Chapter 10

Chapter 10

A Chapter by bunnehbooh

She looks over her shoulder, even though no ones there,”Do you know why people call them the fruit bowl?” I shake my head,”It's because they're physic, and think they're goddesses of love.”

I shake my head,”Oh well, they're just doing what makes them happy.”

“Whatever they're still cool.”the teacher blows her whistle,”Lets go.”

Giovana grabs my hand and drags me in close to the circle, when we get in the circle the teacher

Ms. Sun starts talking about a self defense move, and tells us she wants us in pairs of girl and boy. Me and Giovana gape at each other, we can't be partners now.

Sebastian runs over and grabs my hands,”Guess we're partners anyways.”

I look back over at him,”Yeah. But guess what?”


“I'm going to defend myself from you until your sore all over.”me and Giovana laugh at that,”Have fun trying to catch me.”

“You're on.”

Ms. Sun sends us off and Sebastian drags us towards the edge of the room, like everyone else, then Ms. Sun yells,”I need a model.”she walks around and Sebastian raises his hand, the only one so she chooses us.

I could kill him now. She has Sebastian try to attack me from behind, he touches my shoulder like he's going to spin me around, I drop down on my hands and bend my knees. I straighten one knee out and push with my hands and other leg to swing my leg around in a circle, I hit him right below his knees, and knock him onto his side. She has us do it a few more times, and has the class copy us.

We do that a few more times then she stops us and has us add onto the end of it, saying something like,'how would you be able to defend yourself, if you didn't knock them down, and your still down on the ground. Obviously you would send your other foot up towards their face. Just to be clear, we're in school, so don't let your foot contact the other persons face please.'

So everyone watches us again, and I do just that, he touches my shoulder, I drop knee extends I swing it, he jumps over it, now I'm facing him. I push up with both feet, and rotate my arms sending my foot flying towards him. I stop my extend and my foot sails just inches from his face, I push off with my hands in back handspring and land me on my feet.

Everyone just stares, gaping at me, even Sebastian, then Ms. Sun finally speaks up,”Okay everyone, you saw that, see if you can get anywhere near that.”Then she quiets down,”Well down Isobel, you and Sebastian can take a break now.” then she walks away.

I walk towards Sebastian whose mouth is still open,”What's so amazing?”

He shakes his head,”How did you do that.”

I giggle,”I was in human gymnastics for about 5 years, that's called a back handspring.”

He rubs his hand through his hair,”That was really good actually.”

“Well thank you. Now I'm going to go sit down. Over there. You can stay standing here or walk over there with me and sit down.”

I turn around and walk away, I can't tell if Sebastian's following me. I look over my shoulder, and he is following me, slowly, keeping his distance, I hope he knows I wouldn't actually do that to him. I get to a bench parallel to the wall and sit down, Sebastian sits down next to me, I watch Giovana with Ronan. The instant she's done with her kick she's up at his side making sure he's okay. That's what loves like, worrying for the other person no matter what.

Sebastian clears his throat,”Since they're pretty much done with that, lets go get the instructions from Ms. Sun.”he points towards the teacher helping a pair of students on the way to twist their wrists,”I think we switch positions.”

I nod, so we walk over there, when we're about 5 feet away I whistle, Ms. Sun looks up,”I was wondering can you tell us what we're doing next.”

She nods,”Of course, you'll be switching roles,”She looks at Sebastian then me again,”For your sake I hope he's half as good as you are.”

I can't help but laugh at that, and Sebastian widens his eyes and takes a deep breath and touches his chest,”Ms. Sun, that is sooo rude.”then he laughs,”Actually, I hope I am too,”then he looks at me,”I really don't want to accidentally kick her, even if she did make a mockery of me in front of the class.”

Ms. Sun shakes her head, making her light brown frizzy braid swing back and forth,”You two, are going to make excellent rulers, just try to keep the sarcasm hidden a bit more, and no beating each other up. At least in public.”she waves us away,”two more minutes then I'll have you demonstrate again.”

We walk away, and I point at him,”You are so annoying.”

He smiles and tilts his head towards me,”But that's why everyone loves me.”

I shake my head, how can he be the future king, he's almost too arrogant.

© 2013 bunnehbooh

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