A Chapter by bunnehbooh

I bounce in my seat, my starchy ugly skirt rumpling underneath me. It's Friday, the last day of the week, which means me and Paola are going to go dimension hopping. We discussed this morning by Paola's locker that we're going to the Troadix Portal. Troadix is a nice place, even nicer because they didn't have to worry about exposing the portals or other dimensions to the inhabitants, and they could just relax. My favorite spot was a cute little tree beside a stream just outside of the portal town.

I jump back to the present when the bell rings, gathering my stuff, I rush towards the door. As I speed down the hall way, I dodge people over and over again, just like normal. I start getting close to Paola's locker, but Paola isn't there yet, I glance around and can't find her anywhere. If Paola isn't here, she probably already went to the portal, I'll just meet her there. I start walking forward, as I pass Paola's locker, I fell bad that I'm no going to wait at least a few minutes, I mean she usually does. I make a quick detour, and stop in front of my friends lockers. I stand there and count to 30.

I' almost to 30 when a pair of hands land on my shoulders and yank me backwards as my best friend screams in my ear, “Heeelllllooooooo!”

“OMG. Paola, your going to make me go deaf.” I spin around, coming face to face with nothing but air, and I look downward to stare into the prettiest pink eyes ever.

She purses her tiny lips, that she painted a royal purple this morning, to match the rest of her outfit, “Well, where's the fun in life if you don't get scared once in a while?”

I shrug, and look down on her tiny stature, she's at least 8 inches shorter then me. Well almost everyone is shorter then me, so no one likes talking to me because they all have to look up to me, sadly the only person that was okay with looking up was amazingly the shortest person in the school. Paola stood at a nice 4 foot 3 inches, where as I stood at 5 foot 1 inch. Her face looks childish, no ones sure if she's going to grow out of that, but it works on her height, she can still pass and get the free kid stuff.

“Well are we going?” I gesture to the door of the prison, I mean school, that teaches girls how to be good wives.

Her big eyes flitter, as she looks at me, “Lavette, I know we discussed this this morning, and you were looking forward to Troadix, but there's a really good sale going on in the Earth Dimension, and I was wondering if-”

“Fine” I turn and walk away to the door, “But that means we better go now, since we have to cast the spell.”

She runs up to me, which causes her stick straight short baby blue hair to bounce around her shoulders, “Oh thank you so much Lavette.” She jumps up on me and hugs my waist.

I pat her back, “Lets just go. Are you going as a blond this time around, or a brunette?”

We chatter on the walk to her little car, she hadn't decided on anything yet, as we get to her car, that I so politely nick named the automoloser, she changes the subject, “Lav, my parents are having a party this weekend, for a different countries king. He requested to come here, so my parents are housing him. I know your mom doesn't like it when we cast spells over there, especially when we're getting ready to go to Earth, but my parents won't let anyone come over, so can we do that at your house.”

I sigh and look over my shoulder, “We can try, it might work, we'll have to explain why we're doing it though.” I quickly jump into her car, “But again, if we want to make it before dark we have to go now.”

She squeals and hops into the drivers seat, and automoloser sputters to life. Her parents always offer her new cars, but she likes this one, and no one can figure out why. I hate it, her parents hate it, I'm not sure about anyone else actually.

She pats the cars dashboard, “Lavette?”

I keep facing forward, “Hmm?”

“We should name my car.” she glances at me, and catches my look of confusion, “Well because in all the books I read from the Earth Dimension the girls always have crappy cars that they come up with cute names for, so I want to do that.”

I giggle to myself, “Automoloser.”

“What was that?”

I clear my throat, “Umm nothing. Do you have any ideas?”

“Hmm, how about Hunny?”

I laugh out loud this time, “Seriously, Hunny?”

She scowls, “It was just a thought.” She taps her chin, “How about Caroline?”

“It's better then Hunny, so lets go with that one. Also just so you know I'm not changing her nickname.”

She looks genuinely confused, “What's her nickname?”

“Automoloser.” I flatly say, just waiting for her to yell at me.

She stays quiet for a little while, “It's not that cute, but it is funny. I like it.” I can hear the genuine smile on her face, “Lets go with Automoloser.”

We both fall into a giggle fit as she turns onto my street. As we get out she uses her fluffy tail to grab something we almost forgot in the back of her car, since her hands were full. He tail is stretchy, it's resting size is about to her knee, while it can stretch to the back of Automoloser while shes in front of it. My tail isn't that special. It's a spear tail.

We walk up to my door, and I try to open it, it's locked, I smirk at Paola, “La-la, looks like we'll have no problems going to the Earth Dimension today.” I unlock my door and we walk in.

She runs to my room, and I follow closely behind, as we get to my door her tail throws the bag on my bed, it has human clothes for both of us in it, I glare at her, she innocently smiles at me, “Well I guess I was planning this all along, since I know you don't like the Earth Dimension all that much, you hate the magic, so I had to get you excited before I told you where we were going.”

She runs over to my mirror, and casts a quick spell, going for her usual look, lite blond hair, over light green eyes, and porcelain skin. She rushes past me to my bed, and digs through the bag she brought. She throws on a fitted white tank top, and a short pleated red plaid skirt. I walk over to my mirror, I decide to go with my usual look. I slowly picture my hair changing, it goes from a deep purple to a medium brown, I then do the same to my skin, from a medium green to a light tan. My eyes I barely change, just the shade. From my blindingly bright blue to a slightly darker light blue.

I walk over to Paola, who is watching me like normal, and I reach into her bag to see what she grabbed. I pull out an almost matching outfit, but mines a fitted black tank top and a slightly longer green plaid skirt. I glare at her, and see the bag behind her arms, she hands it over, and I pull out a nice pair of my skinny jeans, faded in all the right spots, and holes in the knees. Along with the jeans is a cute shirt with colorful ponies on it, it's one of my favorites because of all the colors.

I quickly get dressed, and as we're leaving my room I hear my parents come in, and my mom shouts from the living room, “Hello Paola, Lavette. Where are you guys going Dimension hopping today?”

I look at Paola, time to tell my parents, I shout back, “Earth.”

I hear my mom stomping towards us, she slams my door open, her face almost looks orange from how angry she is, “I thought you promised you wouldn't change here to go to Earth anymore?”

Paola steps in front of me, “Hello Vernita, I'm sorry we would have gone to my house but King Cordell is there, and you know how the tension between our country and Miryon. So my parents are giving the King and High Prince some place to stay, and they're also hosting a party for them, it's the High Prince's birthday.” She runs over to her bag and pulls out an envelope, “Also here is your invitation.” She hands it to my mom, and smiles.

My mom's face faded back to yellow sometime in the middle of Paola talking, “Your saying the King of Miryon is in your house?”

Paola nods, “Yep, so is Prince Lazaro.”

My mom sighs, “I see, but why can't you change there?”

“The Cordell and Lazaro have no magic, their entire country lacks magic.” Paola states matter of factly.

Everyone in Enoush knows that, apparently everyone but my mom, she sighs, “Fine, you'll get away with this one, but don't go to Earth as long as they're here, simple as that.” She turns and walks away.

I look Paola, and raise an eyebrow, “You didn't tell me Prince hottie was there.”

She shakes her head, “Yea, like I'd tell you, do you remember what happened last time he was here?”

I stop to think, “Umm, no.”

She touches her forehead, “You guys almost had sex. And just a reminder that would kill him. You almost became an assassin.”

“Oh, that's right. No that was the first time he was here, the last time he was here you wouldn't let me see him.” I twirl my fingers.

“Can we just go?” Paola walks out my door and I follow closely behind her.

© 2015 bunnehbooh

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