A Poem by burning paper planes

maybe i want it, maybe i need it.


i want a jar of fireflies.

i want a lot of them piled up against the walls, the only lightsource. i want there to be a bed in the middle with red sheets and banisters and i want it to smell of diesel, because those who aren’t brave use petrol. I want there to be you.

i want it to be perfect.

i want to be  h a p p y.


i want to stand on tiptoes so i can taste the ozone. i want the air to be orange and for there to be a quality to it like an old Polaroid or late summer nights. i want to feel normal in a sundress and i want to wear a pair of heels without buggaring my knees.


i want the gash in my finger to heal. i don’t want the bruises to fade. i want to be left handed ambidextrous. i want to be able to spell really long words that take me three ages to write out and i want my writing to shrink because then it would be as small as i feel and i want my hair cut short and i want it turquoise and i want to be pretty and i want to smell good and i want to be polite and id like to be able to use grammar but it just doesn’t seem to work for me.


i want to be peaceful and still.

i want a pet dragon.

i want a jar of glow worms and i will call them fireflies because they will burnburnburn out like myself as i lay in my deathbed alive.

© 2010 burning paper planes

Author's Note

burning paper planes
i dont like capitals, nor grammar. please excuse me <3

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i really dig the imagery you conjure, its like a really good dream, and the crossed out left handed, brialliant, its like stealing glances into your notebook.

Posted 10 Years Ago

I adore the payful manifestation of imagery and the dance of words so daintily strung~ it is that lovely underplay that gives the poem power~ the innocent pulse of the narrator is delightful~ gorgeous imagery~

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on July 18, 2010
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burning paper planes
burning paper planes

Preston, Lancs, United Kingdom

i've been told my words are beautiful i've been told that they make people cry therefore id like you to read something and give a second to tell me why thankyou more..