M is for My Mother

M is for My Mother

A Poem by David

A poem dedicated to the one woman who has been/ will be there for me through thick and thin.



I can barely remember your eyes looking into my infant face,

holding me every night of my young life,

humming a little tune for me to close my eyes to,

continuously there for every little groan and burble I made.

As I grew we became closer and further away,

the bottles were gone and so was the consistent coddling,

the infant kisses on my little hands stopped,

and I became a child.

Sometimes left in the care of perfect strangers,

wondering where you were at night,

and while my little tears flowed for your comfort,

I knew you loved me all the while.

The made up faces for the halloween celebrations,

the laughs we shared when you tickled me were fun,

but things were still changing,

and I began to grow up.

The rough patches started to come,

the tempers between us flaring wildly,

your face becoming a deep shade of red,

while having to teach me the values of life.

I regret the hell I put you through,

but I was a kid you know,

my job was to do that,

but we managed to hang on through and through.

The man in your life, was no good,

he was not a father, but he sufficed for the moment,

and the day he left, was the day our life could finally start,

but then the other one entered soon after.

The good times rolled and the bad ones trickled forth as well,

knowing the whole time we would stay together,

and even though I broke off a piece of your heart more than once,

you let me stay that little prince I was personified to be.

At the beginning I felt alone,

as you had your different escapades with him,

but I came to realize he was the last piece of the puzzle,

long lost under the table, just waiting to be found.

The time came for me to be a teenager,

as I still am in real life,

yet at the same time I remain that little baby you've since long lost,

I will never change form in your heart though.

We don't laugh as much,

I don't tell you how I feel,

or what I do anymore,

and all the while the mutual feeling of love is still around us.

Life's oppurtunities have seperated us too early in life,

but the right thing is being done,

and no matter where I am,

I'll stay in your heart, and you in mine.

At the start of things, matters will be tense,

waiting for the phone to ring,

to hear your voice enter my mind again,

but we will survive like in the old days.

And throughout this transition,

I have become a man in a sense,

thanks to you of course,

yet I am not sure I am ready for this responsibilty.

I will often think about the chance of failure,

but will strain to keep my head above water,

eyeing you along the horizon,

waving a loving hand to me, telling me it will be okay.

One day in the future,

we will all raise frosted glasses,

circling a joyous table,

and toast to the past, present, and the future.

Im sure through the ages,

the calls will fade,

and our visions will dim a little,

but our hearts will continue beating.

No matter where we are mom,

no matter the time of day or the distance apart,

I will utter two simple things for you,

in the silence of night before bed or at the center of a party.

"Thank you for everything mom."


"I love you always."


Your loving son and baby boy,


© 2009 David

Author's Note

This is by far the most important and personal poem I have written and posted on this site. It isn't filled with fancy words this time, but rather with the straight-laced words that I feel and think. This is 100% of the truth of my life. Enjoy it while the time is right. Dont let things pass you by. Now go and tell your mother you love her. You can have a million wives who break your heart...but youll only have one mother to make things all better.

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Aww, thats touching!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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holliston, MA

I guess you could call me your average teen. I just seperate myself with my writing. I have always loved to write, whether it be nonsense or something serious. I cant remember a time I didn't. M.. more..

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