Chapter 6

Chapter 6

A Chapter by bunnehbooh

I stand there for awhile, pace from the window to the door, okay what should I do. I can hear Sebastian every once in awhile, I'm not sure what he's saying, or doing. Then another note slides under my door, I walk over to it and pick it up, this time it's from Sebastian, and I really don't want to read it, but I have to.


Can we talk. I'm really sorry,

I want to explain this.

I'm leaving Reece alone too.


I hear him open his closet doors, and then he's at mine,”Isobel, please.”

I walk over to the door, and think about one of Nicole's blockage spells, and do it, then open the door,”What Sebastian?”

He tries to run to me, but stops right outside the doors,”Isobel, what's going on, why can't I come in?”

I shake my head,”I saw you earlier, I don't trust you, I have the same protective spell on my door too.”

He looks around, takes a deep breath,”Isobel, take the spell down, now. Please.”

I shake my head again,”What do you want Sebastian?”

“What did Reece tell you, and don't you dare lie to me either.”

I look towards my door,”He told me you have an anger problem, and when you don't get your way you go on a rampage, the last time you did you hurt a Fassif.”I look back at him.

He starts shaking his head,”Really that's what he told you, nothing else. Well that's relief.”

“Well he also mentioned that you're messed up.”

“Isobel, can I please come in, and show you something he didn't mention.”

“If it's the fact that I kiss you or touch you than I'll be forced to endure mating, and nothing else, then he also mentioned that.”

He scowled,“No not that, just let me in,”he gestures around him,”I won't do anything bad, this will actually be good.”

I start to remove the barrier, then I stop, and put one around myself first, then I completely remove the barrier, and he come's barreling towards me.

“Isobel, I'm so sorry, please don't be mad at me, I didn't want you to find out this way.”he goes to put his arms around me and can't,”Isobel, not another barrier, please make this one go away too.”

I step away from him,”No.” I put up a couple barriers to keep him in this room, to prevent him from getting mad.

“That has to be zapping your powers, come on sweety just drop them all.”

I take a deep breath and release it,”I said no, and I mean it. So. No.”

His hands are fists now,”Isobel. Take it down now.”

I point at him,”I'm not marrying a man who will even consider hurting someone else, because he's a spoiled rotten little brat.”

That's the turning point, he turns towards the closet doors, and runs at them and hits an invisible wall a foot from the doors. He runs towards the regular door, hits another invisible wall a foot from the door.

This time he runs towards the window, but I thought ahead, he's getting ready to jump so I yell,”Sebastian, don't jump. There's a wall there too.”

He stops mid stride, and turns towards me,”So you locked yourself in here. With me. A spoiled rotten little brat.”he shakes his head,”They call me messed up, I think your the messed up one,”he walks to my bed,”Come sit with me and try to calm me down then.”

I inch towards the bed,”You can't touch me. I have a barrier around me too.”

He looks over at me,”I guessed that from when I went to hug you. Why are you acting like this around me now?”

“I'm scared of you. There I said it, are you happy now.”I hug myself and turn away.

“I'm not happy, not happy at all, I feel like I've just been punched in the gut. Why would you be scared of me?”

I try holding back the tears,”I was actually really starting to like you, then, just like with every other guy I've ever liked, they do something and it scares me, or freaks me out, or just something I don't like, and then I can never look at that guy the same. I thought it would be different this time, since we have to get married and all that, I didn't think I'd actually like you at all.”

I feel him hit the wall on my barrier,”Look Isobel, I'm willing to work on my problem, if you're willing to help me, and lock me away from people whenever I get mad.”

“I can do that, it's going to hurt my energy supply but I can do it.”I turn towards him and see him thinking.

“Giovana. That's it, she has extremely strong magic, she can help.”

“What do you mean?”

He shakes his head,”She could help you make barriers around me so I can't hurt anyone. If she's willing to help, then her status will raise no matter what, then she'll have to show off her ability, and then she'll have a free ride to the palace with you.”

I turn towards him, and drop my barrier,”You're right. We need to talk to her, right now.” I jump over and hug him, and he jumps back then hugs me back.

We run out the door, and run over across the hall from his door, that has Giovana's obvious markings on it, and bang on it until she comes to the door. We explain everything, which includes Sebastian's anger issues, and how we need her help. She only stops to think about it for a second, then she's all for helping make barriers around him, under one condition, if we actually teach her how to make them.

I show her how to make a simple barrier a foot from something, that doesn't move, and she takes an hour to master that in the blink of an eye, because we know that's all that we have when he gets mad to lock him in. Then we head to our rooms, I get to mine and look over a bedside table, his poetry books still there. I look over at my clock, it's only 7:37, too early to go to bed, and I don't feel like leaving my room, I sit down on my bed, and reach over and grab the book, and open to the first page.

I can only read a few lines when Sebastian knocks on the closet doors,”Is there barriers up anymore?”

I set the book down again,”No. Come in.” then I remember I'm in nothing but my mostly see-through pajamas.

He walks in the room without a shirt on,”Here it is, I was looking for this,”he walks over and grabs the book off my table,”So what were you doing?”

“Oh nothing getting comfortable, you?”

He stretches,”about the same thing, then I realized I didn't have this,”he holds the book up,”So can I sit in here and talk with you?”

I pull my knees up to my chest,”I guess, I don't see anything wrong with it. I won't put any barriers this time either.”

He smiles at that,”This is weird.”

I feel my face blush,”What's weird?”

He runs his hand through his hair,”Oh, just the fact that your clothes are pretty much see-through, and I'm barely wearing anything, and I'm about to climb on your bed.”I can't help myself I smile when he says that.

He smiles back at me,”I still don't see what's so weird about that.”

His smile gets bigger,”Well, I guess weird isn't the right word for it, more it's too soon, so it's kinda awkward,”he puts his hands on the edge of my bed,”and we both know where this could go from awkward to weird, and how quickly it could.” he gets mischievous smile again.

I pat the bed beside,”Don't worry, if you get to touchy or anything that gets weird I'll make a barrier that will throw you across the room.”I smile at him, and stick my tongue out.

He jumps on my bed,”Lets see how fast you are at that.”

He pounces on me, and I yelp. He makes it seem like he's going to kiss me, then he stops. He rolls away and laughs again.

I smack him,”What's so funny, huh?”

He grabs my wrist,”You. I thought I was going to get thrown across the room, I could have done a lot of things to you right there.”

I blush again,”I wasn't ready yet, I didn't even get a chance to think to do one before you rolled off of me.”I pull my wrist free from his hand, then he rolls up on his elbow.

He looks down at me,”You look so vulnerable, and cute, and pretty, and so many things right now.”

I push him off my bed and he hits the floor,”Whatever.”

He's laughing while he climbs back up on the edge of my bed,”Do you want to try again?”

I shriek,”No!! Don't jump on me!” I curl up in a ball, and roll on my side away from him.

He laughs again,”Okay I won't,”I feel his weight shift and feel his arm wrap around my waist, leaving an inch of space between my back and his chest,”Can I stay here for awhile?”

“I guess, why though?”I relax out of my ball.

He kisses the back of my neck,”Because I love being close to you.”

I don't need to say anything, I just close my eyes and relax into him. At least when he's sleeping he won't be mean, but just to be safe, I set up some barriers around my bed, so he can't leave. I feel his breathing even out to a sleeping rhythm, that lulls me to sleep, curled up in his arms still.

My alarm starts going off, and I open my eyes and see his eyes, at some point in the middle of the night I rolled over the sleep face to face with him.

He smiles at me,”Good morning sleepy head. You do realize the only reason I'm still here is because you put a barrier around the bed.”

I take the barrier down,”Yeah, I knew that.”

He flicks my nose,”Why'd you do that?”then gives me a funny look.

I just roll over away from him, I'm not answering that. I won't even answer myself why I did that. He gets up and walks to the closet and opens it, I hear him getting dressed, then he walks back out to my bed.

“Get up and get dressed, don't worry I won't see anything I didn't feel in the last 30 minutes.”I feel my face blush,”So, come on get up.”he reaches over and grabs my hands and pulls me out of the bed.

I quickly fix my pajamas that were exposing most of me, thanks a lot,”Did you really feel that much?”

He looks me over,”Well since I got woken up because of some really nice dreams, I couldn't really help myself, but I managed only a touch or two, before I decided I shouldn't, then you rolled over to face me.”

I cross my arms over my chest and run into the closet to get dressed.”Really only a few touches? Do you promise that.”

He looks in while I have no clothing on, he adverts his eyes,”Yes I promise only a few touches, and outside of your clothing,”I pull a shirt on really quickly,”and can I say you feel amazing,”he looks at me hard,”but you look even better.”

I finished getting dressed,”Well, since I'm not reacting the way I thought I would, I'll ask you another question, why didn't you do anything else with me?”

“Even if you are my future bride, I'm going to wait until you're ready.”

I smile at him,”Come on lets go to breakfast.”

We get down there and there's a lot less people this time around, Giovana isn't down here yet, Reece isn't down here. The few people I recognize down here I really don't like. In one corner I see Shaylin practically pinning Siobhan to his chair, a few of the guys Reece was talking with yesterday in the other corner.

Sebastian grabs my hand,”Want to meet a few more people while no one else is here.”we walk towards the guys.

They were chatting then they saw us coming up, and silence followed, the smallest guy says,”Sebastian, you feeling better. Did you find Reece?”

He shakes his head,”Why don't one of you guys go tell him I'm not going to kill him for going in her room, because I got to sleep there last night,”He smiles back at me, and I smile at him too.

The small guy whistles,”Nice. Yeah sure, I'll go tell him.” he gets up and takes off out the door.

Sebastian sits down in an empty chair then pulls me on his lap,”So, you guys all know Isobel. Isobel these are Bruno, Marcus, Alex, and the guy who took off was Ronan. These guys have been my closest friends since I started going here.”

I wave at all of them, then the one I think he said was Marcus says,”So, what exactly happened last night?”

Sebastian chuckles and bites his lip,”Dude, seriously, why the hell would I tell you?”

The guy I still assume is Marcus leans back and shrugs,”Because I shared all my stories with you. So why won't you tell me?”

Sebastian wraps his arms around me,”Because there's nothing to tell, we slept, and she had me locked in her bed.”

Bruno says,”Wait what? Locked you in her bed, with her in there?”

Sebastian nods,”Yeah, and her night gown was see-through, and didn't really cover much when she pressed her body up against mine. I was amazed she didn't wake up.”

I feel so awkward listening to them talk about sleeping with girls in this school, then something Alex says catches my attention,”I'm thinking of trying to sleep with the pink haired Fassif chick, I think her names Giovanni or something like that.”

I turn towards him,”First off, her names Giovana, and second off, she would never sleep with you, and she is officially not a Fassif, since when I get my wings and go back to Wyverine, she's going with me.”

Alex opens his mouth and Marcus holds his hand up,”Really when did this happen?”

“Yesterday when Siobhan was being a d****e to her.” I cross my arms.

Sebastian rolls his shoulders,”Well we're going to go eat, we'll be back in a little bit. Pull up an extra chair for her, and Giovana, who should be here soon.”

We walk away and go get food in silence, then I look at him,”Why do you guys seem so interested in sleeping with girls?”

He stops,”Look, they like sleeping with girls, I've never done it before, your the first girl I've even shared a bed with, okay?” he leans over and kisses my forehead.

© 2013 bunnehbooh

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