Chapter 12

Chapter 12

A Chapter by bunnehbooh

The leaves are still most green, but have some golden around them. It's peaceful. I almost don't mind laying here right next to him.

I roll towards him,”Sebastian?”


“I'm hungry. Lets go get lunch.”

He sits up,”Okay. What ever my Princess wants.” he reaches down and grabs my hand and kisses it, then pulls me up,”Lets go.”

We walk into the school and straight to the lunch room. There's a lot of noise in the lunch room, like normal, but this time it's not fighting, it's all happy noise. I look over towards the loudest area, go figure it's Giovana and Ronan. I look towards the emptiest corner, where Siobhan, Shaylin and a few other people are sitting.

I start walking into the room when Kayleigh walks up to me,”So, have you decided anything yet?”

I tilt my head,”Not yet, I'm thinking I'm going to wait another week until I decide what I want to do. Is that okay?”

She rolls her eyes dramatically with a sigh,”Of course it's alright, you can't rush art, especially not this kind of art. It's there forever.”

“Well when I decide, I'll inform you right away.”

“That's great.”she takes off towards the door,”Talk to you later.”

Sebastian leans over and whispers in my ear,”Are you actually getting a tattoo?”

I give him a smug grin,”Yep. I am.”then walk towards Giovana.

I get over there and Ronan can't stop smiling, neither can Giovana, the instant she sees me she jumps out of his arms and wraps her arms around me,”I'm going to marry him.”

I smile at her,”Oh you are, are you. I never would've guessed with the ruckus this is causing. Most of the girls are crying over the lost cutie pie.”

Ronan comes over and grabs her again,”What about the lost cutie pie, because I just found her.”he smiles at her and kisses her cheek.

I point in my mouth“umm, gag, please stop that.”Marcus and Bruno start laughing at him, Alex and Reece already were.

My stomach grumbles so I turn around,”I'm going to go get food, be right back.”then I walk past Sebastian, and shoo everyone crowded around.

I get over to the table with the food, I just skim over everything, and pile my plate full, my first thought is, I'm going to be so fat. I walk back towards the table, most people have moved away from the corner, but some of them stayed put. There's few enough people that I don't really care that much, I push my way through the small crowd and get to the table, and sit down across from Giovana, and between Sebastian and Reece.

Both Reece and Sebastian grab my hands at the same time and Reece says,”Princess, I love you.” While Sebastian says,”Isobel, I love you.”

I pull my hands out of their grasps,”So what brought you to say that exactly?”

Sebastian scratches his temple,”Well, it's a threat, because if you don't say you love someone, then someone else is going to force themselves upon you, so I decided I would initiate it. Apparently so did Reece.”

Just then Siobhan walked over to the table,”So do you admit you love someone yet.”he looks around the table,”From the looks of this I'd guess you haven't. Well then I guess, I should hold true to my word.”

He leans down just as Sebastian stands up, I put a barrier around Sebastian then around Siobhan. He keeps leaning forward like he's going to kiss me, while Sebastian is getting ready to punch him, I put one finger up, which makes both of them freeze.

I turn towards Giovana,”Do you have any lip gloss?”

She makes a face and nods, she hands it to me and I mouth 'barrier on both' then I smile and turn back around. I put it on then motion for them to continue. Siobhan takes a step forward then hits the barrier as Sebastian punches his. They both jump back and hit the other side of their barriers then both glare at me, while I just smile.

I put both hands in the air and open my eyes really wide,”What did I do?”

Sebastian pauses, then licks his lips,”Take the barrier down.”

“Nope.” then I turn back around to eat, and give Giovana her lip gloss back,”Thanks.”

Siobhan starts getting mad,”Isobel, you f*****g b***h, let me out of here right now.”

I whip around and get right up against his barrier,”If you ever talk to me like that again, I will guarantee you won't ever be getting out of this barrier.” I whip back around and let Sebastian out of his,”Come Sebastian.”then walk away from the table.

Siobhan punches his barrier a couple of times, then tries to break my magick with his own, then he gives up because it won't work. I walk back over and say,”Calmed down yet?”

“I'll never be calmed down, just let me out.”

“I'm afraid that's not happening.”then I turn toward Giovana,”Remember how to let it down?”

She nods, then Siobhan starts pleading,”Giovana, please let me out. I'm sorry I was so mean to you, just let me out please. I'm claustrophobic and I really don't like this.”

I walk away and call back over my shoulder,”Your call.” and walk out of the cafeteria.

Sebastian walks up beside me,”You do realize we still have some time before class, do you want to do a little trial for your wings?”he looks at me grinning like a little kid.

“Yeah, no I don't. Lets wait until tomorrow. Okay?”

“Fine. What ever you say. So what did Chauncey give you for some ideas. I know there was fire, but what were the other ones?”

I shrug,”Love, fighting, writing. I'm almost positive it's not writing, I do that all the time, and no signs so yeah. I'm sure it's not fighting, because we've all seen me fighting, and I didn't get any signs.”I walk upstairs,”So we're between Love and Fire.”

He leans in close and puts his hand on my lower back,”Well, when you're ready, we can try out Love.”he walks in front of me,”But probably sooner with the fire, since you're so determined to do that one.”

I nod, we're standing outside my door, him between me and it, with his arms crossed,”Can I go in now?”

He doesn't do anything,”What if I say no?”

I roll my eyes and cross my arms,”Then I'll shove you out of my way so I can go in.”

He lets his arms down,”Fine. No, you can't go in yet. Not until you admit you love me.”then he smiled at me,”Otherwise I might have to force myself on you while you sleep.”

I shove him out of my way and he stumbles back a few feet, I open my door and step through, and look over my shoulder,”Nice try, but not happening.”then I slam my door in his smirking face.

© 2013 bunnehbooh

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