Chapter 3

Chapter 3

A Chapter by bunnehbooh

He reaches out and grabs my hand, and we walk together to the school, hand in hand, through the big front doors, where all the students are standing around talking, then we turn and walk down one of the hallways. We pass doors, all of them having a number and a letter on them, than we stop in front of one of the doors, this one says 18A, and he opens the door and we walk in.

There was no one else here, I understand why, we still have 5 more minutes to wander around, but we decided to wait for everyone here, and I like time alone with him. After a minute of two the door opens, and Giovana timidly walks in, spotting the only two other bodies in the room, she walks over towards, and a slow smile spreads across her pudgy cheeks.

She reaches us, and she takes a deep breath then releases it,”Well I at least have two nice people in this class.” She hesitates for a second,”Can I sit by you?”

I smile back at her,”Of course you can, I'd love that.”

She sets her things down on the desk beside mine, and she looks over at me,”So, how are we enjoying the school, and the grounds may I ask?”

I grab a chunk of my hair, which I left down again, and start braiding it,”Well so far I know the school is beautiful, and the grounds are lovely, I haven't much time to explore though,” I just beam at her,”I hope this school works out, I really would hate to leave this school.”

She nods, just as the door flies open, because someone, kicked it, and I know this is going to be bad. Reece walks in and sees me, then sees Sebastian, then he walks and plops down on the desk right in front of mine, and turns around to smile at me. He makes a face at Sebastian, then goes back to staring at me.

He looks down to what I'm wearing then back up,”Well, looks like I have my first class with the future Queen, lets hope the future kings name isn't Sebastian.” then his gaze switches over to Giovana and he makes a face at her, this one more of disgust,”Hey, why don't you get lost so I can catch up with Isobel.”

My jaw falls open, I can't believe he just said that to her, and I can't believe I'm about to do this either, I turn towards him and yell,”Who the hello do you think you are? She was here first, and who do you think you are saying you can get his” I point at Sebastian,”Princess, I'm not his, I'm my own princess, and I don't need you making him think I belong to him, because no matter how much I like him, I'm not his. Oh and by the way.”I raise my voice for emphasize,”How about you get lost, so I can catch up with her.”

I turned away from him to look back at Giovana, and her jaw was literally on the floor in a giant smile, then I turned to look at Sebastian who was laughing, and then back to Reece, who went pale, and flushed at the same time. Then I look past Giovana's shoulder, into the giant group of students who had just shown up to class, all laughing at Reece, because the princess yelled at him. I sit down and everyone goes to find seats, and Reece sits down too, with his back to me, then he turns around and starts to say something, but I cut him off.

“Look, Reece, I'm sorry if that's going to wreck your reputation, but, you did deserve it.”

He looks down,”I know I did, I was being rude, and I was out of place, I'm really sorry your Highness, please don't get mad at me again.”

I laugh at him,”Your Highness is my mother, until I'm given the crown, I am just Isobel, and no one else, don't give me any special title, I don't need it.”

He flushed again, and Sebastian reaches over and grabs my hand and gives it one hard squeeze, and I calm down again. Reece turns back around as the teacher comes in. The teacher, also known as Mr. Aydan Scott, who had dark purple hair that he cut short and had in a bedhead spike style.

He wrote his name on the board and then turned to us and beamed at all of us,”Welcome to your first day of Human Studies. We're going to start off with a project. First I'll give you the rules. First, Don't argue. Second, work together. Third, stay on task. Fourth, stay quiet. Fifth, no flying,”of course he elaborates,”because Ms. Reid doesn't have her wings, and we are learning about humans who don't have wings either.”

Everyone groans at once, and I know it's my fault, but he continues,”Now groups, our first group is Tristan, Camille, Jeremy, and Kayleigh. Next, Siobhan, Giovana, Aaron, and Stefan. Next Isobel, Shaylin, Reece, and Sebastian.”

After my names called I stop paying attention, I need to figure out who Shaylin is. Soon enough he stops listing groups and everyone moves, Giovana leaves her seat and I presume that is Shaylin, the beautiful, busty blonde who took her seat. She looks at Reece, then me, then Sebastian, then back at me narrowing her light pink eyes, and pressing her lips together.

Sebastian who had been intently focused on the paper said,”Okay what should we do?”

Shaylin, and Reece both jump when I reach over and snatch the paper out of his hand, and it gives a list of subjects we can choose out of:

Holiday (Not Festivals)

Festivals (Not Holidays)






I go over the list three times, then I look up and say,”How about we do Clothes, or Food?”

Sebastian nods, Reece shrugs, and Shaylin makes a face, and yanks the paper out of my hand,”How about we don't care about what you say, Princess.”

Sebastian and Reece at the same time, turn towards her,”How about you shut up,”Reece looks back down at the floor, and Sebastian turns to me,”We're doing Food.”

Reece raises his hand, and glares at Shaylin, Mr. Scott walks over, and looks at us, then Reece says in an extremely calm voice,”We'll do Food.”

Mr. Scott nods and writes our names down, then walks over to another group. There's an awkward silence sitting over us, what with Sebastian and Reece both staring Shaylin down, and me not knowing what to do. I start looking around, and try to think of anything to get them to stop staring, but Sebastian distracts me, he leans back and moves his desk against mine, and puts his arm over my shoulders.

“E-Excuse me, but w-what are you doing?” Oh my, I hate butterflies.

He leans over and whispers in my ear,”I just love the feeling I get when I touch you,”he laughs more to himself,”That and your face is always priceless.”

My face, what am I blushing? Then Mr. Scott gets everyone's attention up to the front of the class,”Okay, Tomorrow we're going to the computer lab, and I want you to research your subject, and get a poster ready by next Tuesday,”so we have less then a week?”The bells going to ring in the next minute, see you all tomorrow.” He walks to his desk and sits down and writes some things down.

We sit silent for about thirty seconds then the bell starts ringing, and everyone's up and in action, Sebastian removes his arm,”We have a 6 minute passing time, and our class is right next to this one, so why don't we head over there really quickly and look at your schedule.”

“Okay. Lets go.” I grab my stuff and he gets up and walk over two doors to 17A, and head in and sit down again.

“So. First hour Human Studies, Second hour Earth Magick, Third hour Math, Fourth hour Xyu-tai-”

“What's that?”

“An ancient form of martial arts, anyways after Fourth hour we get one hour to relax, and then another 30 minutes for lunch then Fifth hour Fassif History, Sixth hour Science, and Seventh hour Gaellian.”He leans on my desk to look straight down at the paper, and reads the smaller print,”After that you get to go every Tuesday and hang out with Miss Elizaveta Zolkin, to help train you to earn your wings, as long as you keep your grades up that is.”

A few people started filtering in, and they kept a little distance away from us. I turn back to Sebastian, and he's staring straight in my eyes, I almost yelp. He smiles at me, and leans forward to my ear and blows on it gently, sending goosebumps all over me. Then he stands straight up and walks away, and goes to talk to the teacher.

He walks back over and sits down on the desk next to mine, again, and then he leans over to my ear again,”Every time we touch, I was wondering, if you got a rush?”

Oh yes I do!”I'm not sure. Why?”

“oh I was just wondering. I'm also wondering if I kissed you if there would be sparks?”

Can we try,”That's nice, and I have no clue.”

The bell rings, and the class is full of people that I don't know, besides Sebastian. The teacher gets up and walks over to the board and starts writing down symbols under his name, which in a nice neat script says, Chauncey Brison. He finishes writing the symbols, turning his thin black eyes on us, he scrutinizes every little detail, then runs his hand through his blue-black hair.

“I'm Mr. Brison, and since this class is going to be informal, I would prefer if you called me Chauncey. So with that settled, lets get to know each other.”He turns and grabs some blank papers off his desk, and walks in front of the desks counting out papers and having us pass them back,”Write your first and Last name on here, one hobby, one thing you like, one thing you dislike and one random fact about yourself. In that order please.”

Everyone starts writing so I do too:

Isobel Reid

Horse back riding



I'm strong, brave, magically intuitive, and I love any challenge.

I think that last parts a little lengthy, but I don't feel like erasing anything. Sebastian leans over and reads my card, and frowns, then shows me his card:

Sebastian Klatt


Princess Isobel

Jerks who are rude to girls

I'm a master chef, I'm amazing at everything I do.

His is so much better then mine, well minus the fact that my names on his, I will admit, I almost put his name on mine, and I'm so glad I didn't. He has us hand them forward and he puts them all in a pile, and shuffles them. He pulls the one off the top, and reads what they had written down on it, and tells us to guess who it is. I can't guess, I don't know anyone's name in here. One of the girls in the back raises her hand and says the name of another girl, and Chauncey says yes, and then the girl whose card it is stands up. This happens until everyone's standing up, which doesn't take too long, since it is a small room and a small class.

“See you all tomorrow, and tomorrow we will start with the magick training.”

Sebastian grabs my hand right when the bell rings,”Another six minutes, and our next class is on the other side of the school, on the second floor”

We walk to the stair case and head up and take the hall way the other way from our room, and come to door number 27D, and go inside. We sit through this class as well, no one I know comes in this class either, then we leave to go to the outside gymnasium, for Xyu-tai, which I'm looking forward to. We walk inside the gym and there's so much equipment, and I can see the door to the horses stalls, and then I turn and see Reece on one side of the gym, and Giovana on the other side, petting a horse.

Giovana notices me first and comes running over,”Oh my gosh, we have Xyu-tai, together. That's so amazing, you're gonna have to help me with this, I'm horrible with anything physical.”

“Okay I can do that.” I beam at her, and Reece walks over this direction.

“Hey Isobel.” is all he says then walks over to a group of guys that just came in and I hear him yell,”Yo! Dudes what up? We got the Princesses in the class.” and all the guys erupt in laughter.

I turn back to Giovana who was talking to Sebastian while I watched Reece walk away. I try paying attention to their conversation, but I can't because I was kinda mad at the fact that Reece just called Sebastian a princess.

Sebastian grabs my hand and he pulls me over by a big group of people, and the teacher, where we pair off and start with warm ups. Me and Giovana, I don't know who Sebastian goes with, but I couldn't care less right now.

© 2013 bunnehbooh

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