Chapter 9

Chapter 9

A Chapter by bunnehbooh

We get in the classroom, and we see the teacher, he eyes us for a second then he goes about gathering papers up, I lean over,”What's his problem?”

Sebastian just shrugs,”I think he saw me yesterday after you pulled Reece in your room.”


We sit down, and he goes about and gives us papers,”We'll go over these after the bell rings.” then he walks over the door and gives them to the students as they walk in.

The bell rings, and the teacher walks back in quickly, setting the papers down. He picks up a marker and starts writing down rules for the math we're doing for the rest of the week. Then he explains the first few problems and answers a few questions.

He shakes his shoulder length white blonde hair, then continues,”Now work on these problems. I don't care if you do them alone or with a partner, but if you need any help just raise your hand, I'll be over as soon as I can.”

So me and Sebastian start working on the next few problems, I get caught up right away, and Sebastian, who is good at math but not at explaining, talks me through it. After that I still don't get it, not even a little bit more, so I raise my hand to get help.

Mr. Donati walks over,”Yes Isobel, what do you need?”

I point at the problem,”Sebastian tried to help me, but he confused me even more, can you explain it to me one more time.”

He leans over my desk,”Of course.” he goes through the problem and has me watch him, then he stands over me while I do the next one, telling me the next step when I get stuck. He smiles,”Is that better?”

“Thank you Mr. Donati, it's a lot better, I actually get it now.”

“Your welcome.” then he walks away.

I look over at Sebastian, whose throwing a fit,”Did you finish the work?”

He nods but doesn't look at me, oh well, for once I want him to look at me, and he won't glance in my general direction,”Sebastian, can I ask you something?”

His voice is kinda gruff,”You just did,”Still looking away, I tap my nails on the desk,”Fine. What?”

“Can I come up with a nickname for you?”

This time he looks at me,”What do you mean nickname?”

I shrug,”Like something only I call you, no one else, so can I?”

He squints at me,”What do you have in mind?”

I tilt my head,”Sebby, because your my Sebby Bear.” I smile at him, head still tilted.

He rolls his eyes,”I guess, why not. But does that mean I get to sleep in your bed more often?”

I blush,”W-well, I never thought of it that way, but I guess you could sleep in my bed with me more often then. Why, do you want to?”

He smiles looks down at his hands,”Well you did just call me your Sebby Bear, so I figured that was an invitation to share a room-”

“Okay. No. It wasn't. I didn't actually intend to call you by anything other then your name, I only did that to get your attention. Okay?”

He looks at me,”I was kinda hoping you were being serious though, that would've been fun.”he grins.

My turn to roll my eyes,”We're almost out of class so, get bad thoughts out of your mind.”

“Wanna be my partner in Xyu-tai today, or are you going with Giovana again?”

I shrug,”I'm going with Giovana for the rest of the week actually, so maybe next week I'll partner up with you.”


The bell rings and Sebastian grabs my hand, and we walk slowly downstairs and out the door towards the gym,”How would I try to earn my wings via fire?”

He stops and pulls me to a stop in front of him,”I'm not sure, why would you want to do that, only dangerous faery's earn theirs through fire.”

I pull him forward,”Because none of the other ones have worked so far, so I figured I could be a dangerous faery, I mean my great-great-great-grandfather was a fire faery, so what is the likely hood of me being one too.” we get to the gym doors,”Well, whatever, tell me after class.”

I walk inside towards the girls area, we go change in the back room, and Giovana walks up to me,”So, can you try to convince Roo?”

I nod,”I should be able to, have that note?”I pull my shirt down over my head.

“Yeah, here.”she holds out a piece of paper with little hearts all over it, I grab the paper out of her hands,”I wasn't sure what to write, so I told him to meet me by the big tree out front. My name isn't on there though.”she wrings her hands,”Don't tell him it's from me though, not yet. Okay?”

I grab her shoulders,”I will give it to him, say someone told me to give it to him, if he asks who, I'll just shrug, okay. I'd never give you away.”I hug her,”Don't worry.”

I walk out of the room, leaving Giovana behind, I look around the main room, and very few people are out here. I see Sebastian and Reece sitting down on a bench talking not to far away, with their backs to me. I look over towards where the guys door is, and right outside of it is Marcus and Alex, a little ways away is Bruno and Ronan. I start walking towards Ronan, and I'm halfway across when a ball gets thrown at me and I fall down. I hear a bunch of girls yelling sorry, and other apologies and then rush over to help me up.

One of the girls with long green hair, that smells like fruit picks up the note from Giovana, that I dropped,”On a mission for love?”

I nod,”It's not mine though.”

The other 3 girls gather around and jump up and down, they don't open it up but stare straight at, and in unison,”We can bring it to him, then there's no way he could guess who it's from.”

I brush my clothes off, even though I'm still spotless,”That would be wonderful. Would you guys actually do that.”

One of the other ones, with bright red hair, that smells like strawberries, and a lilting voice,”well duh.”she walks around me, and puts her hands on my shoulders,”We love Love, so of course we would help.”

“Well, so I can thank you properly, what are your names.”

The green hair girl steps up and says matter of factly,”I'm Ashley, but everyone calls me Keywe, because I smell like a kiwi.”she points at the red haired girl,”That's Scarlet, or Strawberry, again same reason.”then she points at the girl with short blue hair,”That's Emma, or-”

I cut her off,”Let me guess, Blueberry?”

Emma nods, and in a squeaky high voice,”Yep, that's me.”

Ashley starts off again, and points at the last girl, with fire orange red hair,”That's Beatrice, or Orange.”She tucks her hands behind her back, with the note in it,”Most people actually call us a fruit bowl, which in other terms means messed up to them.”

“I don't think your messed up.”

Beatrice smiles, and in a nice lulling deep voice,”Well, that's a relief, maybe if the princess is friends with us, other people will be nicer to us.”

Emma nods once,”Well, we should get that note to him, before class starts, right?”

“Yes, and I should get back to my partner,”I point over my shoulder at Giovana,”So yeah, thank you so much again. Talk to you later.”

They turn towards Ronan, and I turn back towards Giovana, I jog over there,”Well now he won't even be able to guess who he's meeting.”

She's smiling beyond belief,”So you met Keywee and her gang?”

“Yep I did.”

© 2013 bunnehbooh

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