Chapter 4

Chapter 4

A Chapter by bunnehbooh

Giovana's talking incessantly, and I can't keep up with it all, I just won't answer her yet,”Do you like Sebastian? What do you think of the classes? Do you like horses? Do you hate Reece as much as I do, which by the way is a whole lot? Are you good with physical activities? Do you have clue what your wings might look like?”

I take a deep breath,”Can you keep a secret? And I mean like a really really really tremendously big secret.?”

She nods really fast so I go on,”I'm skipping the first question for now, I'll come back to it. I like the classes, especially since they seem fun, I love horses, I own three of my own, I don't really hate him, I just really despise him, actually I don't hate anyone, Yes I'm really good at physical activities, and I have no clue, but since I'm royalty I'm going to guess they're going to be amazing.” I take a really deep calming breath,”Don't tell a single soul this.” I lean forward and whisper into her ear,”I don't like Sebastian, I'm absolutely in love with him. I get fluttery every time he's near me, and I want to push him down on his bed and kiss him so badly, but I can't let myself do it, it would be un-princess like.”

I lean back and her jaw is dropped, and she slams it closed as soon as I look at her, and then she squeaks out,”I really wouldn't mind doing that either.”

Then we both start laughing, she totally gets me. This is not going to suck at all,”Do you think I should tell him I like him, or keep him wondering?”

She rubs her chin,”I think you should keep him wondering, it would be hilarious.”

“Okay I will. On a side note, can I see your wings sometime?”

She smiles really sweetly,”Of course you can, I love my wings they're pink and translucent, and feel like gossamer silk.”

We finish warming up, and the teacher calls us back over. He explains how tomorrow we're going to start with some simple blocks, and then some simple retaliation attacks, and then next week, we take the offense. We go to cool down, and again it's me and Giovana, which is very relaxing.

Right before the bells supposed to ring, Sebastian comes over and puts his arm over my shoulders casually,”So what should we do to relax, wanna go back to our rooms, and I don't know, hang out. Alone. No supervision.”

“W-Well, I'm okay with the back to our rooms, but to clarify, our separate rooms, alone, so I can relax.”Or maybe back out to the woods.

“I was hoping we could spend some time together. But if you don't want to, I guess we don't have to, I'll just go hang out with my other friends.”He looks at me, with the biggest puppy dog eyes I've ever seen.

I want to say that we can hang out, but I need to act like a princess,”Well, Sebastian, it's not that I don't want to hang out with you, it's just that right now I want to relax, and maybe take a nap. That is if your willing to wake me up.”

He shrugs,”I guess I could wake you up, under one condition, can I stay in your room while you nap?”

“I'm not sure, what would you do while I napped?”The bell rings behind us, and we turn and walk towards the school again, I try to keep my pace matched with his.

“I would grab a book, sit on your bed beside you, and I would respect your personal space and wouldn't touch you until I wake you up, and read. Which is what I normally do.”

That doesn't sound to bad,”I guess, but lets get going then.”

“Okay, we shall go than.” He grabs my hand and rushes me back inside the school, up the stairs and turn towards our rooms.

We reach my door first, and he stops, stilling holding my hand, he lifts it to his mouth and gently kisses it,”Until I see you again, Princess.” Then he turns and walks away to his door.

I go in my room and lay down in my bed, it's still so comfy. A few minutes pass, then Sebastian pushes the closet doors open and walks straight over to my bed, and sits down. He stays above the covers, and he's hardly on the bed. I look at the book in his hands trying to see what he's reading, but I can't make out a title, an author, or anything else on the cover, not even a picture.

He looks over at me then picks up the book and looks at the cover, looks back over at me,”It's nothing to worry over, just some poetry.”He puts the book back and continues reading.

I curl up beside him and close my eyes, and urge myself to go to sleep. I fall asleep pretty easily, and I don't dream at all.

“Isobel. Get up Isobel.” a hand grazes my face and lingers there until I open my eyes slowly.

“Okay, okay, I'm up.” I look over at Sebastian, who then walks over by my window and opens the drapes,”Whoa that's bright, I said I was up.”

He chuckles at me,”I know that, but I figured this would wake you up quicker.” He walks over to the bed,”It's also time for lunch.”He grabs the blankets and yanks them off of me.

I jump to my feet,”Okay stop torturing me already. Lets go eat.”

I walk up to my vanity to fix my hair and make-up, and he follows me, he leans in and whispers into my ear,”Okay I will be waiting outside your door.”

I run my brush through my hair,”Okay.”

He walks to the closet doors and closes them behind him, I wipe off most of my make-up, I don't feel like re-doing it completely. I get up and walk over the my bed and put the blanket back on it, and see his books still here, sitting on my side table. I take a few steps towards the book then stop and turn around, I'm really hungry, and lunch is in the opposite direction.

I walk out my door as regally as I can, and right outside my door is Sebastian, just like he said,”Well. Don't just stand there, lets go.”

I turn towards him, and cross my arms, he closes my door, and walks beside me,”Then lets go.”He loops my arm through his, as we walk down the stairs.

We get to the dining room and from across the room I hear Giovana scream,”Just leave me alone, and get lost.” I let go of Sebastian's arm and take off into the room towards where I can still hear Giovana yelling, as I get closer I see the circle of people around her picking on her.

“What the hell do you think your doing.”I shove at least five people out of my way onto the ground, I walk right up to the person in Giovana's face.

He has long wavy strawberry blonde hair pulled back in a low ponytail, he's a lot taller then me, but so willowy I don't think he has any muscle on him at all. He smiles at me, and makes a dimple pop out on his left cheek and makes his pale eyes darken just a little bit.

“Well Princess, we're keeping everyone in order, This Fassif,”he hissed out the word, and glared over my shoulder at Giovana,” was getting to high and mighty, and had to be reminded that she isn't a Zitila. Even if she is best friends with the princess herself.” He smiles again, I notice the scar above his left eyebrow, his nose is pierced, and I try to figure out what would hurt more, me pulling the piercing, giving him a matching scar about his right eyebrow, or taking his status away.

I smile back at him,”Well, since she is best friends with me, that will make her rank rise up above yours actually when I leave, she's coming to stay in the Palace with me.”I give him a death glare and put my hand out towards Giovana, she grabs it, and sticks her tongue out at him, and I pull her with me away from them.

She starts jumping up and down,”Oh Isobel, you just saved me, and you said I'd be staying with you.”I can't help myself I smile at her.”Were you just saying that or were you being serious?”

I open my arms,”Completely, honestly serious, I also don't want my friends being bullied. Who was that, so I can fill out some forms, and send them back to Wyverine?”

“Siobhan Picard, he's in our first hour, in my group.”

“Thank you so much Giovana,”I look around for Sebastian, and I can't see him anywhere,”Giovana can you see Sebastian, I can't find him.”

She taps her chin twice,”I think I saw him walk up to Siobhan when we walked away, I think.”

“Well it's a better guess then what I would have, but I'm going to get food and find a table and hold still for him to find me.”

“Okay lets go, the food here is absolutely amazing.”She grabs my arm and pulls me towards where I can see the food.

We get there, and there's a lot less of a selection than there was for breakfast, but everything looks so good, I grab a plate and fill my plate up, again. We walk to a table by the other side of the room and sit down. It's pretty much empty minus a guy sitting on the other side, I only look at him once, then not again.

I start by shoveling a giant mouthful of some kind of meat into my mouth, it's so juicy and tastes better than I imagined,”So Giovana, where do you sit in the spectrum?”

She puts her fork down and smooths out her napkin,”Well, I'm lucky to even be here, my sisters saved all of there money, hoping I could get married to even a higher up Fassif, so in other words, I'm as low as a Fassif goes.”

“Oh that's horrible.”

She goes on telling me about how she lived with her 5 sisters, her mom and dad, in a 2 room apartment, because they couldn't afford anything bigger. Then about how her sisters we're married off as soon as their wings came out,“the reason for that was because they wanted to, and because they wanted me to have a better life, because out of my entire family, I showed the most magical potential. They have tons of debt, just from trying to get me in this school. I feel horrible about it. I feel worse every time one of the Zitila tells me I'm nothing, and I yell back.”

“Well you should stick up for yourself, guess what?”


“I'm going to help your family pay off their debts, and I'm going to make sure you have an amazing life, even if you keep your status as a Fassif.”

She looks like she's about to cry,”Oh my gosh. Your really going to do that.”a few tears go down her cheeks,”You are the most amazing, generous, beautiful person ever, I love you so much.”

I reach over and touch her arm and look into her eyes just as Sebastian walks up,”I took care of Siobhan and his gang, they'll leave you alone for now. Don't worry I just scared them I didn't hurt them.” I turn to look at him.

I'm still touching Giovana when he stops talking,”That's very sweet, thank you. How long do you think is for now?”

“I would guess a week or two.”

“Okay, by then we'll have changed her status, and they won't be able to pick on her anymore.”I look back at Giovana and smile.

“Wait a second, what do you mean by that?”

“What do I mean by what?” I look at him questionably.

He scratches his head,”You said change her status, how do you plan to do that?”

“Oh that's simple, I'm paying off her families debts, and I'm bringing her back to Wyverine with me.” I smile at him.

Giovana smiles,”Isn't that amazing Sebastian. She's the most caring wonderful person in the world.”

He looks down,”Are you sure your parents will be okay with this arrangement, both of you?”

Giovana pipes right up,”Oh yes, my family will be thrilled, no more then thrilled, they'd be ecstatic, oh I should go tell them.” She stands up with her almost full plate,”I'll see you later okay, thank you so so sooo much.” She runs off towards her room.

Sebastian looks at me,”What?” he tilts his head and keeps staring,”I need a new helper around the palace, they'll be just fine with it, especially given her background, and her magical abilities, which by the way are astounding.”

He keeps standing there, so I eat a few more bites of food, then he walks around and takes Giovana's seat,”What if your parents aren't okay with it?”

I stop eating, and put my fork down,”If they aren't okay with it, then they will have to deal with me, and everyone knows they don't want to do that, they want to keep me happy. Not to mention if I get my wings, they won't care what I do, they'll do whatever I ask.”

He reaches out and touches me,”Okay, it's time to head to class, and I hate to say this, but we don't have this class together.”

“Oh, okay.” I look down at my plate that's now empty, I grab it and stand up.”Well show me where I'm going.”

© 2013 bunnehbooh

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