The Sun's Rebirth: Tara

The Sun's Rebirth: Tara

A Chapter by Brenden Brown

In in-depth guide to the character Tara

Tara Hexner
Physical Traits
Tara is 5'7 with long, straight black hair and red-orange eyes. She has a lighter shade of black skin, and has a decent amount of muscle, definitely no one to laugh.

Element and Skill
The element of fire is, to put it simply, powerful. It gives Tara an absurd amount of physical prowess. Tara uses this power to her advantage, which makes up for her lack of defense. She uses a mix of slow, powerful attacks and quicker long-ranged attacks.

Role and Characteristics
Tara was first shown as shy and caring, but was then shown as somewhat cold-hearted and tactical. She is also very smart and is a quick thinker. She would most likely be the second or third choice for a leader for the team.

Weapon and Armor
Tara's weapon is a scythe. it is tall, with a large silver blade. The blade has one red, one red-orange, one orange, and one yellow orb in it. The handle is red and black laced metal, but the snath is just black laced. At the other end of the scythe's handle is a heavy red-orange ball. Except for the ball on the end, the scythe is very light for its large size. Tara wears light armor that is red leather with silver-colored plating at the shoulders, hands, and head.

Alternate Weapon
As of chapter 22, Tara has yet to discover her Alternate Weapon.

Tara has a high amount of power that she uses to her advantage. She also has abilities that gives her decent mobility and range, such as being able to launch herself in any direction with a blast of fire, and being able to send waves of heat by swinging her scythe.

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