The Sun's Rebirth: Seth

The Sun's Rebirth: Seth

A Chapter by Brenden Brown

An in-depth guide of the character Seth. May contain spoilers.

Seth Colette
Physical Traits
Seth is 5'7 with short brown hair and brown eyes. He has pale white skin with many freckles spread across his face and arms. He is rather scrawny. As of chapter 16, Seth wears an eyepatch to cover an injury he got in chapter 9.

Element and Skill
Seth's earth element grants him over-the-top defense. Seth uses slow, short ranged attacks that leave his opponents stunned or knocked back. Although he has impressive attack and even more impressive defense, his range and speed are quite limited.

Role and Characteristics
Seth is mainly a comedic relief, lightening the mood and cheering up his friends when need be. There is a blatant foil between him and Drew. Although he is funny and cheerful, he can sometimes be careless and annoying.

Weapons and Armor
Seth's weapon is a wooden cudgel, which is very short and thick. It is black and gold, with spikes scattered across the hitting part of the weapon. The handle has gold braces on it, and the weapon has a black ball at the other side of the handle.

Alternate Weapon
As of chapter 22, Seth has yet to discover his Alternate Weapon.

Seth has a wide variety of abilities. Some are to make his absurdly high defense even higher, such as being able to create a shield made of obsidian, and protracting huge spikes from his armor. Other abilities he has make up for his lack of range, such as being able to stomp the ground, causing a spike-like rock to jut out of the distant ground.

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Author's Note

Brenden Brown
May contain spoilers for The Sun's Rebirth

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I have blue eyes actually, but it's close enough.

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