A Poem by C.J.G.

You eat me up and I'm always spat out in fear
You swallow me whole and I can't breathe 
You devour my soul and I forget who I am
I'm on a journey to nowhere, you tell me
So just drink your drink because f**k it all anyway
Nothing matters you tell me so forget it all and come with me
Down this dark alley, I'll be your light
We'll shine together in the darkest of night
That goes on forever, until you can't see
But you're never alone when you're with me
I'll take it all away just wait and see
Hell is whenever I want you to be
Where the ocean is dry and the sky is black
There's no road and no way back
So long as you're with me
Why can't you see, Hell is filled with lovers
And you can f**k for free
You'll never feel pain, in face nothing at all
I'll lift you up and you continue to fall
Hell if fulled with lovers who can't see
Pick one, pick all, so long as you're with me
I'll warm the cold and comfort the fear
With me my dear, you'll always be near
Death do us part, and longer still
I'll take your soul but leave your will
Beacause it's always mine and forever will be
What you are when you're with me
Look in that mirror and see me on your shoulder
You can't hide from me now
You can't out run me ever
I live inside you
Forever together.

© 2017 C.J.G.

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Added on September 2, 2017
Last Updated on September 2, 2017




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