The Music

The Music

A Poem by A.Lee

Its raining here tonight

Ten thousand tiny beads of water

Pounding hard against my window

As they etch their perpetual tap, tap, tapping

Deep into my heart


Once I heard only beauty

In nature’s gentle rainy tune

As it hummed through pat, pat, pattering rain

And rocked me in its loving arms

We sang together this lovely song


Now there’s only nothing

The trees don’t whistle anymore

The rain makes random noise not music

As it drip, drip, drips through my leaky roof

And drowns me in its sorrow


The music is all gone

The calming quiet of nature’s song

Now fades away in the midnight showers

As they rata-tat-tat to no one’s ears

Because we’re too wrapped up in ourselves to hear...


But its raining here tonight

Ten thousand tiny beads of water

Pounding hard against my window

As they start their perpetual tap, tap, tapping

The music creeps into my heart

© 2010 A.Lee

Author's Note

Interpret how you wish :)

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I like the old houses with the metal roofs. It was music to listen to the rain. I understand this poem. Sometime we can get lock in and not want to know the simple joys of living. I like the positive ending. A excellent poem.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Reminds me of when we get so lost in our own sadness and drama we don't hear the beauty that's there that can drain out our stress like the Music of the rain drops and i love rain thats what rain and storms always do for me they drain out the stress and drama. Good write

Posted 10 Years Ago

This was a very nice poem. Lines like the tap, tap, tapping, reminded of Poe's Raven. And that's cool. I agree with Manifesto the meaning, as I see this in the same light. This was a beautiful piece and one for the Library.

Posted 10 Years Ago

It seems that as we grow older we lose sight of natures magic.
You seem to have grown through the confusion of life and entered
into the wisdom portion of your life. I really like the transitions
of personal growth in this poem. I also enjoyed seeing the reunion
with the inner self.

Posted 10 Years Ago

This is so amazing! How much we miss when we don't pay attention or refuse to see the beauty in things...I like that you repeated the first stanza at the end, in fact I love every part of this poem, there is not an idle word and I couldn't pick a favorite part if I tried. Excellent write!! :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

Beautiful. Funny how such a musical sound can grate on the nerves when the roof is leaking.

Posted 10 Years Ago

I really enjoyed this write. This is wonderful

Posted 10 Years Ago

A sad but beautiful prose poem that shows how the soul has a profound effect upon how we perceive things. The weather is one of the most significant of these things, as it affects our mood profoundly even on normal days. But the emotions that are ever-changing (like the weather) can shape how we even see clear blue days and sunshine..
For some people it is not always inspiring..And the rain may to some people seem depressing, but to those of us in the right frame of mind, it is wonderful..

"The rain makes random noise not music
As it drip, drip, drips through my leaky roof
And drowns me in its sorrow"

..These very good lines strongly emphasise that ambivalence.

I'm reminded of a scene in a film called White Mischief where a depressed and unbalanced woman -living in Africa- wakes up one morning to see the blue sky and hot misty sun and says "Oh God! Another f*****g beautiful day!"... The next day she committed suicide..

Posted 10 Years Ago


Posted 10 Years Ago

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