A Story by bunnehbooh

This is just a really quick story I did for one of my characters. This is her backstory


At the age of 15 Illaria was a normal faerie, okay well not normal, but close enough, she was the heir for the throne of the fey kingdom. One day she's out walking around, just like normal, and she's cloaked like the guards want her to be. She loves being outside by the cities, she can see all the people, and she pities them because they can't move nearly as fast as she can. She spends part of her afternoon flying past people, trying not to bump into them, but scaring them with a strong breeze so close to them.

She turns around to laugh at a young women wearing a cute sun dress as the dress flies up, but she's still flying forward, and not looking where she's going. She rams into a boy about the same age as her, and he falls over she ends up on top of him, but she's still cloaked, so she gets up as fast as she can, and tries to take off. She doesn't get far, she turns back and the boy has a hold of her wrist.

She tries to fly harder but she can't move anywhere, and the boy starts saying something, and she doesn't understand English, she hasn't started learning it yet, but she understands him. She stops struggling, lands on the ground softly, and looks at him. He looks straight in her eyes, and starts smiling a lot.

She yanks on her wrist while asking him,”Why can I understand you?”

He looks confused, then she remember he probably doesn't understand faerie, so she thinks of something really quickly, and with her free hand tries to gesture out the words she wants. He tilts his head then responds, but this time she's sure it's not English, and she still understands it.

He grabs her other hand and slowly says,”I'm speaking Imp, you can understand me because you have imp in your bloodline, that's also why your cloaking didn't hide you from me.”

She thinks really hard and tries out a sentence in faerie,”Can you teach me Imp?” then she gestures it too.

He nods once,”If your asking if I can teach you to speak imp, yes I can. Lets start.”

Her normal afternoon scaring people ends right then, and she follows this adorable young boy around while he starts teaching her imp. It doesn't take her long to learn it, as a matter of fact she knew it already, but she had it stored at the back of her memory. They ended up having an extremely long conversation, about her, about him, about the language, and why she couldn't remember it.

“Illaria, your gorgeous, you said you were a faerie right? Well it doesn't matter, I want you to be my wife someday.”

She opened her mouth then paused, but she was already engaged to be married to someone from her kingdom, this is the most interaction she's ever had with someone. Ever. She closed her mouth then opened it again,”If I weren't already engaged I would love that, but unfortunately.” she left it open and looked out the window across the room.

He smiled evilly,”Well I am an imp, the same kind that you have in your blood, it's not like we can't handle that tiny little problem. Compared to the powers you haven't learned about yet, faeries have nothing on you.”he grabbed both of her hands and leans forward.

She looks at him,”What kind of imp are we?”

He lets go of her hands and stands up and drops his facade, makin him look cold and mean,”Demonic.”

She screams, and bolts for the door, and he just appears in front of it in a poof of smoke, and covers he mouth,”Don't scream, don't run. If you say no now, I'll find you some other time, and I'll force you to marry me, then I'll have powers over those pious faeries. Just you wait, I'll come for you when your of the right age for marrying.” Then he poofs away, and she's left alone.

She cloaks herself, and flies home as hard and fast as she can, as soon as she gets there she runs to her parents quarters, and she burst in their room. She runs to her mom and starts apologizing over and over again, and her dad comes over and rubs her back, and her mom just looks at her in disgust.

Her dad picks her up,”What's wrong?”

“I didn't let down my cloak, but someone saw me, someone bad. They stopped me and tricked me, they taught me imp, and then threatened me.”

Her dad looked distraughtly at her mom, and mouthed, you didn't tell her. Her mom came over,”I'm guessing he told you, didn't he?” Illaria nodded,”I was waiting until your 16th birthday to tell you, I guess he beat me to it. What did he threaten?”

She looks up at her mom,”He told me he was going to force me to marry him, then he'd have power over the kingdom.”

Her mom shook her head,”That isn't happening, I may have been unfaithful once, but I'm not letting those tricky b******s get in my kingdom. Baby, my sweet little baby, what I'm going to do tomorrow is going to hurt, and I'm so sorry for it, but it's for the good of everyone, he won't ever go after you again, and he won't be able to get to the kingdom either.”

“Mom, what are you going to do?”

Her dad finally spoke up,”Yes Elane, what are you going to do?”

She closed her eyes,”Something I should've done a long time ago.” She walked into the bathroom and slammed the door behind her.

Illaria clung to her dads neck,”I don't get it, what is she going to do?”

He started crying,”You just have to trust us, so please trust me, and go to bed, you'll know tomorrow what's going to happen.”he kissed her forehead and pushed her out the door, and she walked to her room.

Elane left the bathroom after a short period in there, her eyes were red rimmed and puffy, her nose was all red, and you knew she was crying, Illaria's dad intercepted her before she got into bed,”Are you really going to do what I think you're going to do.”

She pursed her lips,”Yes Lucas, I am.”she took a step towards the bed then turned around,”And for your information, my family has worked to hard to lose complete control here, so I will not let her become the queen, her sister Lisabelle will though. Now go to bed.” She climbed into bed, and so did her husband.

The next morning Illaria was up and active before anyone else, she wanted to know what was going to happen, she hoped it wouldn't be too long before it happened. A couple of hours later her mom and dad came down with all three of her sisters in tow. They grabbed her by her arms and drug her outside unto the balcony, where she saw so many people she was actually starting to get worried.

Her mom walked up to the edge keeping a hold of her arm, and she spoke calmly and loudly,”I had sexual relations with an imp, a demonic imp, and this is what was born from that. Yes I realize she has been in the line to become the next queen, and I know it was wrong of me to let her stay, but I couldn't do anything about it at the time, I loved her, she is my daughter, but what happened yesterday reminded me of why I have to do what I'm about to do.”she looked down at her and scrunched up her face.

She looked back at the crowd,”As of noon today, Illaria will no longer be heir to the kingdom, Lisabelle will be next in line. We will be in the town square in 2 hours, if you don't want to watch don't go, if you wish to watch, I invite you. This is being televised, so everyone with in the area can come or not, I hope I have a good turnout, because if not, it doesn't count as strongly.”she dropped Illaria's arm,”We will also give her a feat to complete to let her get back into the kingdom, she won't ever be able to be queen, but she can come back as a princess when she completes that, this will be given to her after the procedure.”

Her dad walked up, and put a hand on Elena's shoulder, and whispered,”That's enough lets go relax, and spend time with her.” he looked out at the crowd,”Now we will be spending our last time with our daughter, we hope you enjoy the rest of your day.”

He ushered all of the girls back inside to the castle, and he reached down and put Illaria up on his shoulders. They walked to the den, and they sat there in silence, because no one knew what to say, then Lisabelle got up and walked out into the hall. Sarabeth followed, then Aurora.

They all came back in, and giggled at Illaria, then Lisabelle walked over to her,”I always knew there was something different about you, I guess you are a freak.”

Aurora looked at Illaria, just stared at her,”Your not my sister, your an abomination, you need to die, you just ruined our perfect name, how could you be so reckless as to let someone see you, even if they could see through your cloak, why were you so insistent on always going out there, don't ever speak to me again.” She stormed out of the room, and Lisabelle and Sarabeth looked after her, Illaria stared at the ground, their parents acted like nothing was going on.

Sarabeth sat down by her,”I k-know it isn't your f-fault, b-b-but I can't help but be sc-scared of you. I mean you kn-know how imps have all th-those really sc-scary powers, you have those p-powers, a-and you could use th-them on us.”She started crying.

Illaria touched her,”Sara, I'd never use any powers against you, ever, not to mention I don't know how to use my imp powers, I think they're dormant like the language was-”

Lisabelle screeched,”WHAT!! You know the language? I told you, your a freak, how could you know the language, they never taught us that-”

Their mom cut in,”She knows it because all imps are born knowing it, we just never let her use it, so it got stored in the back of her mind, and then the imp the other day brought it back out, and taught her to speak it.”

After that they sat there until they had to go to the town square, she still wasn't sure what was going to happen but she was ready for it.

There was more people here this time, so she took a deep breath and her mom grabbed her arms and yanked her into the center. Her mom grabbed her nice pink velvet shirt and pulled it up off of her, exposing her body to the whole square. She grabbed her wrists and chained them down to the ground, locked her feet down with a spell. She said a silent prayer, and then she stood behind her.

Her mom boomed out,”As of now, you are no longer of the faerie race, you may have the appearance, and the powers still, but you lack what's important, your wings, your citizenship, your family, your speed, and your cloaking ability. You now know what your losing, and you know inside yourself what you have left. Now for the hard part.”She reached forward and grabbed Illaria's wings, and Illaria started crying,”Goodbye baby.” She pulled as hard as she could and ripped both of her wings off.

The blood oozed for only a few seconds before the wounds healed up, and scarred over,”You will always have those scars, nothing can cover them, so that you remember what you had, and it gives you the motivation to get it back.”

Her mom set the wings down in a basket where they shriveled up and turned to dust before her eyes, then she touched her back,”In order to get back in you have to kill a demonic imp. The hard part about this is that they look like any other human being, and they live among them. We know you know one of them, so he is an option if you ever find him again, but if you kill anyone else, we will have to hunt you down and kill you. If you kill one of there's they will hunt you down and try to kill you, but by then you'll be home with us, and we'll protect you. Good luck, now GO!” all the restraints came off and she was teleported to city with her shirt back on.

She looked around, and thought, great, 15, demonic powers no job, in the city, trying to find a demonic imp to kill. How do you kill an imp, especially a demonic imp? How do you find an imp? What does my scar look like? Will other imps be able to see me? Did my ears shrink at all? With that last one she reached up and checked her ears. Nope ears stayed the same, freaky elf ears, great I'll stand out like a sore thumb. Maybe if I find that boy again he can show me how he hid his true self from me and everyone else, so I can hide my ears.

© 2015 bunnehbooh

Author's Note

This was done a 3am, a year and a half ago.

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