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Chapter 13

Chapter 13

A Chapter by bunnehbooh

I'm walking around my room, there's my stuff, his stuff. He might want that. I go pick it up and go through the closet, I stop just inside the closet doors, and I listen to him talking to someone, I look through the key hole, and Reece is in there.

They're talking quietly, but I get when Reece raises his voice,”Dude, seriously. You're a perv, don't set up camera's. I promise I ain't going in there.”

Then Sebastian makes him be quiet, I walk back about half way through the closet then walk back over to the doors, and push them open, they both stop talking, I smile at them, and hold up his stuff,”I figured you might want this.”I set it down on his little desk, and walk back out closing the doors behind me.

Camera's, not going in there, I wonder who they could be talking about. I bet it's me. But I don't care really. I grab my stuff, I still have 10 minutes, and walk up to History. I feel like talking with Mr. Wei, if he's in there.

I get up there the doors unlocked, so I walk in and set my stuff down, Mr. Wei isn't in there, so I walk to the door. Right before I open it Mr. Wei walks in.

“Well, hello Ms. Reid.”he looks around,”What are you doing in here. There's still,”he looks at his watch,”8 minutes left.”

I point at my stuff,”I was dropping my stuff off, and wanted to see if you were in here. So now you are, and I forgot what I wanted to talk about.”

He waves that off,”Oh that's fine, if you think of it please do come talk to me.”he smiles at me,”by the way, how are things going with Prince Sebastian?”

I looks towards the door,”Actually really well. Me and Giovana are helping to control his temper.”I smile at him.

“Well that's terrific. Mr. Donati was freaking out over how he was acting yesterday.”

I touch the back of my head and kinda laugh,”Yeah, that's my fault. I sorta pulled Reece in my room. After he told me not to. So yeah, sorry about that.”

He shakes his head,”Ah who cares as long as it's getting taken care of.”he waves me off,”I have things to get ready for class, go be with your friends, I think Kayleigh is looking for you, to show you some examples of something.”

“Thanks Mr. Wei, I'll see you for class.”

I jog downstairs to the rooms, and I see Kayleigh talking with Giovana, I walk up to them,”Hey.”

They both turn toward me with matching smiles,”Hey to yourself.”then they laugh.

Kayleigh grabs my arm,”Can I steal you for a minute?”


“Good, I've got some examples to show you, I found the pictures on my computer finally.”

“I can't wait.”I smile at her, because I really can't.

I look through the example pictures, which are really well done, then I tell her I have to talk to Sebastian, like right then and there. She pushes me out her door and tells me go, go, go, talk to him. Then she just keeps smiling and shaking her head.

I run to my room and slowly open my door, to go in my room, and stop in my tracks. Sebastian and Reece are in my room, installing little cameras. I silently close the door, they still haven't noticed me. I walk to my bathroom, where a bucket for water is sitting, I turn on the faucet, and they don't notice, I fill up the bucket, watching them in the mirror. Wow, they're really preoccupied at the moment.

I finish filling up the bucket and walk out of the bathroom, Sebastian's stretching up to put the camera in a little hole in my ceiling. I pull the bucket back and then forward letting the water fly all over them, and the cameras.

They both freak out and I yell at them,”Out. Out. Out. And if I find one camera in here I'm kicking both of your asses.”Sebastian comes toward me and I just point to the closet door,”I said out.”

Reece chuckles,”I told you it was a bad idea-”

“Is this what you were talking about when I brought your stuff in?”I shake my head,”You know what don't answer that, Get out of my room!”

I calm down then go to class; I'm still the first person in there, Mr. Wei comes over,”So, what's bothering you?”

I look straight in his eyes,”Guys, specifically Reece and Sebastian.”

He kneels down,”What exactly are they doing?”

I fluff my hair, trying for nonchalance, I fail,”Setting up cameras in my room.”

He shakes his head, and mumbles,”Fools.”

People start coming in to class, first is Ronan. Then Marcus and Bruno. Then Alex. A few other people come in, then Reece comes in, still soaking wet.

I can't help myself, I laugh at him, Mr. Wei, sorta laughs too, then asks,”So, did you have a nice shower?”

Reece scowls,”What ever.”then he walks over by me.

I swivel my lips to one side and shake my head,”No. Bad boy. Go over there puppy.”

Reece throws his head back and laughs,”Did you just call me a puppy, seriously. No one calls Reece Dunne a dog.”

I look at my nails,”Well, I just did. But guess what, no one gets away with putting cameras in my room, without consequences. That's,”I point at his still wet clothes,”only part of it.”then I turn back around, and wave him off.

I go through class without any problems, no one really tries to talk to me, which doesn't bother me. I almost fall asleep, since we are learning about my family history, and the only dark faery to rule in the last 200 years. The bell rings and I'm off and get to science a little bit off Sebastian, whose dry now.

I look around, there's only one other person in here, Kayleigh, so I walk over by her, and sit down by her,”I have a proposal.”

“Please fill me in.”

“Well I'm going to be trying to earn my wings, and all that stuff right, well one of my grandfather's was a dark faery with fire magic. I'm going to be experimenting with some different starters, my first one in line is, fire. If mine is fire, I want flames on my lower back, like a tramp stamp.”

She smiles,”That sounds sexy. What if your starter isn't fire though?”

“I've already thought about that, later in the year, if fire doesn't work, I'm going to attempt a Love starter. If that works then I want a tramp stamp still, with flames, but the tips would be hearts instead.”

She looks confused for a second then smiles again, and pulls up her sleeve,”Like this sort of, but with hearts in place of the flowers?”

I nod,”Yeah like that. Why do you have that one?”

She smiles,”My Nana was an earth starter faery, and my grandad was a fire starter, but that's because he blew glass.”

“That makes sense.”

Mrs. Mia had us take notes, and it turns out I hate science. I kept thinking about what I wanted the tattoo to look like. For Fire, just flames, for love I want pink flames, with two hearts at the tips at each end, on either side of the word Love, starting from coal that looks like a bunch of hearts.

The bell rings and Sebastian runs up to me,”Isobel, why didn't you sit by me?”

I wave him away, and just keep walking, and he just keeps following so I look back at him,”Because I caught you putting cameras up in my room, that's why.”I turn back,”Now go away.”

“Fine, what ever. Don't forget to meet Elizaveta.”

I walked into Gaellian, to find Reece waiting for me at the door,”Isobel, let me talk. Don't interrupt me, I want to explain this to you okay?”

I walk over to a desk,”Fine you have 5 minutes.”

He sits down next to me and takes a deep breath,”Well anyways, Sebastian thinks someone's been sneaking into your room. At first he thought it was me, and I told him it wasn't, then he believed me, but he still thinks someone's sneaking into your room while you're sleeping or not in there.”I nod,”So he wanted to have surveillance on your room, I told him it would be a bad idea, but he told me you'd never know, and that they would be down in two weeks tops. You need to know I didn't want to do that, I was against it the entire time.”

I shake my head,”Are you serious, if he would of told me that earlier, like for example, before he tried putting up the cameras I wouldn't have thrown water on you two, or done anything else.”

“Yeah, I was going to tell you when you came in and dropped off his stuff, but you just took off as fast as you showed up, then we went to go talk to you in your room and you weren't there, and he wasn't waiting, then you show up out of no where, and throw water on us.”

I laugh at that,”That's so awesome, it makes it funnier every time you remind me I threw water on you guys.”I give him my biggest smile,”Worst part is, I had to sneak in my room, grab a bucket and fill it up with water and you guys never knew I was in there. You two are horrible.”

“Oh, ha ha, that's so funny I forgot to laugh. What ever I gave you your explanation, now stop ignoring us, and stop laughing at us. Oh and get ready for class.”

“Okay I'm already ready.”he stays in that seat, and Mrs. Thoreson starts us with a simple lesson, greetings.

One of the guys in the back raises his hand,”Why would we need to great them, we're sorta at war with them, so normally if we were to see one, we would be told to bring them into the nearest Fassif police station.”

The teacher gets all flustered again,”Well, CJ, that's not entirely true, some Fassif marry Gaellian's.”

CJ c***s his head,”Yeah, name one.”

This time she smiles,”Gladly, I did. That's how I learn Gaellian in the first place.”

He gives a resigning look, and Mrs. Thoreson continues on with the lesson, a tad bit more comfortable with the class now.

© 2013 bunnehbooh

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Added on March 15, 2013
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