasts of electricity either on contact or from a distance. Other abilities include being able to transform into a lightning bolt while falling long enough and sending electricity to his hands.

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Author's Note

Brenden Brown
May contain spoilers.

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Added on December 15, 2018
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