Chapter 11

Chapter 11

A Chapter by bunnehbooh

Ms. Sun has us go back to the center, and tells everyone that we're switching roles, and that they need to watch because this is crucial, to keep in mind of the height difference. I stand behind Sebastian, I reach up and touch his shoulder, he drops down, I see his muscles move, I see his leg come flying at me, out of instinct I jump up over it, and stay rooted in place as he kicks up at my face. He doesn't seem like he has very much control, so I take what time I have to make a rubber barrier to protect me.

He kicks the barrier, not even half an inch from my face, and everyone can see how mad I am, I scream at him,”Sebastian Erik Klatt! You are so lucky I put up the barrier. The only thing that kept you from kicking me in the face was that. My god, are you kidding me.”

He's sitting down on the ground,”I'm really sorry-”

“You are not sorry!”

“Yes I am sorry, look at me Isobel. I'm so sorry.”I look down at him, he looks like he's about to cry.

“Everyone else go about doing what your supposed to do.”I kneel in front of him,”I thought you said you could do it without any problems.”

“Yeah I thought I could. I guess I was wrong.”

I sit down beside him, and Ms. Sun tells everyone to do that once more, then go change, class will be out soon. I went to go change, I was just about done when all the other girls came running in, all straight towards me.

Giovana first, followed by Ashley, Scarlet, Emma, and Beatrice, all talking at once, I held my hands up,”One at a time.”

Giovana took a deep breath,”Are you okay?”

Ashley, Scarlet, Emma and Beatrice all said,”Are you?”

I smile,”Yes, I'm fine. I put up a magical barrier to make sure of it. Did anyone else get hit or almost get hit?”

Ashley flips her hair over her shoulder,”Nope, they guys saw that, and they were almost afraid to do anything near us.”

Scarlet laughs and Emma squeaks out,”It was cute though. I was with Marcus, and he did it as fast as he could and fell flat on his face when he tried to check on me.”

Ms. Sun pokes her head in,”Hurry up, so your ready to go when it's time to go.”

The girls all started getting ready, since I'm already ready I walk out to the gym again. No ones out here yet so I grab my stuff and sit down on the bench closest to the girls room. The first person out the girls door is Giovana, she runs and grabs her stuff and runs and sits next to me on the bench, she sets her stuff down between us.

I smile,”So did Ronan say anything about the note that the fruit girls gave him?”

She blushes,”Yeah actually he did, he told me what it said, and that he can't wait to meet this secret girl who has a crush on him. I was so tempted to say I knew who she was, but that might give it away.”

“Well just be out there, then he'll know.”

She opens her mouth just as the guys walk out the door towards us, Reece walks over towards us, in front of everyone beside Sebastian, he winks at Giovana, and mouths,'Cute note.' then they get over here and he says,”So did you two hear about the note the Fruit bowls gave Ronan?”

Giovana nods,”Yeah he told me about it during class, I was just telling Isobel about it now.”

Sebastian smiles back at Ronan,”So you meeting this mystery girl outside right after class?”

He shrugs,”I'm going to meet her, but first I'm going to go to my room and fix my hair,”He runs his hand through his curly hair.

I roll my eyes,”Whatever, if she likes you I highly doubt she cares how you look.”

They all look at me, and Marcus smiles,”Yeah, what makes you so sure, I mean we are the best looking guys on school grounds,”he opens his arms incorporating all of them,”so we have an image to withhold, now then don't we.”

I tap my chin,”Hmm, what makes me so sure, lets see, maybe it's the fact that I'm a girl, I've met guys before at private meetings, and if you try to make yourselves look hot you look like a******s.”I can't help myself I smile at them and cross my arms,”That's how I'm so sure. But if you want to, go ahead go get ready, I mean she needs time to get there, since she's probably in a class anyways.”

Bruno looks appalled,”You just said we look like a******s, really.”

I nod,”Yep, I definitely prefer Sebastian before he's done anything else to himself right after he wakes up.”

Alex leans over,”Really I thought you didn't like him.”

“I don't like him, a lot. But a lot better then some people here.”

All the guys lean towards me,”Really is that so, so you don't like Ronan here. What about Marcus, or Bruno, what about Reece, and most of all what about me.”

“Yep, I don't like Ronan, Marcus, Bruno, or you. Sorry not even Reece.”

Sebastian smiles and puts him arm around me,”Sorry, I told you guys she only has eyes for me.”

I grab his hand and take it off me,”I never said that, I just said I like you better then everyone else here. I know a few people in other kingdoms, that I like more then you.”

He grabs my hand,”Well you're going to have to tell me about them, so lets go.”we walk out the door while the bells ringing.

I wave to Giovana as she runs out the door right behind us, in the other direction,”See ya later Giovana.”Sebastian drags me upstairs to my room and he grabs my stuff,”What are we doing?”

He opens the door,”Stay right here then I'll tell you.”he runs in my room puts my stuff down with his, then comes back,”Lets go see how this plays out from the window.”


He grabs my hand and we walk to the window looking over the tree, I look down and see Giovana walk behind the tree. We stay there for a couple of minutes then Ronan walks out and stops next to the tree. He looks around for a little bit, then he says something but I can't hear him.

I lean further forward and hit my forehead on the glass, I jump back and close my eyes, when I open my eyes I see Giovana stick her head out around the trunk of the tree. Ronan jumps back, then he goes and stands by her, she stands up and I'm pretty sure she tells him everything, I look over, Sebastian's still there. I look back down and Ronan leans forward and hugs her. Then he turns away and walks back toward the door.

What the hell was that?

I storm down the stairs, right past Ronan, I can barely even look at him. I blow out the front doors and Giovana's still standing there,”What happened?”

She jumps,”Well, he came out, and I couldn't do it, I got so freaked out, because I didn't know how to say it.”

I rub my forehead, which still hurts from hitting the glass,”So what did you tell him?”

She looks down,”I told him the girl that left the note got scared when he didn't show up right away, and asked me to sit out there and tell him that, I told him she had blue hair. Which isn't exactly a lie, because Emma's been crushing on him for so long.”she looks at me,”Can you help me learn how to tell him?”

I smile,”No.”she gapes at me,”You love him don't you,”She looks over my shoulder and goes pink, then nods so I barely notice it,”Good, I'll do something better, I will be there when you do it, I will help you figure out how to say it, and how to tell the truth, which will also help him, because otherwise he doesn't think you like him at all.”

I turn back around, and Sebastian and Ronan are standing there, I turn back toward Giovana turning pinker every few minutes,”Hi Roo.”

“Hi Gio.”he takes a step forward then stops,”Is it true, was that note from you?”

She looks him in the eye,”Yeah, it was. I'm sorry I was scared.”

He runs over to her and wraps his arms around her,”Oh my god Giovana, I thought you hated me.”he picks her up off the ground,”I love you. I love you so much.”

I grab Sebastian's hand and lean my head on his shoulder, so I don't have to listen to them,”What else are we going to do?”

He kisses my head,”Maybe see if I can get you to tell me you love me.”tilts his head towards them,”Just like that.”

I step away from him,”Not this time.”

“Dang that sucks. Oh well. Wanna go for a walk.”

I shrug,”Sure. Why not.”

© 2013 bunnehbooh

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