A Poem by becca

This poem, while it has no rhyme scheme, tells the story of love from the perspective of seemingly losing a soulmate.


I can’t say that I’ve felt like this before

I’ll admit it, I am young and naive

Life has taught me that to underestimate your life you must’ve first reveled in your innocence unknowingly

That being said, it’s not easy to make sense of a new sentient life once you come of age

A drop falls on your skin from a thunderstorm that pours and pours

Yet the comforting sun rays of a summers day beat down on it as well

Doesn’t really make sense, now does it?

I’ve found that life isn’t really made to make sense

The only thing that truly makes sense is numbers, not even words make sense to every attentive ear

Though love seems to stem outside the realm of irrationality, it does truly make sense, more than any equation I could make up in my head.

The time love falls beyond the idea of “rational” is when comprehension of another love begins

It’s always difficult when it’s not just you anymore; when a love combines into one single entity

Love is one of those other things that was never meant to be easy

I can’t lie in saying that it gets easier as you fall more and more, but that’s purely a result of toleration of pain

When it happens it feels more special every time

Almost as if you’re a kid in a candy store but the next time you go in, it’s just started carrying your new favorite kind of chocolate bar.

It’s special; something that could not be replicated even with a cloning machine

To claim that love is that of a normal occurrence is something I’ve heard many times.

Once you get into a routine anything can seem truly normal, the same could be said for almost anything in this world

However, love should not be considered normal

It not a normal emotion nor a normal concept

No one truly has answers as to how it works yet in our heads in makes the most sense

It guides fools to their demise and people with a wise head on their shoulders to happiness

I’m neither a fool nor wise but I know what love is

It’s waking up in the morning and hoping they’re there to say good morning with a smile

It’s also feeling empty when they’re not there anymore under the sheets to hold you

It’s feeling like you could fly above the world and above all the houses of all the people that you feel couldn’t ever be as happy as you are

But it’s also walking among the streets knowing that others get to have it; making you feel vain for the thought in the first place

Love should never be taken for granted like I have taken it so many times

It should be cherished and nurtured as if it would be over tomorrow

But love is never really over

The fondness from seeing a past love is enough to make your heart flutter and sing of the “good old times”

It makes you think of if it really had to end in the first place

Reason with yourself though, “it ended for a reason”

You could tell yourself that but your heart knows what you really feel

You wish it would go away but a tiny melody plays in your ears reminding you of how it felt

The sights and sounds flood back; it’s too intoxicating for you to handle

I feel that I had a true love

You could call it the one that got away

Something feels so wrong to reminisce but I can’t help but want to feel it again

I know it’s wrong and like many things, it’s not my place to think about it

But my heart still tells me that love is never really over

That love will someday guide me back to it or forward to a new start

I’m no longer truly in control, hell, was I really ever?

This is a thought for another day

A day when my love comes back

A day when I can say that I can truly love again

Right now being stuck in Limbo is a terrible in between

I have to hope that one day a hand will reach down from the heavens and pull me up

I dream that this hand is familiar but the future is uncertain

The stars aligning would be a miracle but nights are cloudy now; ever since my love was gone.

© 2020 becca

Author's Note

When I showed this to my friend he said that it felt more as if it was a journal entry which I do agree with but it felt more like a poem in that it moved me while re-reading it. Despite this, I hope it's enjoyable to read since I feel as if a lot of people can relate to a story of this caliber. Thank you! :)

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Added on April 5, 2020
Last Updated on October 3, 2020
Tags: soulmate, breakup, love




i'm 17 and a lot of my poems are based around the same theme, love. as i'm sure you can imagine it's a very overly saturated theme but that's why i love writing personally, i don't have to write to pl.. more..

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