Chapter 5

Chapter 5

A Chapter by bunnehbooh

I put my plate by the washroom, and walk towards the door. Sebastian is right behind me, and keeps lightly touching my arms, and my lower back. He walks me up to the third floor, this is my first time being up here, then he walks me to room 36B.

“I have to go to the other end of the hall, for Ancient Fassif. I'll try to make it back her but your next class is Science, we have that class together, is over in the other direction, room number 38C. So just go there, I'll see you in the class, then Gaellian is in room 31B, just in case I forget to tell you.”

He walks away, so I go in the room, there's already a few people here, only one person I know. Siobhan. This is going to be great. I sit down away from Siobhan, and I didn't think this class could get any worse when the door gets thrown open, and in walks Reece and his posse, this class has the makings of making me lose my title.

I look down at my notebook and start doodling when I hear Reece tell his friends,”There's one Princess in here, so I'm going to go keep her company.”

I start drawing stars and hearts, and his friend replies,”Don't you remember what happened during first hour, she yelled at you, don't get yourself in anymore trouble with her, you'll lose something.”

I don't hear anymore talking until Reece sits in the desk beside mine,”Hey Isobel.”

“Hi Reece.” I look over at him and give him a death glare.

He pales just little bit,”So whats your problem?”

I close my notebook, and sit up straight,”Why do you guys call Sebastian a princess?”

He makes a weird snorting sound, like a laugh,”Because it's funny. Not because he's girly or anything, just a nickname for him. He knows we call him it, he's fine with it.” that makes it better, I guess.

I turn so I'm facing him,”Really, well it is kinda funny.”I smile at him.

He smiles back,”Really? Well that's good to know.”He sighs,”What do you know about Fassif history?”

I think about it.”Well I know about the Queens and Kings, the big Revolution, a few of the wars, umm-”

He cuts me off,”Okay stop, I get it, you know quite a bit about our history, I know absolutely nothing,”he taps his fingers on his other hand,”Could you help me with it?”

The bell rings and the teacher is just walking in the room,”Yeah, I guess I could, but Tuesdays I'm with Elizaveta, and everyday after school for an hour after I get done I'm going to be busy with Sebastian, and school work, and trying to learn how to earn my wings.”

He nods as the teacher introduces himself,”I'm your teacher, Mr. Wei. I'm going to be helping you with our very special history. To start off with lets see what everyone here knows so far. So a pre-test.”He hands out a bunch of papers,”I only want to know how much you know, not how much your friends know.”

I get my pre-test, and the first question is when was the revolution to overthrow our kingdom and establish the current one? That's easy, 1802, my families been in power since then. I go through all the questions and I'm sure I got a few dates mixed up, but oh well.

We hand everything back in, and Reece turns to me,”How do you know so much?”

“Well I used to have a tutor that taught me about all of this, they never thought I'd go to school with other kids my age, so they taught me all about my families history, and the family before ours, and about what each leader did when they were at war, and what advantages they had each time.”

He nods slowly,”So you had a tutor, just for history?”

“Yes, I also had a tutor for math, and science, but those weren't considered quite as important, so I didn't get to spend as much time with those.”

He shrugs as the teacher walks up to me,”Princess Isobel, you did fantastic, and I didn't even realize you were in this class, it's so nice to know someone whose going to be part of our history.”He put his hand out for me to shake, so I did,”Well, you only got 4 of the 25 wrong, so great job.”

Reece looks over at me, and mouths 4 wrong,”I'm pretty sure I got at least 15 wrong.”

Mr. Wei hands back the pre-tests, and it does say 4 wrong on mine, and it says 19 wrong on Reece's which makes me laugh. Mr. Wei looks over at us, and shakes his head. Reece hides his paper, and looks at me, he kinda makes a face of humiliation.

Mr. Wei tells us we can converse for the time left, so I turn to Reece,”Whats your next hour class?”

“Math, then I have Gaellian, and from looking at your schedule during Xyu-tai, I know we have last hour together.”

I gape at him,”You looked at my schedule during Xyu-tai?”

“yeah, and Sebastian nearly ripped my head off. Why, is there something wrong with that?”

“Just a little, since it was in my bag, with some personal things.”

He nods,”Oh, I didn't take it out, Sebastian did. I looked at it after he walked away, then he came back almost ripped my head off, and put it back in your bag.”I must look appalled because he continues,”That I kept him busy because everyone else had partnered up and it was just me and him left, so he had a good workout.”

I laugh a little at that,”Well, that's nice to know.”

The bell rings,”See you seventh hour.”

I walk out the door,”Okay see you seventh hour.” I turn towards 38C and walk there as quickly as I can.

The room is sterile, lots of steel, and cold things. But the chairs are to die for, they all have cushions, and look so comfortable. I walk over to one, and set my stuff down on the desk then sit down carefully in the chair. It's almost as comfy as it looked.

The door opens and a few girls walk in, then Sebastian, the girls turn towards him and say,”Bye Seb.”he nods and they walk towards the back of the room.

He walks towards me,”So how was History?”

“Great, I have Reece in that class. I also scored the highest on the pre-test, so the teacher was ecstatic.”

“So what did Reece say to you?”

A lot,”Oh nothing really, I'm just going to be helping him with history, he's an epic fail at it.”

He nods at that,”is that it?”

“No. I asked him what his next to classes were and he told me math and Gaellian, which I told him is the same thing I have seventh hour.”

His face looks a little pale,”Is that really all he told you, nothing about anyone else.”

Yep, about you,”Nope. Why?”

“No reason.”

Class starts and we really don't do much, besides for watch a movie, and get an outline on what we're going to be doing. The class is big, and everyone seems content to sit here for an hour, even me with Sebastian moving his chair closer to mine every couple of minutes. That's just how comfy these chairs are.

The bell rings, and then Sebastian groans,”Well I have to go to history, have fun in Gaellian, remember 31B, with Reece. I hope Giovana is in that class too.”

I walk to 31B and walk in. There's a few people, Reece, of course and he smiles at me, Shaylin's in here too, time to take the better of two evils, I walk over to Reece and sit beside him.

The class starts and we start learning right away, the first thing we learn is why we need to learn Gaellian. The reason is that they are trying to start a war with us, and the Queen, asked for us to teach the language to as many students as possible.

I raise my hand, and she calls on me,”Well wouldn't they want the future King to know Gaellian too, I for one know he's taking ancient Fassif.”

Her hand goes up to neck and she stumbles over a few words,”W-Well, he chose not to take Gaellian, he chose to take Ancient Fassif. So we couldn't do anything about what he wanted.”

I nod then she continues on just slightly flustered. We finish up with class and the bell rings and the teacher dismisses us all, and we take off. I take my time getting my stuff together, then walk out into the hall and see Sebastian shove Reece.

I walk close enough to listen to what he's saying,”What the hell do you mean the teacher told her that. Why the hell did you even let her ask that question.”His face was really scary looking,”Do you have any clue what the teacher could've said, she could've gotten me into a lot of trouble, your so lucky that teacher remember.”

I turn around and run towards the steps, I didn't think he could get that scary. I run to my room and tie the closet doors closed and lock my door, then put up a magical blockade, lets hope private lessons work. I don't want to see him. I don't want to marry him, he's so mean, he's so scary, that's the first time I've ever seen anyone like that, and I don't like it.

Sebastian knocks on the closet doors,”Let me in Isobel.”

I shake my head and hide under my covers, he shakes the doors, but they don't budge. Oh thank you Nicole, you taught me that best magic ever, now I know he won't be able to get in. I hear him shake the doors again, then I hear him throw a fit in the closet. He's making a ruckus. I pull my head out from under the covers again, to listen better.

I know things are on the floor, he yells, screams, and throws himself at the doors again,”Isobel, let me in right now. You have to let me explain this.”

Just then someone pushes a piece of paper under my door, I uncover myself as he keeps yelling, “Isobel! Don't look at that piece of paper, Isobel.” I pick up the piece of paper, and open it up, it's a note, from Reece. I hear Sebastian run through the closet back into his room


Don't listen to him, he's dangerous. Let me in.


I look at the door, and reach over and unlock the door and open it, Reece runs in just as Sebastian's about to grab him. I slam my door shut, and lock it again. I hear Sebastian take off down the hall.

I spin towards Reece, whose white as a ghost,”What is this all about?”

He jumps with each syllable,”It's the truth, Sebastian's messed up, especially if he doesn't get his way, and this definitely isn't his way.”My jaw drops,”Same with why he's not taking Gaellian, he told them he didn't want to take it, and they told him he had to and he went on a rampage, he didn't hurt anyone important just a Fassif student.”

I close my mouth,”Then what is his way?”

“Whatever he wants, that's his way, I'm sorry Isobel. Someone should have told you earlier about his temper, but he didn't want us to tell you, and now you saw it with your own two eyes.”

I nod, so he continues,”I think you should try to keep him happy, at least until you get your wings, and whatever you do, don't do anything rash, don't kiss him, don't touch him unnecessarily, okay just promise me this, then you'll be safe. Okay?”

“What happens if I kiss him?”

“He'll expect a lot more, he'll expect you to perform your duties as his lifelong mate. I also highly doubt he'll be nice about it, or that there will be anything romantic about it.”

I shudder at the thought of that with this very different Sebastian,”Okay I promise I won't do that,” I shudder again,”Do I still have to marry him after I've learned this?”

Reece nods,”I'm probably going to die now, because he saw me, and he knows I'm in here, so I should go and hide out somewhere.”He starts walking towards my door then he stops and turns back around and opens his mouth like he's going to say something else, then he closes it,”Never mind.” and walks out the door.

© 2013 bunnehbooh

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