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Chapter 8

Chapter 8

A Chapter by bunnehbooh

I laugh a little at that thought, then most of the students come in and take seats around the room. Then Mr. Scott walks in, and everyone watches him, he has everyone get up and follow him to 18D, the computer lab. We get in there and everyone goes into their groups, me, Reece, and Sebastian stay together and Shaylin comes over by us, I look at her outfit and sometimes I wonder does she wear those things to get attention.

She pulls up her top, and says,”Okay, so are we going to get started?”

Reece nods, Sebastian walks over to the computer,”What should we start with?”

Reece says,”Well I guess we could start with common food dishes, but we only have to get a few kinds of each food.”

Shaylin giggles, but it sounds more like she's choking on something,”This should be easy, we eat the same things, they just have to eat less because they're digestive system is horrible at it.”

I move up closer in between Sebastian and Reece, and we spend the whole hour looking up different kinds of food, what's in them, and how often humans eat that dish. We also save recipes for me to try to make next semester in my cooking class, that I chose to take.

Mr. Scott has us stop with three minutes left in the class and head back to the classroom, then he tells us,”Everyone did a great job today, I thought I would tell you, we aren't presenting these, I'm putting them on the computers and it's everyone's job to look at them and study them before the test.”

The bell rings, and Sebastian grabs my hand and we walk to room 17A. Chauncey is in there relaxing, he sees us come in and he jumps up, and erases the board from the last hour.

He turns to us,”Isobel, I heard you were going to be using your magic to help Sebastian control his anger issues, am I right?”

I smile at him,”Yes, you are very right, as is Giovana, she is going to be helping me, if we ever need to, from what I know it doesn't happen to often does it?”

He shakes his head,”No it isn't too often, but may I ask where did you learn these blockades from?”

I tilt my head to one side like I'm thinking,”I guess it's not a problem to explain where I learned them, actually I learned them from one of my old tutors back in Wyverine, her name was Nicole, and she was always worried I'd get into some kind of trouble, because I would always climb the palace walls and run around in the town square. The little kids always tried pulling my hair, and in later years picked on me, calling me a failure, a bad mark on the kingdom, because I didn't have signs of my wings and they were already starting to get theirs.” I looked at my desk,”They are right, I still don't have signs of my wings, but this is the school that said they could help me earn them. So that's why I'm here.”

He nods,”That's great, and yes this school will be here to help out.”he turns back to the board to write what we're doing, then he looks over his shoulder,”Who are you meeting with?”

I have to glance at Sebastian, who mouths 'Elizaveta Zolkin' I nod then look straight at the back of Chauncey's head,”Elizaveta Zolkin.”

He smiles,”Aw, she's an oldie but a goodie. She helped me get my wings.”He walks over to his desk,”You're not the only one who couldn't get their wings on time, I didn't either. Everyone gets theirs differently, but mine was using magic.”

This is strange, Chauncey's sharing his story with us, I'm not sure what to say when I'm saved by other people coming in. Everyone sits down and starts talking immediately.

Then a girl walks in front of me, her dark skin is absolutely perfect, but her hair is all over the place. Her eyes are big, and just look out of place, the bright jade green against the mahogany toned skin, she puts her hand on her hip,”Hey, I was hoping to talk to you one on one, but you're always so busy from what I hear,”she winks at Sebastian, and has the biggest smile ever,”I'm doing a little tat shop out of my dorm room, and I was curious if you would want one.”

I look over at her and her smile is almost too contagious,”Well, what kind of examples do you have?”

She leans over and points to two stars on her collar bone,”I'm going to be adding to it more right before break. I was hoping you would say yes, because that would help people notice me. I mean I may be one of the only black faery's here, no one seems to notice me.”

I can't help but laugh,”Well I just got here, I noticed you, I just didn't know your name, but I will definitely consider getting a tattoo.”I beam at her again,”If you don't mind me asking, but, why tattoos?”

She nods,”Makes sense, I'm Kayleigh, I'm in Giovana's group in first hour. And of course there's nothing wrong with it. I was walking around in a town somewhere on a trip with family, and we went into a tattoo parlor, which is where I got the first signs for my wings, so I got this tattoo,”she turns to the side, and pulls up her pant leg showing off a heart,”the I did these a few weeks later, right before my wings came in.”

“I'm going to have to get a tattoo now, the biggest questions, where, when, and what. Ha ha, I can't wait.”

Chauncey claps his hand and starts everyone off,”Well I learned something neat this morning, I might have a magic prodigy in this class, I'm sure everyone can guess who. No names yet though. First lets start with some basic meditation,”He clicks a button and soothing music plays,”Now I want you to close your eyes and relax, and picture a white light securing safely around you.”

He waits a minute,”Once you have that, I want you to pull some of that light to you, with your mind. Once you get that done, I want you to form it into a tiny ball in your hands, then I want you to open your eyes, and actually get that ball in the classroom. Then show me.”

I concentrate on pulling the light to me, since I haven't done this in a couple of years, I need some practice again. I get it to me, then I force it to my hands, as each step comes back to me. I form the ball in my minds eye, then I open my eyes, and call to the lights and form an exact replica to the ball in my minds eyes. I hold mine out, and I look around, I can feel everyone's just starting to get the light into their hands.

Chauncey walks over, and inspects my extremely bright ball of light,”Nice work, now I want you to dispose it, over there,”he points at the window that's open,”from right here.”

I look at him, then back at the window. Thank you again Nicole. I focus energy on the ball and lift it up above everyone's heads, I hear a few gasps, then I use my energy and slowly start moving it towards the window.

I glance at Chauncey,”How hard?”

He smiles,”All your strength.”

I collect all my energy strength, and coil it all up behind the ball. Using everything I was ever taught I shove all my magick at it. I sails lightning fast towards the window, then smacks into the air there and disappears, leaving the air wavering for a few seconds. A little receipt like thing prints out beside the window, he walks over and grabs it then walks back to her, and hands her the paper.

“Well down Isobel,”

I smile, I can't believe this, hes measuring our strengths. Mine says 96/100, I know from before, that most feisty can barely reach 90 after years of training. And I was born with an almost perfect magick strength. There was only ever one person with a perfect score, that was my great grandmother, but then she got sick of everyone asking her to do things, so she distributed her power to lower class Fassif, just like my grandmother did when my mother and father took the thrown, my mother won't though, since my grandmother only had one child, my dad, he married a Zitila. So she doesn't have as much magic.

I notice a few more people have thrown balls, including Sebastian, whose now leaning over gaping at my score,”What is your problem?”I fold my paper in half to hide it from him.

He holds his paper out, when I read it I can't help but laugh,”It's not funny.”

I stop myself just barely,”I'm sorry you're right it's not. But really.”

He scowls,”Yeah. Really.”he rolls his eyes,”I know it's horrible.”

I put my hand on his shoulder,”It could be worse you know.”

He grabs my hand,”You could be right, but still, 68, compared to your 96. I'm no match for you at all.”

I nod,”That is true.”

Chauncey sits down at his desk,”Everyone's scores have been recorded, you can talk amongst yourselves.”then he says slightly quieter,”Isobel, can I please speak to you?”

I get up and walk over to Chauncey's desk,”Yes?”

“I'm very impressed with your magic, but that's not the only thing I wanted to tell you, I also want to give you some ideas how to get your wings. Would you like them?”

“Oh yes, Chauncey, that would be amazing.”

He smiles, and bows his head,”Well, first off, some of them should be done off of school grounds, or in the confines of your own room. Since normally with these kinds of techniques they get kinda, noticeable results in wings.”

I nod, so he goes on,”First would be the hardest one, fire magick, I'm not allowed to teach that in here, but some faery's have earned their wings through fire. There's love, fighting, writing, chores, kindness. I hope you can figure out ways to try these, I'm also mixed on hoping these ones work for you.”

I thank him and walk back to my seat, and grab my stuff just as the bell rings,”What did he say?”

“Just some ideas on how to earn my wings, want to try them tomorrow after school, since I'm with Elizaveta today?”

“Sure I'd like that.” we walk to 27D in silence.

© 2013 bunnehbooh

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Added on March 15, 2013
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